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Crochet dress for a doll: patterns, types and recommendations
Crochet dress for a doll: patterns, types and recommendations

Moms of daughters one day come to the point where you need to crochet a dress for a doll. How to be in such a situation? After all, the product must be very small. With the thickness of the yarn and the size of the hook, everything is clear, they should be as thin as possible. But what about the scheme? Which model to choose so that it was easy to knit and at the same time crocheted dresses for dolls looked no worse than purchased ones?

crochet dress for doll


To shorten the description of how work is done, the following notation has been introduced:

single crochet stbn
double crochet stSN
double crochet st2SN
connecting post SS
double crochet SN
single crochet BN
  • In order to crochet a dress for a Barbie doll, you need to diala chain of 27 loops. In the first row you need to connect stbn in each loop, except for the first. If the toy is larger, then here you need to consider that this chain should be the size of her waist with an allowance for buttons.
  • From the second to the fourth row, work goes the same way: an air loop (it forms a rise that will be repeated in all other rows), stbn at each vertex of the previous row. In the fifth, you need to add one column. This increase should be on the very last stitch of the row.
  • Sixth: BN column, two stBNs in one vertex (hereinafter referred to as "increment"), 3 stBN, one addition, then 3 stBN, again addition, continue the row with 3 stBN and adding, complete the row with 7 columns of BN.
  • Seventh: 8 column BN, addition, continue 13 stBN, increase again, 8 stBN.
  • The eighth row consists of BN columns only.
  • Ninth row: 8 sts inc, followed by 15 sts, another inc and 8 sts. Tenth: stbn at each vertex of the previous row.
  • Eleventh: 8 st st, inc, work 17 sts, inc again, then 8 sts. The twelfth row is knitted in the same way as the tenth.
  • Thirteenth: stBN, continue with the addition and 13 stBN, do not knit one loop (hereinafter “dec”), 10 stBN, decrease, stBN, decrease again, 10 stBN, decrease again, 13 stBN, make one addition.
  • Fourteenth row of the bodice of the dress for the doll: 15 column BN and one decrease, 9 stBN, decrease again, stBN, another decrease, 9 stBN, decrease, complete the 15th stBN.
  • Fifteenth: 14 stbn, decrease, tie 9 stbn, onedecrease, 9 stBN, decrease again, and then another 14 columns of BN.
  • Sixteenth row: 7 sts, chain 12, skip 6 sts, 20 sts, chain 12, skip 6 sts, 7 sts.
  • Seventeenth: 7 slst, 12 sc in chain stitch arch, 20 sl-st, 12 sc in arch again, 7 sl-st. Fasten the thread. Sew three buttons vertically on the bodice.
  • crochet doll dresses

A knitted dress for a doll (crocheted) is usually made fitted, so the bodice will almost always be the same. But the rest of the elements will have significant differences. So, for example, the sleeve can be made short or long, wide or narrow. In the reviewed description, a flashlight sleeve is shown.


The whole product will not be stitched, the elements are supposed to be knitted on those that already exist. Continue crocheting a dress for a doll as follows: put the bodice with the wrong side towards you.

  • First row: on the bases of 12 columns, knitted on an arch of air loops, tie: stBN, 2 half-columns of CH, 6 stBN, 2 half-columns of CH, column BN. The sleeve will only go along the upper part of the doll's arm, that is, it will not be between the body and the arm.
  • Second row: 5 chain stitches, from the first loop, work double st2CH and an air loop, in the next 10 - st2CH and an air loop, then again in one loop perform st2CH and an air loop twice.
  • Third: lifting loop, BN column in each arch of the previous row. Repeat the work for the second sleeve.
  • how to crochet a dress for a doll

If you want to knit a long sleeve, then you need to repeat the first row several times. And then at the end, knit the pattern that was indicated for the second row of the short sleeve. If you do not want to sew the details, then here you need to knit in a circle.


You can leave the dress for the doll without it. But with a collar, it will look more spectacular and more elegant. So, to knit a collar on a dress (crocheted) for a Barbie doll, you need to dial a chain of 70 loops, the first of which will be used for lifting.

In the first row, you need to connect 69 columns of BN. The second must be connected with the same elements and in the same quantity after one lifting loop. Only the back half loops of the tops of the previous row are supposed to be captured. In the same way, you need to knit 9 more rows.

In the eleventh row, after one air loop, tie 29 columns of BN, repeat four times: two stBN with one top and stBN, then another 28 stBN. The last row will play the role of strapping. It starts with a BN column, then until the end of the row you need to repeat this pattern: 3 air, decrease and BN column.

For fastening it is convenient to use a hook here, which must be sewn to the ends of the penultimate row.

The fourth (largest) part of the dress for the doll: the skirt

This item of clothing may also vary. It can be large and wide or narrow and short. And someone wants to make the skirt of the dress long and narrowed. Each time you will get a new special dress for the doll (crochet). The scheme of the wide skirt is shown below. To get started you needput the bodice of the dress with the front side towards you and the waist up. Then the work is supposed to be carried out according to the plan indicated below. Moreover, it must be taken into account that in each row or circle you need to make 4 loops for lifting.

crochet dress for barbie doll
  • 1 row: two st2ch in one loop (hereinafter referred to as "extension") in 24 bases of the bodice columns and another st2ch in the last top.
  • 2 row: st2ch, extension - must alternate until the end of the row, which should end with one st2ch.
  • 3 row: work similar to the second, only the addition must be done every two st2CH.
  • 4 row: now the addition is supposed to be performed every three st2ch.
  • Gradually increase the number of columns between additions to the ninth row. In it, the distance between additions should be 7 st2CH. Moreover, from the fifth row, knitting should go in a circle.
  • 10 circle repeats the ninth.
  • 11 circle of doll dress skirt: 8 st2ch and one addition to the end of the row, complete it with one st2ch.
  • 12 circle is supposed to knit in the same way as the eighth. The same will be 14, 16, 18-22.
  • 13 round: st2dn into the base of the instep, 10 st2d and inc to alternate to the end of the row, 10 st2d.
  • In the 14th round of the skirt of the dress for the doll, work 15 st2ch with one addition, then repeat these elements until the end of the circle until 7 loops remain, work st2ch in them.
  • 17 round consists of only st2ch, which are knitted from the back walls of the loops.
crochet dress for a doll

This hem is supposed to be worn with a frame. It can be made from thick cardboard rings connected with thick threads. It should be ensured that the frame is not visible from under the hem. This skirt can already be left in this form, but the girls want to make decorations so that the dress for the doll becomes elegant. For these purposes, you can use thin satin ribbons collected in bows. Crocheted lace or roses can serve as decoration.

Ruffled hem

To make a crocheted dress for a Barbie doll look solemn, a simple lace hem pattern will come in handy. To make it, it is supposed to put the dress with the front side towards you and the hem up. Then find the circle where the 16th row ended. He left the front half loops not knitted. The lace frill will be made on them.

  • First round: 4 chain stitches, work sl-st and st2ch in every 4th st.
  • In the second, in each arch, tie the SS, and between them 7 air loops. In order for the lace not to be too stretched, it is required to make additional arches of 7 air loops every two ordinary ones. That is, in the next arch, connect not one SS, but two in a row at once.
  • Rounds 3 to 9: work the same chains of 7 stitches and sl-st at each top of the arches.
  • 10th circle: 2 air, in the first arch - st2CH and air, in the next - stBN, air and repeat st2CH seven times, alternating with air, this alternation of work in these arches must be repeated until the end of the circle.
  • 11th round of dress hem frill: on all air loopstie in stbn, which should be alternated with one air loop.
  • crochet doll dress

It is also recommended to tie the top edge of the frill. To do this, on each base arch of 4 air loops, tie stbn, 3 stsn and another stbn.

Dress Decoration: Rose

It's not enough just to know how to crochet a dress for a doll, you will also have to crochet decorations for it. On a chain of 24 loops, tie stBN into 6 of them, then repeat to the end of the row - 3 air and stBN into the second loop. It remains to fasten the thread and roll the rosette, sewing it from the wrong side.

Includes doll dress: hat

On the sliding loop, tie 6 SS. Then, gradually adding loops, make a circle. Its diameter should be about 3.5 cm. It should be followed by circles without addition. They will form the crown of the hat. Her fields should again be knitted with a large number of additions to the SS. On the edge of the hat, knit an openwork pattern for a lace frill. To make the hat look beautiful, it must be starched.

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