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How to tie an amigurumi panda?
How to tie an amigurumi panda?

The now fashionable handmade direction came from Japan. Adorable amigurumi panda bears are loved by everyone. By tradition, such toys are crocheted, small details are sewn on with sewing threads. Each bear gets a name. They start knitting with the so-called amigurumi ring, from which six loops are pulled out. Next, twelve loops are knitted, knitting two from one. All amigurumi have one pattern - single crochets. Another subtlety is the very tight knitting, which is achieved through the use of a small hook.

panda sitting

All toys are assembled from three shapes: a ball, a cone and a figure in which there is a cone on one side and a spherical rounding on the other. There are patterns for knitting such figures. An absolutely even flat circle is obtained by adding after the second row with twelve loops of six loops in each row. The cone requires the addition of the same amount, but through the row. Cylindrical sections are knitted without adding or subtractingloops.

Cute panda amigurumi

For a knitted animal you will need white and black yarn, ready-made eyes, hook 1, 5 and synthetic fluff.

Start knitting with black paws (handles). According to the cone principle, knitting reaches 12 loops. Further it is created according to the principle of a cylinder up to the 18th row. After doing the reduction of the cone. Two paws are knitted.

panda supplies

Next, black legs are knitted. Start with the standard six loops, reach 20 and knit a cylinder for three rows. After doing a decrease of 3 loops on one side (this is the bend of the foot) and knit one row. Then add 3 loops in this place on the row above and continue to the 18th row. Then make a reduction. You need two of these parts.

Black ears are knitted from a chain of three air loops. Further, in the central loop, an addition is made in each row up to the fifth and close them. You will need two such parts.

The head is knitted with white yarn in the form of a ball. The muzzle - a white hemisphere - is sewn separately. "Points" are made from air loops with black yarn. They are sewn at the stage of knitting the cylinder. After the "glasses" are sewn on, the eyes are inserted.

The torso is knitted with a drop, changing the thread from black to white at chest level. Stuff the details as you knit.

How to assemble a panda?

All details are sewn with black or white thread. First prepare the head. Sew on the muzzle and ears. The location of the ears is pre-marked so that they do not move to the side. Embroider nose and mustache, eyebrows, tongue.

The head is sewn to the torso. At this point, it is important to ensure that the packing does not get intoseam and check if the toy is stuffed loosely. There is still time to fix things.

Panda on movable legs

The paws can be made movable by sewing on buttons, as in the photo. Panda amigurumi of this model can sit, stand, lift one leg.

Master class

It is always better to see once than to hear a hundred times and understand the same number of knitting patterns. The craftswoman in the video will show how she knitted an amigurumi panda. The workshop is small, as she prepared everything in advance.

This model can be a little more complicated, but even so it is clear that the teddy bear turned out to be funny and cute.


Even if you have never held a hook in your hands, there is an opportunity to try knitting an amigurumi panda. It can be placed on a table, placed on a shelf or given as a gift. Give it a name right away and it will take on character. All amigurumi toys are kind. Let a kind little bear cub settle in you too.

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