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Do-it-yourself costumes for the New Year: interesting ideas, patterns and reviews
Do-it-yourself costumes for the New Year: interesting ideas, patterns and reviews

With the approach of the New Year holidays, many parents are faced with the question of what kind of carnival costume to buy for their child. If you have basic sewing skills and a developed imagination, you can easily make costumes for the New Year yourself, it is interesting to beat a dress of any color by adding individual details, creating a headdress or an attribute of the selected character.

What is good about the New Year's party in kindergarten and at school is that it usually takes place in the form of a carnival. The child can choose his favorite character and become the hero of a fairy tale or cartoon. In addition to forest animals, you can choose costumes of a knight and a musketeer, a clown and Petrushka for the New Year. Girls love to be princesses or fairy fairies.

In the article, we will consider the most popular costumes for the New Year, which you can make with your own hands, so as not to spend money on rather expensive outfits in rental ateliers. Not to mention the fact that you will be sure of the cleanliness of the clothes. After all, everyone understands perfectly well that a rented suitcannot be washed after each client. At best, it will be ironed, but this is also a big question.

Light suit for daughter

A New Year's cracker costume can be created from any plain dress. Any color can be taken. The brighter the outfit, the better. The skirt of the dress is trimmed with large foil sequins. It will be confetti poppers. It is not difficult to make a headdress; it will be enough to buy a roll of corrugated paper to match the dress. From a strip of thick cardboard, roll a hoop around your head and fasten its edges with a stapler. Then it is glued in a circle with a strip of paper so that the edges can be tied on top of the tape. Get a headdress that looks like a candy wrapper. After the final fitting, the entire surface is glued with multi-colored circles.

Christmas costumes for girls can be made from any dress.


A simple sundress for the Fox character can be sewn from any orange fabric. When sewing, you can easily make a pattern on an old dress. You will only have to circle the line of the shoulders, the notch of the neck. The length of the dress is chosen at will, it is better to make it extended downwards so that it does not hinder movements during dancing.

The neckline is trimmed with white faux fur. If you have a lace jabot, then you can pin it on the front with a pin. For this costume for the New Year, the tail can be made from the same fabric, sewing on the tip from the same fur.

fox outfit

To do this, sew the sides of a rectangular piece of fabric on the wrong side, turn the resulting pipe onfront side and fill with cotton. The edges are gathered and sewn together. Attach the tail at the back at waist level. Triangular ears are easy to attach to a hoop or made from colored paper and glued to a cardboard headband. In extreme cases, you can simply tie two lush orange bows on your head. Complete the outfit with a white blouse or turtleneck, put on the same stockings or tights, Czech shoes.


Consider making a simple costume for the New Year for a boy. This bright outfit is best sewn from satin shiny fabric. The costume consists of two elements - a cape with a tie and a magic cap in the shape of a cone. Any color of fabric can be chosen. If you find a fabric with stars, it will be just great, if not, don't worry, after the main sewing, you can trim the edges with gold or silver rain.

wizard in cone hat

Cutting is done as semi- or sun-flared. The neck is trimmed with a satin ribbon piping in a contrasting color, leaving the ends for tying. The length of the cape is chosen either to the waist or to the knees. Do not sew a raincoat that is too long, as it will be inconvenient for the child to move, sit and dance in it. How to make a cone hat for a costume for the New Year, consider the pattern below.

Character hat

A cone hat can be made from thick cardboard with or without brim. A sheet of drawing paper is wrapped around the child's head and the desired size is marked. Then the excess is cut off with scissors. To fasten the edges, use either a stapler, or leave the paper on the side when cutting outstrip or small corners for spreading glue.

how to make a cone hat

If desired, you can sheathe the cone with a cloth. If you want to make a hat brim, then stick to the bottom pattern. Attach the strip from the inside to the PVA glue so that the cut out triangles are not visible.

Next, consider how to sew a costume for a girl for the New Year with your own hands using such a hat.


The outfit of the Christmas tree at the New Year's carnival looks very impressive. The dress is sewn according to the pattern of a simple sundress. Fabric choose any shade of green. The highlight of the costume will be sewn flounces at different levels. Since the sundress is flared downwards, the “branches” of the tree will also increase. For frills, you can buy stripes of green lace, matching tulle or wide satin ribbons.

Pompoms of bright threads are sewn on the ruffles. They function as Christmas balls.

elegant girl for the new year

The top of the Christmas tree is a conical hat decorated with frills and balls. A yellow cardboard star can be attached to the top of the cone.

King's Musketeer

The boys at the carnival want to look courageous, so they choose the roles of heroic personalities. These are knights and Batman, Spiderman and Pirate. For the New Year's carnival, it is easiest to make your own royal musketeer outfit. Black trousers and a white shirt can be found in any wardrobe. The hat can be borrowed from dad or bought at the New Year's Fair. It remains only to tie its base with a bright ribbon and insert a magnificent feather.

boy suit

The most time-consuming part of sewing such a children's costume for the New Year is making a cape. You need to sew it flared down. To do this, the blue satin is cut in several stages. First, the length of the cape is measured from the shoulder to the top of the thigh. The measurements are added, 10 cm are added on each side to the width of the shoulders, and a rectangle is cut out. It is folded in half and a rounded neck is cut out. The head should pass freely. After trying on, the length of the shoulder is measured from the neck to the extreme point, the measurements are transferred to the fabric. Next, you need to connect the resulting points with the edges of the rectangle. You will get an extension downwards in the form of a trapezoid. The edges of the material are turned off with a piping.

Do-it-yourself costume for the New Year of such a plan is easy to make. To do this, cut to size and sleeves. These are pieces of trapezoid-shaped fabric, the length of which corresponds to the length of the sleeve, the top line is 10 cm, from the middle of the shoulder 5 cm in one direction and the other. The bottom edge is widened. It remains to connect all the parts together and make a cross in the center of white satin ribbons. Royal lilies will be easy to apply with a glue gun. If there is no such equipment at home, then a template is drawn and all the flowers are cut out of golden satin. The edges of the flowers need to be melted with a candle so that the fabric does not fray, and carefully sew with stitches over the edge. Armlets can be decorated in the same way, but this is not necessary. You can leave only the central element.

Snow Queen

Popular Suit for Newyear for the girl is the outfit of the Snow Queen. Everyone loves the famous fairy tale of H. H. Andersen with his sparkling white queen. To create an image, you can wear a white or blue dress, add a snowflake crown or a kokoshnik made of cardboard, put on a cape trimmed with white or silver fluffy rain. A pattern for this part of the costume is available below. Tie a white or pale blue fabric with satin ribbons. Pompoms made of white yarn can be attached to the edges.

how to make a cape

To create your own crown, prepare a sheet of cardboard, a simple pencil, scissors, an awl and a simple rubber band. Draw a symmetrical pattern on cardboard. A sample can be seen in the photo in the article. Then the part is cut out along the contours with scissors. The edges can be glued with a silver rain around the perimeter of the craft. On the sides, holes are made into which an elastic band is inserted. After trying on, cut off the excess and tie a strong knot from the inside.

Clown costume

A child in a clown costume will look very impressive and bright. For such an outfit, you need to choose a satin fabric of several colors that can be combined with each other. A jumpsuit is sewn with fasteners at the back. It can be both buttons and Velcro. How to make a cone hat, you already know. For a clown hat, complete it with a frill along the bottom edge.

clown boy in a hat

The work is laborious, because the satin fabric frays, it is not very comfortable to work with it, you need to process each seam with a piping or hem it twice. The sleeves are wide and long. Thenan additional strip of fabric is sewn at the level of the brush and an elastic band is threaded. Gathered frills are obtained. The same is done on the bottom of the legs. Shoes do not have to be sewn the same as in the photo in the article. You can put on a child and ordinary Czechs. But be sure to make pompoms for decoration. They look very impressive.

Next, consider a universal pattern of overalls that can be used when sewing a costume for the New Year with your own hands.

Outfit Pattern

Using the pattern presented in the article, you can sew not only a clown outfit, such a jumpsuit is suitable for a Petrushka costume or any animal, for example, a hare, a bear or a wolf. The fabric is selected according to the color of the character. After cutting the fabric to the measurements of the child, all the details are sewn together.

jumpsuit pattern for a suit

The collar can be made with a frill or stand, attach a circular jabot or sew on a strip of fur. Depending on the chosen character, the decoration methods also vary. On the diagram you can also see how to properly cut a hat for a buffoon or Parsley.


One of the most popular New Year's outfits is the snowman costume. According to the pattern of the overalls, you can sew a white suit with fasteners at the back. Snowman buttons are usually made in black, so prepare black yarn for making pom-poms.

snowman costume

As a headdress, you can wear a dark hat with brim, tie a striped bright scarf around your neck. If you do not have such things in your wardrobe, then do notget upset. Take it and make your own “bucket” out of cardboard for your child. They make it according to the principle of a cone hat, only the sharp top is cut off, a circle with triangles is prepared for fastening and PVA glue. After twisting a sheet of drawing paper around the head, all parts are fastened together. It turns out a truncated cone that performs the function of a bucket. The handle can be made from a satin ribbon, matched by color. White Czech shoes are put on their feet.


According to the opinions of many mothers, it is quite possible to make costumes for children for the New Year on their own, without buying an expensive outfit for one day, and even more so without putting on a costume after an unfamiliar child, taken at the box office. This is not only unhygienic, but also dangerous. After all, you can easily catch any skin disease, and after putting on hats, according to reviews, there are frequent cases of pediculosis. Masters advise not to risk the he alth of your child, but to sew costumes on your own. The outfit will turn out not only new, a piece of the mother’s soul will be invested in it. Having made a costume at home, you can be absolutely sure that another child will not meet at the matinee in exactly the same outfit. Your costume will be unique.

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