How to make a pom pom on a hat: two ways to make
How to make a pom pom on a hat: two ways to make

With the onset of cold weather, you always want to put a warm hat on your head. Headwear models embody many ideas, which allows the owner of the hat to look attractive. Warm men's hats with pompons are great for everyday wear and outdoor activities. They are made of elastic fibers, perfectly keep their shape and do not stretch. The main feature of such products is the pompom at the crown. A knitted pom-pom (knitted) hat pairs well with a jacket and is ideal for young people who lead a sporty lifestyle.

men's hat with pompom

Any needlewoman can knit an original hat on her own. How to make a pom pom on a hat? Consider two manufacturing methods.

How to make a pompom on a hat without a pattern

This wool pom-pom is very easy to make. For work, you will need the remnants of yarn and scissors. The end of the thread is fixed between the fingers. Then the thread is freely wound around three or four fingers of one hand until a small ball is obtained. You do not need to tighten the thread, but you should not wind it weakly either. The thicker the winding, the fluffier the pompom will be.

asmake a pom pom on a hat

After winding is completed, the thread is cut off from the main skein. For tying a knot, the initial tip is useful. Then the whole ball is cut with scissors at the places where the yarn is bent. The free ends of the product are straightened, and the uneven sides of the ball are trimmed. To make a small pom-pom, you can use a regular fork instead of your hand. The whole procedure will only take a few minutes.

men's hats with pompons

How to make a pom-pom for a larger hat. Work progress

To work, you will need cardboard, a pencil, yarn and scissors. To make a colorful pompom, you need to use balls of thread of different colors. For the product, pieces of thread will fit, as well as loose yarn with a wavy pile.

Carton is better to take tight. It draws two different circles with a common center. It is better to draw the inner circle so that a ball passes through its diameter. If the skein is too large, you will have to wind a small ball out of it. The height of the pom-pom will be the distance from the outer circumference to the inner circumference. Circles are drawn with a compass. Instead, you can use any rounded object - a jar, a deodorant cap, a bottle cap, the bottom of a cup, or take ordinary computer disks. A ring is cut out, then another one is drawn along its contour.

Before you make a pompom on a hat, you need to fold both rings together and start winding the threads of the prepared yarn on the template. The denser they are located on the template, the more magnificent the pompom will turn out. When using thin yarnindividual threads will be invisible, and the product will be more fluffy. But the process of work will also be longer.

knitted pom-pom hat

After winding is completed, cut the threads along the outer edge of the workpiece with sharp scissors. In this case, you need to carefully push apart the layers of cardboard.

removing the cardboard template

A thread is passed into the gap formed between two rings of cardboard, which must be tightly connected to the entire bundle of cut fibers. The cardboard is carefully removed and the resulting bundles are straightened.

pompom trimming

Excess pieces are removed, and uneven edges are trimmed with scissors. With such a cute product, you can decorate not only a headdress, but also a scarf, poncho, sofa cushion and many other things.

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