How to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a fork for beginners
How to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a fork for beginners

If you have already tried to weave jewelry on your fingers, but have not yet bought a loom, use a regular fork. If you take a plastic one and remove the middle teeth, there will be an alternative to a slingshot. On four cloves, the pattern is more dense and neat. Don't know how to weave rubber band bracelets on a fork? Read the tips and step-by-step instructions below.

how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a fork

What you need

Before you learn how to weave bracelets from rubber bands on a fork, prepare everything you need so as not to be distracted during work. Take the following:

  • Rubbers of different colors (or one).
  • Plastic or metal fork (one or two).
  • how to weave a rubber band bracelet
  • Hook or toothpick for prying rubber bands.
  • Clip clasps for connecting bracelets into a ring.

How to weave rubber band bracelets on a fork

For the first experiment, use rubber bands of the same color. Having mastered the technology of weaving, in the future you will easily alternate shades, getting a rainbow bracelet or any other combination of rows of two, three, etc.shades.

how to make a rubber bracelet

Thus, you can create completely different bracelets from rubber bands, while the patterns will be the same.

To weave a tight wide bracelet, work like this:

  1. Take the first elastic band and fold it in half, and then twist it in the form of a figure-eight, put it on the two middle teeth.
  2. Take another rubber band and use the same method (folding it in half and twisting it into a figure eight) put it on the two teeth on the far left.
  3. Repeat the previous step with only the two right teeth.
  4. Throw the bottom double elastic band on the middle cloves over the top behind the fork away from you. As a result, all double loops will be located in a row. If there is no hook, you can use a toothpick to remove the rubber bands. The thin tip of a small wooden stick is much more convenient to pick up tiny tight rings than fingers.
  5. Put the next elastic band folded in half, but without twisting over the middle teeth.
  6. Throw again the lower double loops on the middle cloves through the top of the fork.
  7. Put the elastic band folded in half without twisting over the last two teeth on the left, and then the same on the right.
  8. Slip the bottom double loops from all teeth back.
  9. Then the sequence is repeated: one rubber band - on the middle ones, throw off the lower loops, one at a time - on the extreme ones, take off from all the cloves, that is, steps from No. 5 to No. 8 to the desired length of the bracelet.

    how to make rubber bracelets

Howfinish weaving

You have learned how to make a rubber band bracelet with a single fork. It is important to fix a dense, even and neat pattern correctly so that the resulting strip of rubber bands fits comfortably on the wrist. You need to complete the product like this:

  1. When four double loops remain on the fork, located in one row, throw the outer loops onto the middle cloves.
  2. Pull the bottom loops back.
  3. Put one double rubber band over the middle teeth again without twisting.
  4. Pull the bottom loops back.
  5. Transfer the remaining two loops to one clove (right to left or vice versa).
  6. Take the clasp and carefully transfer the resulting pair of double loops to one horn of the clasp. If this does not work right away, first transfer them to a hook or toothpick, if there is no hook, and already from this tool to the clasp.
  7. Hook the second horn of the fastener to the first weaving loop, which was placed in the middle in the form of a figure eight.

That's it, the bracelet is closed in a ring. Can be tried on.

How to make bracelets from rubber bands on two forks

The next method is also quite simple, but less convenient, since the rubber bands will be used not folded in half, but single. They are easier to pry, but you will have to constantly pull the weave back, aligning the structure. The pattern to be performed resembles a mesh or chain mail. Usually done on a machine. If you have not bought this tool yet, use two forks. How to weave a bracelet from rubber bands "Dragon Scales" on suchhomemade machine, you will learn further. The forks must be connected to each other with an elastic band or rigidly fixed in some kind of base so that 8 cloves go in series.

Scheme of work on two forks

Weaving "Dragon Scales" is performed as follows:

  1. Take the first rubber band and form a figure eight out of it, put it on the first and second clove from the left.
  2. Also place one rubber band on the next pair of cloves of both forks.
  3. In the next step, put on non-crossed rubber bands on the middle cloves of each fork and a couple of those that are in the middle of the whole structure, that is, on the right of the left fork and on the left of the right fork.
  4. Flip the bottom elastic bands over the top and back on each of the cloves where the two rows of loops are placed (the same cloves that were involved in the previous step).
  5. Similar to the first row, but without crossing with eights, put on an elastic band sequentially on a pair of cloves, starting from the left edge.
  6. Slip the bottom sts back over the top on each tooth.
  7. Repeat the sequence of steps 3 to 6 until desired length.
  8. elastic band bracelets

How to attach the bracelet

Mastering how to make a bracelet out of rubber bands on two forks turned out to be easy. To complete the weave, work like this:

  1. Put one rubber band on each fork, bypassing each clove, that is, each rubber band will be twisted in the form of a double eight in sequence on four cloves.
  2. Throw off the bottom loopsfrom each clove back.
  3. Tighten the weave.
  4. Throw the outer loops on each of the forks onto the middle cloves. On the middle cloves of both forks, you ended up with a pair of loops.
  5. Put on clasps. Since the bracelet is wide, you will need four of them. Remove the loops from each prong to the horn of the clasp.
  6. Fix the second horn of each clip in the corresponding loops at the beginning of weaving.

You can try on the product.

Now you know how to weave rubber band bracelets on a fork. Use ready-made schemes or come up with your own options. Create original decorations with Rainbow Loom Bands.

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