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Military costumes do it yourself
Military costumes do it yourself

Military suits for sailors, soldiers, pilots are needed in the educational field. In kindergartens, schools, costumed holidays are held on February 23, May 9. And choreographic, theater circles, film studios simply cannot imagine their performances without these clothes, since the military uniform of different countries is very diverse, elegant, festive. For children's parties, you can sew or knit costumes without exactly copying the original.

Military costumes for kindergartens

If children need a uniform for songs or skits, then you can sew a costume according to the original. But if preschoolers dance with lunges, dances and solo numbers, then it is better to make the costume outwardly festive, but simple, comfortable, and free in cut. Since children 4-5 years old may get tangled in clothes, trip or get caught on something.

The easiest way to make a soldier costume is to sew shorts, a T-shirt, a cap out of khaki fabric. It is better to make shorts elongated, like sports pants. On a T-shirt, you can stick a decal with a military theme, on a cap - sew a star.

Find a T-shirt pattern, transfer it to the fabric, sew the back to the front, sleeves. Turn the neck andsleeves. If you don’t know how to sew, then take a ready-made T-shirt that fits the child’s body. Transfer its size to the fabric, mark the armpits, the neck. Now remove the T-shirt, add 2-5 centimeters to the measurement on each side (depending on the fabric), cut it off. Fasten the details. Also draw a sleeve on the T-shirt, and compare the exact size with the new pattern.

Military t-shirt and tank top

Chop off the shoulder and side sections with needles. Bend, sew, if the fabric is not loose and there is an overlock, sew in a zigzag. Next, fasten the sleeves with needles, also sew. Now cut off a strip (width - 4-5 cm) for the neckline.

It is better to choose a special fabric (ribana) that stretches. Then you need to subtract a third from the size of the neck of the back and the front, you get the desired length of the riban (for example, the neck is 25 cm, then the riban is 17 cm). Sew the strip into a ring, attach to the neck, sew on a typewriter.

military suits

If a military suit for a boy is represented by a T-shirt, shorts and a cap, then we decorate the T-shirt with a St. George ribbon, shoulder straps, badges or a special application. Thermal application is especially convenient (apply to clothes, cover with gauze, iron with a hot iron).

If there is a tunic on top, then you can sew a T-shirt. It is suitable for a soldier, sailor, paratrooper. Also transfer the pattern from a T-shirt with wide straps to a striped fabric. Sew the shoulder and side cut, process the armpit, neck.

Boy's shorts

For mediumgroups, boys can sew elongated shorts like sports pants. Measure the circumference of the hips, the length of the product and fit. Find a shorts pattern, set your measurements, transfer everything to the fabric. Sew each half to the line of the fly. Then you stab the resulting two parts with needles, sew on a typewriter. Sew on a belt or just tuck the fabric, pull the elastic through.

For children of the older, preparatory group, you can sew trousers. They can be spotted or green, like a wartime suit. Beginning seamstresses will find it easier to sew pants with an elastic band, professionals can recreate the original to the smallest detail.

In order not to make a mistake with the cut, you can rip open the old pants, transfer to the fabric, taking into account the new sizes, baste, sew. Cut out the back and front half of the trousers immediately on different sheets, since the second half is higher than the first, and if the product is on the belt, then you need to outline more grooves. If you are afraid to make a mistake, then bait the product, and then measure it on a child.

Military headdress: garrison cap

Not a single military men's suit is complete without a garrison cap, cap, cap. You can get by with a purchased cap made from khaki fabric. Otherwise, pick up the fabric, find the patterns for the cap, start sewing. For one product, you will need three patterns: large (2 pcs.), Medium (2 pcs.) parts and petals (1 pc.).

military suit for boy

Pin the pattern to the fabric, circle with a seam allowance. Attach a large part with a petal with the convex side, sew them. Take the second patternlarge part, sew with the other side of the petal. That is, the petal forms the top of the cap.

Sew two middle pieces on both sides along the top edge. Next, take a cap with large parts and a petal, twist it on your face. You also turn the middle parts on the face, insert them inside the cap, that is, inside out, combining the side and bottom sections. Stab with needles, turn inside out. The bottom needs to be marked. Now you sew everything on a typewriter.

That is, first you sew one side of the cap, then the other. Then do the same for the side cuts. Please note that when stitching the sides, you need to use all layers of the cap so that there are no holes or folds. Turn the finished product on the face, iron it.

Make soldier costumes with your own hands

Military pants and tunics will be needed by schoolchildren. Cut a tunic like a regular shirt, only from “military” fabric (khaki, pale or dark green, marsh, light brown). Beginning shirt pattern makers can make a long-sleeved t-shirt that sits loosely on the child.

To do this, fold the fabric in half. From the inside, attach a T-shirt folded vertically. Circle the resulting measurement, lower the shoulder cut down a little and extend a little. This will be the back of the shirt. Add a centimeter to the seams, lengthen and round the bottom (you will get an arc), cut out the measurement. Now apply this measurement to the fabric, make the cutout deeper (translate without allowances).

do-it-yourself military suits

Also circle the sleeves by addingdesired length. Cut out cuffs, collar, pockets. On the pattern with a pencil, mark the location of all the small details, so you will see where to start sewing. Connect the front pieces to the back. Then you return to the front shelves, process the button plackets. Sew collar, pockets. Next, go to the sleeves, sew on the cuffs. Decorate the tunic with small details (badges, orders, epaulettes with Velcro).

Quick suit

Some novice craftswomen do not adhere to standard sewing rules, but imitate military costumes. A photo of the shape helps to present an approximate cutting technique. For example, breeches are worn for military uniforms. Craftswomen shift the pattern of ordinary trousers onto the fabric, and then “by eye” expand the measurement in the hip area.

The belt is made with an elastic band. The gymnast is “corrected” from a regular shirt, sewing on shoulder straps, pockets, large metal buttons. For a tunic, buy a regular belt. In principle, such military suits look no worse than the uniforms from professional seamstresses, but even a schoolgirl will master such a cut.

military suits photo

Another option is to tie military paraphernalia. The knitters imitate the hats of tankers, pilots, paratroopers, and sailors. The kids love these costumes. Shorts and a T-shirt are knitted with the appropriate threads.

For girls, any costume consists of a skirt (semi-sun, pencil or with clutches) and a T-shirt, tunic. The principle of cutting the top of the product is the same as described when sewing a suit for boys.

Sailor suit

PatternThe sailor's military suit is represented by a cap, collar, white T-shirt and blue shorts for preschoolers. Blue trousers, a shirt with a one-piece collar are suitable for schoolchildren. The blue scale can be replaced with black trousers, a vest or a white shirt with a one-piece collar and a peakless cap.

For a peakless cap, you will need three parts: a band, a bottom, a crown. Measure the circumference of the child's head, cut off a strip of cardboard 3-5 centimeters wide. Glue the ends with tape to determine the size of the cap on the head. The standard size will be a couple of centimeters less than the girth of the head.

Next, the size of the crown is calculated (its inner radius is equal to the length of the band divided by 2), and the size of the bottom will be seven centimeters larger. That is, you can draw a large circle on the bottom of the peakless cap, and mark the inner radius on it.

If in doubt, make this model on paper, measure it, and then transfer the measurements to the fabric. The fact is that with the wrong cut, the peakless cap can be large or, conversely, small; crown may be loose and folded.

Sailor Cap

Also use dublin to keep the band and crown in shape. If there is no dublin, then try to initially starch the material and sew a product from it. In this case, a master class on cutting caps with the help of dublin is considered.

uniform military suit
  • Cut out a band on a dublin 6-10 centimeters wide, as it will bend in half.
  • Stick it with an iron on the fabric, taking into account the allowance.
  • Cut out the resulting band.
  • Fold it in half so that the dublin is inside, steam it with an iron.
  • Immediately cut out and glue on the fabric patterns of the crown and bottom from Dublin, taking into account the allowances.
  • Bait the band along the entire length, tucking the sides of the fabric inward.
  • Apply the bottom and crown to each other, sew.
  • So that the allowances on the outer circle do not puff up the peakless cap, make notches (triangles).
  • Turn inside out, steam the peakless cap.
  • Insect the inner radius, mark the connection line with the band with a washable marker.

Sailor cap and collar

We continue to sew a naval military suit for a boy, starting with a peakless cap.

  • Bay a band with a headdress by attaching two satin ribbons in advance.
  • Then sew on a typewriter.
  • Glue the anchor application on the front.

Another version of the construction of a sailor's headdress is represented by cardboard and fabric. The band is made of cardboard. A fabric is attached to it from the inside so that it covers its inside and head. A strip of fabric is glued on the outside. It turned out to be a kind of coca hat.

For a striped collar, you need measurements of the half-girth of the neck, shoulder width and the length of the product itself. On the pattern, mark the beginning of the horizontal measurement, consisting of the data of the neck and shoulder. To do this, do two more calculations.

military suit pattern
  • Neck half circumference divided by 3, add 0, 5 and divide everything by 3. This parameter will determine the height of the neck bend.
  • Divide the half-girth of the neck by 3 and add 0.5. Mark this parameter along with the shoulder length on the pattern.

Sailor suit

Vertically mark the length of the collar, add the parameter for the height of the neck bend. Got a square. Now, from the extreme point indicating the size of the shoulder, vertically determine the length of the straps (30 cm will be enough). At the base, determine their width. Now draw an arc from the strap to the point indicating the length of the collar.

Translate the resulting pattern onto the folded fabric. Sew white stripes on the front side. Next, make the same detail so that the collar on both sides is beautiful. Sew both halves inside out.

You can also sew a military suit for a girl. Only shorts are replaced with a half-sun skirt. To do this, you need a measure of the length of the product and the half-circumference of the waist. On the folded fabric from the top corner, mark the length of the half-circumference of the waist with an increase of 12 centimeters. That is, if the semi-girth is 28 cm, then mark 40 cm on the fabric.

Draw an arc from this point. To make the line even, measure the specified parameter from one side to the other with a centimeter from the corner of the fabric. If you did everything right, then the resulting arc will be a couple of centimeters larger than the waist circumference.

Now mark the length of the skirt from the arc, also draw a line. In this case, only one side seam is needed. Bend the belt, insert the elastic. Sew white striped ribbons along the bottom (as on the collar).

military suit women

How to make a costume for a girl

Military suitsnot only boys, but also girls. You sew a cap, a tunic according to the same type as for boys. And make the bottom of the suit a straight skirt or with pleats. The straight cut goes well with a tunic, while the pleated skirt looks chic with a T-shirt.

To cut a straight skirt, you will need measurements of the length of the product and waist circumference. Calculate the width of the product. To do this, multiply the waist circumference by 1, 33. For example, if the waist circumference is 53 cm, then after multiplication we get the value 70, 49. Round this number to the nearest integer, measure 71 centimeters on the fabric.

Cut two rectangles on the fabric. The first corresponds to the length of the skirt and the circumference of the waist (in our version, 71 centimeters). The second rectangle goes to tailoring the belt. To do this, measure the waist circumference along the length (in our case, 53 centimeters), and 15 centimeters along the width.

Connect both rectangles into a circle separately. Fold the belt neatly in half so that the loose ends are on top.

Straight skirt

Thick elastic band (1.5-2 cm wide) along the waist circumference is also connected in a circle. Insert it into the belt, connect both ends of the fabric on a typewriter. Now on the belt and skirt, measure 8 points with pins. To do this, fold the product in half four times in different directions, pinning the folds on both sides with pins.

sew a military costume for a girl

Connect the belt to the skirt, start attaching the details from one pin to another, pulling the belt up to the mark on the skirt. Bend the bottom of the product, go through a zigzag stitch or a “double needle” machine seam.

Iffabric is expensive, you can save. Buy a military-colored T-shirt for your child (from wholesalers they cost from 70 rubles per set). Make a straight skirt out of it. To do this, pin the bottom of the T-shirt and the armpit line with needles. Cut to it.

Fold the fabric to form a belt, insert a wide elastic band. This model can be made from an adult shirt or T-shirt by cutting off excess fabric from the side. The skirt is ready, and with the tunic and cap, we got a real uniform (military). The costume can be made simpler with a T-shirt and a pleated skirt.

Pleated skirt

Sew such a model as follows. Measure the length of the skirt on the cut, taking into account allowances (about 3 centimeters). The width is calculated from the waist circumference and the size of the folds. If you bought fabric in a store, then you make the calculation based on its footage.

Folds can be the same or opposite, stab with needles. See that the top matches the waist circumference with an increase of 2 centimeters. Sew the skirt, steam the folds, process the bottom of the product, sew on the belt. It can be made with an elastic band or sewn on with a hidden zipper.

With a T-shirt and cap, you get a good dance military costume. The women's version is faster to sew than the men's. If you do not have experience in cutting, then “every minute” try on your product for a child to avoid mistakes. Remember: experience comes with practice.

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