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Do-it-yourself birthday card for a boy - ideas, master classes, options
Do-it-yourself birthday card for a boy - ideas, master classes, options

Birthday is a holiday that all children love. Surprises, congratulations, cake - everything for the birthday man. Parents and guests buy gifts for children in the store. But you can make a memorable birthday card for a boy with your own hands from colored paper, glue and improvised materials. In stores, the choice of ready-made cards is huge, but a piece of soul is invested in manual work.


Girls traditionally love flowers, and they usually have no problem choosing a theme for cards. But boys are a different story. They are interested in cars, computer games, dinosaurs, football or martial arts. A handmade birthday card for a boy should reflect the character of the birthday boy so that he knows that at the time of making the present they thought of him.

do-it-yourself birthday card for a boy

Can doa card in the form of a ball, decorate with an image of a car or figures of dinosaurs. If the kid loves cartoons, then it will not be difficult to make postcards in the form of minions, angry birds or other simple characters.

Additional decoration will be ribbons with "boyish" patterns and colors. Now on sale there is a decorative adhesive tape, which can also be used as a decor. You can glue buttons, parts from cars, gears and other little things. Such a gift will please the traitor.

Postcard with balloons

It's quick and easy to make a birthday card for a boy with your own hands, decorated with balloons. To work, you will need a sheet of cardboard for the base, colored paper or cardboard for balloons, blue ribbon, glue, scissors.

Fold the base sheet in half. The edges can be trimmed with curly scissors. From the center of the bottom edge, glue thin flats of paper or thread that will imitate ribbons of balls. From colored cardboard or craft paper, cut out ovals - balls. You can use old postcards, candy boxes and other bright items for this purpose. Stick on the base. Glue a ribbon bow at the intersection of the threads.

To add volume to the work, it is recommended to glue some balls first on a small piece of thick cardboard, and then on the base. Buttons can be used instead of cardboard.

Handmade birthday card left for the boy to sign and present.

Such an easy-to-make craft looks very bright and festive.

Minion postcard

It's funnycartoon characters that are easy to repeat from paper, making them the heroes of a birthday card for a boy with your own hands. The master class is described below.

For work you will need yellow, blue and white cardboard, black paper, glue, scissors.

do-it-yourself birthday card for a boy
  • Fold a sheet of white cardboard in half - this is the basis. To make a minion, you need a little less than half a yellow leaf.
  • Cut out a rectangle, round the edges.
  • At the top, glue a black strip 0.5 cm wide - this is the elastic band of the glasses.
  • Glue 1 or 2 eyepiece circles and pupils.
  • Make a jumpsuit out of blue paper, do not forget about the hands and hair.
  • Glue the minion to the base, decorate and sign.

SpongeBob, Angry Birds, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other heroes can be made in the same way.

3D postcard

Volumetric options look very nice. You can make such a birthday card for a boy with your own hands.

You will need two sheets of cardboard for the base, you can use different colors. To make the craft brighter, you can cut a strip of 1 cm on each side from the sheet that will be pasted inside.

  • Take a twine or thread of yarn with a size equal to the length of the sheet.
  • Cut out diamonds with a side of 3-4 cm from colored paper. Fold each in half, put it on the thread at the fold and glue the ends - you get a garland of flags.
  • You can make several tiers and write on the triangles "Happy birthday!" or enter the name of the birthday boy.
do-it-yourself birthday card for a boy
  • Fold the base sheets in half, insert one into the other and grease with glue. Before connecting both components, you need to put the ends of the threads between them. Dry.
  • Decorate front side.

There are many options for ideas for birthday cards for a boy with his own hands, and, inspired by them, you can create a unique and inimitable gift.

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