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Pattern of children's pajamas for a boy and a girl: description, diagram and recommendations
Pattern of children's pajamas for a boy and a girl: description, diagram and recommendations

What is the key to a good mood and cheerfulness for the whole day? He althy and sound sleep. That is why both children and adults need to relax with maximum comfort, dressed in gentle and soft pajamas.

Children's pajama pattern, recommendations for choosing fabrics and colors - all this you will find in our article.

pattern of children's pajamas

The importance of pajamas

Today, this type of clothing is not only a night piece of clothing that warms up during sleep, but also comfortable clothes for the house, in which it is comfortable to move around the apartment in the evening and Sunday morning.

Children grow extremely fast and need to change their wardrobe as they grow. This also includes children's pajamas. An easy-to-make pattern, minimal needlework skills and a desire to please your child - that's all you need to sew a night suit for a baby. Of course, it is desirable to have a sewing machine and an overlocker.

Children's pajama pattern

The word "pajamas" comes fromPersian payjameh. There she, in fact, first appeared. Then the pajamas were only comfortable loose pants, tied with a belt at the waist. Modern pajamas have also acquired a jacket. Designers loved them so much that even a pajama style of clothing appeared - a special one, not like all others.

Children's pajama pattern will help you sew beautiful outfits for your little ones for a he althy and comfortable sleep. And if you replace the warm flannel or soft jersey, from which this wardrobe item is usually sewn, for denser materials, you will get both a comfortable suit for sports activities and a warm set for a winter walk.

Children's pajama pattern is just a template that gives room for imagination. You can decorate the sleep suit with lace, appliqué or braid. So you will make your baby's sleep not only strong, but also filled with bright colors.

pattern of children's pajamas for boys

How to choose the color of children's pajamas?

There is no shortage of fabrics on store shelves today. However, remember that pajama design needs to be taken seriously. For example, many mothers want to sew pajamas for their son in the form of a superhero costume.

However, putting your baby to sleep in such pajamas will be extremely difficult, because children are so easily addicted. And then try to convince him that you dressed him as a spider-man so that he would go to bed, and not go to perform feats.

About the same effect will produce this piece of clothing with bright pictures. The kid will want to show his brother, sister in it,grandmother, aunt, uncle, but just going to bed in it is so boring.

It is better to give preference to a fabric with soft pictures or completely plain. This item is especially important for children who suffer from sleep disorders.

Pajama style

The pattern of children's pajamas for boys is presented, as a rule, in the form of a loose-fitting jacket and the same pants. For younger children, you can also sew a jumpsuit. The main rule is to make pajamas a little bigger: nothing should hinder movement in a dream.

The pattern of children's pajamas for girls is presented in a wider range. The most classic version is close to the male, that is, wide pants and a wide shirt. The analogue is more modern - these are narrow pants that resemble men's underpants with an elastic band at the ankle. The summer version may consist of short shorts and a tank top.

pattern of children's pajamas for girls

What material to sew pajamas from?

It is known that children are more difficult than adults, they endure both cold and heat, so each baby should have at least two pajamas: a summer version and a winter one.

Summer version. It will be optimal to sew a T-shirt with short sleeves and short shorts. It is better to give preference to a fabric that is at least 80% natural. Material such as cotton is ideal: it will pleasantly cool the body in the heat, it is hypoallergenic and durable.

Winter version. Choose a set of pants and a long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt. Material - warm tight jersey orflannel. They are made from cotton. In addition, we recommend paying attention to bamboo: fabrics made from it are silky, soft and durable.

Children's flannel pajama pattern

This material is soft, warm and durable. It is in great demand. Flannel is extremely pleasant to the body due to the fact that it has a rare pile. As a rule, this fabric is used for sewing home clothes and diapers.

Flannel: varieties and characteristics

This material is very soft. It is not without reason that it is used for sewing children's things. Flannel clothing has many advantages, such as durability, hypoallergenicity. It looks beautiful, allows the body to breathe, is resistant to stretching and bending, and is also washable.

pattern of children's flannel pajamas

Varieties of flannel

Often ready-made clothes are not of high quality. Therefore, many mothers are interested in how to sew children's flannel pajamas. First of all, you need to decide on the type of fabric.

For children's pajamas, you can use stuffed, bleached, careless or dyed material. Printed flannel will delight the eye with different patterns, bleached is completely devoid of pattern and color, and plain dyed is the same in color from the front and from the wrong side.

Can you sew pajamas without a pattern?

In order to please your little one with new pajamas, all you need is a sewing machine, fabric and desire. Pattern knowledge is not always required. After all, in order toto sew something for a child, you can simply make the necessary patterns for any of his existing clothes.

For example, if you need to make pajama pants, you can take pants from either a tracksuit or an old pajama set. Next, add a few centimeters from the bottom and top, circle. Everything is ready, it remains only to sew!

pajamas children's pattern simple


Children's pajamas are extremely comfortable for restless children who toss and turn in their sleep. If you sew a warm pajama set for them, then you no longer need to worry that the baby will once again throw off the blanket and freeze. Sewing children's pajamas is not at all difficult, and patterns for it are available in the article. Even if you do not want to use patterns, you can use the child's old clothes as them, slightly increasing their length and width.

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