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How to tie lariats: 4 easy ways
How to tie lariats: 4 easy ways

A stylish woman usually has a lot of jewelry in her jewelry box. They can be made both from precious metals and in the form of ordinary jewelry. You can find rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and other jewelry in it. Brooches and lariats are at the peak of fashion now. It is about the latter that we will talk.

What is lariat

Indeed, the word is incomprehensible and new. Many people confuse the concepts of "sotuar" and "lariat". Often girls in these names are simply lost. Sotuar is a "closed" chain with some kind of pendant at the end. Most often it is without a fastener and is put on over the head. A lariat is not a closed decoration. It is a long cord with pendants at the ends. This form allows you to tie lariats both in the usual and in the most fantasy ways. Thus, having only one piece of jewelry, you can wear it in dozens of variations - it is very multifunctional. You can wear it at any age - even on an adult woman it will look just great. They are worn both on holidays and in everyday life.

You can tie lariats both in the form of a necklace, and as a belt or bracelet. Usually,the length of such decoration is at least one meter, plus pendants. In total it turns out about 140 centimeters. They tie the lariat in any way - its length will allow you to make almost any knot.

Creating decorations

Lariat is most often made from beads. Cords, chains, beads, natural stones are also used. To decorate the ends take caps for harnesses. Despite the fact that the lariat seems to be a fairly simple decoration to make, it is not. This is many hours of manual work. The cost will be influenced by the professionalism of the master, the cost of materials and accessories. Also, a lariat can be made of beads of the same color or have a complex pattern. And if you do not want to overpay, then you can make it yourself. The decoration must have the same thickness throughout its length, and it must have edges.

There are two ways to create a beaded lariat:

  • crochet from pre-strung beads;
  • weave according to the pattern.

These are the two main ways to make jewelry. By the way, it can be woven both on a thread and on a fishing line.

How to tie a bead lariat

There are many ways to twist this decoration. The easiest way to wear a lariat is to wrap it around your neck once or twice (depending on the length). At the same time, leave the ends hanging freely.

Simple lariat

Another easy way to tie a lariat is a knot. The product must be folded in half. Wrap the middle part so that through the resulting ringskip loose ends lariat.

Simple lariat

The next option is to tie the loose ends in such a way that you get a nice knot. Moreover, the weave can be absolutely anything.

Knotted lariat

Another very beautiful option on how to tie a beaded lariat is to braid it along the entire length into knots, and close the free edges into a ring. It will be in the form of a short necklace.

Knotted lariat

Lariat storage

This decoration is handmade, and, accordingly, it is not cheap, so not everyone has such a thing. Often, girls who purchased it on their own or received it as a gift immediately have a question about how to tie a lariat, and the second - how to store it, because the appearance of the product will depend on this. There are a few rules to remember:

  1. The decoration should be stored not twisted, untying all the knots, preferably in a suspended state, since the next day it will “remember the shape” and in another version of the interlacing of the ends it may look ugly.
  2. Do not leave lariat in direct sunlight or near hot objects.
  3. Perfume must not be allowed on jewelry. To do this, first spray toilet water on clothes and only then put on the product.
  4. In continuation of the previous paragraph, we can add that hairspray should not fall on the lariat.
  5. Keep away from children! A child may tear the jewelry and swallow small parts.
  6. It is highly undesirable to wet the decoration with water, asit is not known how the beads will behave.
  7. If the jewelry is dirty, you can wipe it with a dry soft cloth, without using any detergents.
  8. In an exceptional case, if the pollution is very strong and dry cleaning cannot be handled, you can resort to treating the lariat with baby soap. Gently wash the contaminated area with your hands, rinse and dry thoroughly in a straightened state. But this measure should only be used as a last resort.
  9. It is also strictly forbidden to drop the lariat, stretch it excessively or bend it too much.

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