Rules of playing billiards and its varieties
Rules of playing billiards and its varieties

Billiards is one of the most exciting games with ancient origins, but has not lost its relevance to this day. It guarantees an interesting pastime and hides unlimited possibilities. Among other types of sports games, billiards is the most democratic, because it does not set strict limits either in terms of age or physical fitness. All that is needed from the players is to thoroughly study the rules of billiards, learn the basics and develop their technique, gradually bringing it to perfection.

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There are several dozen types of billiards, but there are only five main ones: Russian billiards, two types of pool (sports and entertainment), as well as carom and snooker. They, in turn, have a lot of variations, each of which is called differently. For example, Russian billiards include "American", "Pyramid" with its varieties ("Little Russian", "Moscow"), as well as other games.

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The general rules of playing billiards are simple and come down tonext. The action takes place at a special table: it is called the billiard table. On it, in a certain order, balls are placed, which can be of different colors and sizes. The player is required, holding a cue in his hands, in a certain way to hit one of the balls with it, so that it touches the other balls on the table. Before striking, important conditions must be observed: the cue must move freely, in a straight plane, and the position of the body must be fixed and comfortable for the player himself. The goal of the game is to score as many balls as possible into special holes. In many varieties of billiards, players can be fined: for example, for interference by an opponent or an outside observer in the game, for deliberately delaying the game, for touching a foreign ball, for incorrectly hitting, etc.

And then the variations begin. For example, the rules of playing Russian billiards are complicated by the fact that the balls in it are relatively large and heavy, and the pockets, on the contrary, are small. Therefore, only experienced billiard players can play the game. But the pool in this respect is more democratic. The rules of the game in American billiards come down to a competent choice of tactics and strategy. It is not difficult to score a ball: it is small, and the pocket is almost one and a half times wider than its diameter. Therefore, in this type of game, opponents try to create an ideal striking position for the cue ball, as well as in every possible way to make it difficult for their opponent to hit.

Russian billiard rules

Those who are just starting to learn the rules of playing billiards often makeerrors. They don’t develop a strategy to the end, they don’t improve their technique, they put a blow incorrectly. Learning all these nuances in absentia is almost impossible. So your best bet is to enroll in a good school or take some lessons from a high-profile player. The last option is good because during the training you can not only comprehend the basics, but also learn the secrets of the masters directly in practice.

Today, the number of different billiard clubs and schools is growing every year, and the game is becoming more popular and more accessible. So comprehend the rules of billiards, gain experience, hone your technique and win!

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