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Knitting for dogs: ideas, features and recommendations
Knitting for dogs: ideas, features and recommendations

Pets have long been not just an important part of our lives, but full members of the family. Therefore, it is not surprising that most breeders seek to surround them with warmth and love, buy only good food, equip a couch or a whole house, give a lot of interesting toys and much more that street animals cannot even dream of.

A huge number of people are convinced that four-legged family members also need clothes. That's just the assortment presented in the store, for many it turns out to be too expensive, but for others - not to taste. However, this does not mean at all that the pet is doomed to walk "naked". After all, any thing can be done with your own hands.

This article is about this. It is full of ideas, step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks on the topic "Knitting for dogs".

Which thread to choose?

To make a productit turned out not only beautiful, but also practical, it is important to consider what it is for. For example, for walking it is better to make a tight and warm jumpsuit. It is possible with a hood, pom-poms and fur trim - a matter of taste. In this case, it is better to acquire threads that are dense, dark, woolen, but not prickly. Especially if the pet is allergic. If you want to make knitted clothes for dogs to wear at home, you should consider fine yarn, pastels and rich colors. In this case, you can make an openwork or holey blouse, even without sleeves.

do-it-yourself knitted clothes for a dog

Which needles to use?

This question usually arises from beginners. However, in reality it is not a serious problem. To carry out knitting for dogs, knitting needles should be selected, focusing on the intended pattern and the thickness of the yarn. So, for a patterned, openwork and patterned canvas, you should choose a plain yarn and a tool whose diameter is equal to its thickness. If the knitting is the simplest - garter or facial, it is better to beat it with interesting threads, use knitting needles that are equal in thickness. You can decorate the product with gradient yarn, plush or terry. If a novice master wants to make clothes for a dog with knitting needles, you can purchase any knitting thread, and the tool is 3-5 times thicker. Then you get a fashionable effect of large loops.

How to take measurements from a pet?

Before you study various master classes on making interesting knitted clothes for dogs, you should pay attention to one more importantaspect. After all, pets differ not only in breed, color, habits, but also in size. And in our case, it is the last feature that is the main one.

Picking up ready-made step-by-step guides is a rather tedious task. After all, often the model you like is completely unsuitable for a particular animal. And it is not always possible to adjust the specified parameters to the desired ones on your own.

Therefore, we offer detailed instructions for taking measurements from your pet:

  1. Prepare the measuring tape.
  2. Call your pet.
  3. Using the picture below, take the measurements needed for knitting on dog clothes.
dog clothes measurements

How to work with disabled parameters?

Well, the last question, which also requires clarification. After all, without it it will be difficult to compare the number of loops and rows with parameters in centimeters. Beginning needlewomen should not be afraid - there are no super-difficult tasks ahead. You only need to do the following:

  1. Determine the pattern, prepare knitting needles and yarn.
  2. Knit a 10x10 cm square. If there are several patterns in the conceived thing, you will have to prepare a sample for each. According to them, you will calculate the number of loops and rows in a particular section.
  3. So, in front of you lies a sample of the pattern (the first or only one). Count how many rows and loops it turned out. Then divide each value by 10. Mathematically round the result to an integer.
  4. Next, just multiply the number of loops in1 cm for horizontal measurements, and the number of rows, respectively, for vertical ones. If you have several patterns, make a sketch of the intended thing. Mark areas with different patterns with your color. So you will not get confused and determine the number of loops and rows, based on the correct sample.

Pet vest

dog vest

When the preparatory part is left behind, you can proceed to the study of master classes. However, do not immediately try to knit a jumpsuit for a dog with knitting needles. This thing requires some experience, so professional craftswomen still advise starting with a simple product. For example, from a vest.

To make it you need:

  1. Cast on the number of loops equal to the girth of the chest (3 in the diagram above).
  2. Tie the distance from the belly to the armpit (9).
  3. Cast off half sts. But not in one place, but on the sides, as in the photo.
  4. Tie the canvas so that in the end its length is equal to the distance from the belly to the withers (1/3 of parameter 1 in the diagram above).
  5. Add the number of loops to get the value equal to the girth of the neck.
  6. Knit 2-3 rows and cast off.
  7. Sew on buttons, decorate the product as you wish. If you want, you can tie and attach a leash to it. The result is a harness vest.

Simple blouse

clothes for dogs

The next model can also be done by beginners. After all, knitting for dogs of small breeds or large ones is carried out according to the same principle. Consider itstep by step:

  1. Measure your pet's chest circumference (3 in the diagram above).
  2. Calculate the number of stitches needed for 2/3 of this value. Type them on the spokes.
  3. Knit a flat fabric of the desired length. If you want to make a blouse, as in the main photo, be guided by the length of the back.
  4. Now tie another fabric, the width of which is the distance between the paws (6 in the diagram above), and the length is 1/2 of the finished part.
  5. Sew the pieces together, leaving holes for the paws.
  6. If desired, crochet loops and tie sleeves. You can also add a collar.
  7. After decorate the finished product at your own discretion. You can, as in the photo above, tie some animal or cut it out of felt.


how to knit a sweater for a dog

Both small and large dogs look very funny in knitted clothes. That is why we offer one more instruction:

  1. Cast on the number of loops for the girth of the neck, transfer to hosiery needles and tie the collar with an elastic band.
  2. Calculate: (stitches for chest girth - current number of them) / 5. This will tell you how many loops should be added in the next five rows to increase the canvas to the desired size.
  3. You knit 5 rows. Now transfer the loops, the number of which is equal to the distance between the paws. Knit the rest, focusing on the width of the paws. Then increase the second part by the same number of rows. And again connect them into a single canvas.
  4. If the pet is a girl, then tie the distancebetween the paws (5 in the diagram above). If a boy - from the front paws to the belly (9). However, the last few rows should be ribbed.
  5. Now it remains only to tie the sleeves. In the photo above - a model with short, but you can add a few more rows.

That's the whole instruction on how to knit a sweater for a dog for beginners.


dog dress

If your pet is a girl, then you can't do without this item of dog wardrobe. To perform it, you do not need to be a professional master. Just follow the instructions:

  1. Cast on a number of stitches equal to the circumference of the chest, tie a 2x2 collar with an elastic band. The photo shows a collar with a lapel, but you can make a regular one.
  2. Next, tie the distance to the paws and make holes for them, as described in the previous instruction.
  3. Knit the distance to the belly, and then start adding loops. However, it is important to do this in a special way: after 7-10 loops, an increase, then a simple loop and again an increase. And so on until the end of the row.
  4. In the next row, the increase should also be done on the sides of the same simple loop. The result is a beautiful wedge, as in the photo above.
  5. If desired, you can knit one skirt of the desired length. Or make two for a fuller look - the choice is yours.


jumpsuit for dog

Is your pet a boy? Then he needs a jumpsuit! To make this thing, you should take as a basis the instructions for knitting blouses for dogs with knitting needles. That is the working principleis as follows:

  1. Start knitting from the collar. You can also make a lapel or plain version.
  2. In the next five rows, add loops to reach the bust. How to do this, you already know from the item "Blouse-sweater".
  3. Next, make holes for the front paws and knit the top of the jumpsuit to the belly.
  4. Cast off the third part of the loops (on the stomach) and knit a flat fabric. So that the length of the entire product is equal to the length of the back.
  5. Measure the girth of the hind legs at the base and dial as many loops, tie 2 "pipes", adding an elastic band at the end. Sew them to the main piece.

The topic "Knitting for dogs" can be continued for a very long time. After all, the creative process is limited only by imagination.

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