How to make holes in jeans with your own hands? There are two ways
How to make holes in jeans with your own hands? There are two ways

The relevance of ripped jeans has not faded for several years. For example, women's jeans-2011 were simply strewn with small holes and large scuffs, this trend of fashionable "worn" has been preserved to this day. The popularity of this type of clothing cannot be explained by either designers or buyers. Perhaps the whole point is that this fashionable little thing with torn and frayed trousers gives the appearance of a person not only a mischievous look, but also makes him visually younger. Many are wondering how to make holes in jeans with your own hands.

how to make holes in jeans

Of course, no one cancels the option of buying a ready-made thing, but you also want to save money and look beautiful. Knowing how to make holes in jeans with your own hands, you can create a truly stylish thing.

There are two ways of hand-made:

  1. Traditional.
  2. Innovative.

The traditional way to make holes in jeans with your own hands is quite simple. It lies in the fact that when working, you should use pumice stone or sandpaper. Certainly,such holes will look very neat, but it will take a lot of time. Therefore, the second method is more relevant.

The innovative way involves five steps to work:

  1. Before you make holes on jeans with your own hands, you should determine where the white denim threads are. The secret lies in the fact that they are parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the leg.
  2. The size and shape of the future hole must be marked with chalk (possibly replaced with soap).
  3. Several cuts are made according to the indicated markup so that their lines coincide with the white threads.
  4. Manicure scissors (tweezers, clerical knife) - the most important tool in the work. With the selected tool, you must very carefully pull the white threads out of the incision. As soon as a few of these threads are pulled out, dark threads of the fabric will begin to appear.
  5. It is from dark threads that you need to get rid of to get fashionable pants.
women's jeans 2011

You can bring to life any shape of a hole: from a cross to a heart. Ripped jeans, photos of which can be seen in any fashion magazine, can be decorated in a very creative way and look very original. To make the holes on the legs look as neat as possible, on the wrong side you need to fix everything with beautiful stitches so that the shape is not lost during wear. To get a better result, you can make a fray around the future hole, which will become an actual attribute of jeans. It is done with pumice stone or sandpaper. Pumice is suitableto give things a slightly worn look, but sandpaper will create real, fashionable scuffs. For more accurate abrasion, you should choose sandpaper with small granules.

ripped jeans photo

Before starting work, put a solid object, such as a board (plywood), into the trouser leg where the scuff is planned to be made. This is done so that the back of the leg retains its appearance. During friction, a lot of fluff is formed, which may well settle on furniture and carpet, so this procedure should be done in an empty room or in the corridor. Before starting work, moisten the jeans, then rub the trouser leg with the selected tool. Attrition and the creation of a hole can be combined, since it is quite possible to “grind” the trouser leg to a hole with pumice stone and sandpaper. After work, jeans must be washed, after which the fashion accessory is ready for publication.

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