Tie-break - what is it? Description
Tie-break - what is it? Description

Many people ask: tie-break - what is it? Where is it applied? We will consider these and other questions in the article. The term "tie-break" ("stopping a draw") comes from the English words tie (draw) and break (stop, break). It means a shortened specific game (in volleyball (short set), in tennis (game) and other sports), with which you can determine the winner in a draw.

When is tennis played?

Tennis tie-break - what is it? In singles tennis, athletes play a shortened game with a score of 6:6 in games. The game continues until seven points are scored. If, with seven points, the difference in points between the opponents is less than two, then the tie-break continues until a difference of two points appears.

tie break what is it

In paired tennis, in addition to short games in a simple set, with the same score in sets, a turning point set in the form of a tie-break for the champion can be played. In this case, the opponents compete until they score ten points. The game can last until the advantage of one of the pairs in two points. And it is written as 1:0 or 0:1.

How is tennis played?

So you already know that a tie-break is a short match. How is it played in tennis? The serving contestant delivers the first serve, then the opponentperforms two innings, after which the change goes through a couple of innings. The tie-break lasts until a difference of two points is obtained. Courts change after every six points.


Many people know that tiebreak is an exciting game. This game in badminton is played with the score in the game 20:20. And how do athletes implement it? The side that was the first to score a difference of two points wins the game with a score of 20:20. The side that gets the 30th point first wins the game when the score is 29:29.


Next, we will find out how a tie-break is played in chess, and now we will consider the implementation of a short game in volleyball. In this sport, it is carried out with the score of parties 2:2. How is it implemented?

tie-break in chess

The fifth (decisive) game is played up to fifteen points with the smallest advantage of two points. If there is a tie at 14:14, the game continues until there is a two-point advantage (16:14, 17:15, …).


A tie-break in chess is held when the current champion and the challenger have equal points in matches for the title of chess king. According to the rules of the championship, a short game includes four games of rapid chess. Each player has twenty-five minutes per game, with ten seconds added for each move.

Agree, the tie-break in chess plays the most important role. But back to the story. If these games also end in a draw, then the chess players will have to play two more blitz games, for each of which the players will be given fiveminutes and three seconds per move. If the score remains equal, then the athletes will play two more blitz games (match). In general, they can play no more than five such matches.

When is a tie-break in chess at the World Championship useless? If these ten games do not determine the winner, then the players will have to play a turning point - Armageddon.


Of course, grandmasters must know what kind of predator this is - a tie-break in chess. Moreover, at the 2016 World Championship in the match between Karjakin and Carlsen, the fate of the match was decided precisely in a tie-break. So, a tie-break is a prolongation of the match.

The tactics and strategy of the game with light control is somewhat unusual. Experienced chess players say that the search for the best plan, the ingenious combination, the strongest move is all great, but it's better to put it aside for a game of exemplary format. All these innovations need to be considered, and a lot of time is spent on this. In a chess tie-break, long reflections are a luxury. Control is shortened.

Try to cause problems for your opponent. A tie-break in chess is supposed to be tricky. Try to get a position mainly in the opening, where the opponent must play accurately. Time is short, and in an unknown position, the enemy may panic and make a mistake.

Most strong chess players have special opening preparations for this.

Typical mistakes

If you follow the rules of a tie-break in chess, you can become the world favorite. What are the typical mistakes made in this short game? The first erroris getting into time trouble. The player can lead the game superbly - strongly, beautifully and with inspiration. However, chess players have the following saying: the most difficult thing is to win a position that you have already won. If you don’t leave yourself time to realize the advantage, all your efforts can easily disappear in time trouble.

what is tie break in chess

Of course, everyone needs to know the rules of a tie-break in chess. The second error is the passion for long versions of the calculation. It is known that exact calculation requires skill and time. If you are not a grandmaster yet, then you should not overestimate your own strengths. Even in your “most accurate” calculation, your opponent will almost always have a chance to go “to the left.”

On a tie-break, you should try to play hard, not get into time trouble and not make gross miscalculations. And the opponent's mistakes, as a rule, will not be the case.


Many people know that a tie-break in chess is an exciting game. In 2016, New York hosted the 55th chess match in history for the title of world champion. The current world favorite Carlsen Magnus (Norway) and challenger Sergey Karjakin (Russia) competed. The representative of the Russian Federation for the first time since 2008 took part in the match for the title of chess king. The match was played from 11 to 30 September. The prize pool was one million euros.

Many people say that a tie-break in chess is a stunning act. The 2016 match consisted of 12 games (limit number) with exemplary time inspection. If one of the chess players scored 6 ½ points, the matchwould have been completed ahead of schedule. Since the score was identical - 6:6, a tie-break was held with a reduced time verification (rapid chess). Then Armageddon and Blitz were not needed. In this short game, Carlsen won 3-1 and retained his world title.


It is known that the tie-break in chess is a holiday for the fans. Many seek to predict the game. For example, the President of the International Chess Federation (FIDE), Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, suggested before the tournament that Karjakin and Carlsen would play on equal terms in the match for the world chess crown.

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And the president of the Russian Chess Federation Andrey Filatov, after winning the 2016 Candidates Championship of Russian Grandmaster Sergey Karjakin, said that he could take the championship away from Carlsen.

History of Grandmasters

You still ask, what is a tie-break in chess? Over a long period of private meetings that began in 2005, Kalsen and Karjakin played rapid chess eight times. Interestingly, no one has an advantage in this science: the Russian won three times (2010, 2006, 2008), the Norwegian won the same number of times (2012, 2009, 2001) and the draw was marked twice (2014, 2006).

tie-break in chess at the world championship

Chess players know that a tie-break in chess is a game for the powerful. Magnus recorded all his victories when he played with white pieces. Along with this, he is the leader of the ranking, just like in the classic version.

On the decisive day of the battle for the worldchampion, the current world favorite Carlsen defended his title in a confrontation with Karjakin, as we discussed above. Carlsen won the tie-break in two games and drew two.


So, you already know that the tie-break in chess is a competition of great people. How is Armageddon played? The player who wins the pairing can choose whether to play with white or black pieces. The one who plays black is given four minutes, and the one who plays white is given five. If everything ends in a draw here, then the one who plays black will be awarded the chess crown of the world. If 60 moves are completed in Armageddon, the participants in the game will receive an additional three seconds for each move.

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