Beautiful do-it-yourself oriental costumes. Names of oriental costumes
Beautiful do-it-yourself oriental costumes. Names of oriental costumes

The mysterious and sensual culture of the East has always attracted many fans. Relatively recently - only from the end of the 19th century - Europe, and then the rest of the continents, began to discover its secrets. The rhythmic music and graceful movements of oriental dances have made them popular all over the world. Find out more about one of their important parts - outfits for their performance.

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Oriental dance costumes

Most often they consist of an embroidered bodice, skirt or bloomers. But in fact, ethnic oriental costumes look much more modest. Sometimes it was enough for a dancer to simply tie a scarf around her hips over the rest of her clothes to emphasize her movements.

Costumes for dancing from different countries have significant differences.

So, the Turkish outfit includes:

  • hemlek - a thin shirt;
  • harem pants - wide trousers, pulled together at the ankles;
  • entari - fitted caftan, dressed over a hemlek;
  • zhelek - fitted jacket to the hips.

Dancer fromLevant (countries of the eastern Mediterranean - Syria, Lebanon, Israel) wears a loose robe-dress called toba. This type of clothing corresponds to the hot climate of these countries. Made from fine cotton, it protects the skin from sunburn and keeps you cool. Similar scenic oriental costumes are richly decorated with embroidery, rhinestones, coins. They have long wide sleeves that can be used when performing some dance moves. In this purpose, the tobu is often associated with the abaya, but the second is an element of outerwear. Her classic color is black, but dance costumes often get around this limitation.

oriental dance costumes

The hot climate of Egypt also suggested clothes that were similar to you. Therefore, a common type of costume is a long loose shirt dress called a galabeya. Most often it was white or striped. But for the stage, oriental costumes are decorated with voluminous embroidery of laces around the neckline, on the cuffs and hem. An abaya is sometimes worn over the galabeya.

Melaya is another traditional Egyptian item of clothing, which is a wide black shawl that all Egyptians wrapped around themselves before leaving the house. Today it has lost its strict traditional purpose, but it has become the basis of a new style of oriental dance - Eskandarani or Alexandria. It plays with movement with a shawl worn over a bright short dress with an asymmetrical hem. Melaya is richly decorated with various decorative elements.

Show bellydance

Oriental costumes that are common today, which are most often found at performances and sold in specialized stores, are not traditional. They appeared as a result of the popularization of belly dance in Hollywood films of the 30s and 40s and created the image of an exotic seductress. This direction got its name - show bellydance. For an Eastern woman in real life, such clothes would be unacceptable. Therefore, such costumes are exclusively stage.

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Good manners

Luxurious costumes for oriental dances are needed, as a rule, for performances. But before you get an expensive outfit, check what style other participants will have. If folk dances in ethnic costumes are supposed, an outfit in the style of show belly dance will be extremely inappropriate. This will be disrespectful to the organizers of the event, other participants and spectators.

In any case, excessively revealing clothes or repetition of images of heroines from popular films are considered bad form.

Do-it-yourself costume for dancers of different ages

They say that a talented person is talented in everything. Many dancers prefer to make their own costumes - taking into account not only personal aesthetic preferences, but also making the decoration more practical.

And for beginners or amateurs, buying an expensive stage outfit (which prices range from $50 to $500) may seem unjustified. The same goes for children - they grow up fast andan expensive set will soon be out of size. DIY oriental costume can be made at minimal cost, but you will have to devote several evenings to painstaking work.

oriental beauty costume for girl

You should start by determining the color scheme and style of the outfit. The simplest costume of an oriental beauty for a girl or an adult woman consists of three elements: a bodice, a belt and a skirt. Let's dwell on each in more detail.


This is the most difficult element. The basis is a regular bra. The color does not matter, because it must be covered with fabric to match the suit. The main thing is that it sits perfectly. It is desirable that the straps are detachable - so you can experiment with different types of their location.

Choose a full or closed cup with good support so you don't look vulgar. With the youngest dancers it is easier here: just a top or cropped blouse.

DIY oriental costume

During work, try on the bodice for yourself. If you overtighten the fabric somewhere, it can cause discomfort when worn, and you will have to redo everything. You can decorate it with coins, sequins, rhinestones, small artificial flowers, ready-made decorative elements with embroidery, etc. The main thing is to fix everything in good conscience. You will be moving a lot, and flying beads are unlikely to add charm to you.

DIY oriental costume


The easiest solution would be a ready-made shawl with coins to match the outfit, which you cantie around the hips. But if you are ready to work hard and make an almost professional oriental costume for a girl or woman, then do this:

  1. Take 4-5 sheets of A4 paper, glue their short edges together.
  2. Wrap them around your waist and pin them with sewing needles (help from another person will make this a lot easier).
  3. Mark with dots the desired depth and width of the belt.
  4. Remove the sheets, draw a pattern. As a rule, the belt is made of two separate parts - front and back, and only then they are connected.
  5. Cut the required amount of fabric according to the pattern, not forgetting the seam allowances.
  6. The belt will fit well if you make darts. To get an idea of ​​how much and where, put the fabric on your hips and see where it doesn't fit.
  7. Fix the edges of the belt and decorate it.
  8. Sew Velcro or hooks to fasten.
oriental costume for girls


Here you have to remember school labor lessons. Namely, tailoring skirts-sun. It is best suited for different styles of dance. Most often, two types of fabric are used:

Supplex is a stretch material that stretches well in both directions. It is quite expensive, a skirt for an adult woman takes at least 1-3 m.

Chiffon is perhaps the most popular choice. It has many colors and a magical flying texture. It is much cheaper than supplex, but we must not forget that in order for the skirt not to be translucent, several layers of fabric will be required. Therefore, the skirt takes about 20 m of material.

For inspiration, look at professional dancers and their oriental costumes. Photos of some of them are presented in this article.

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If the dance event will take place outdoors, then consider this when creating a costume. Fully synthetic fabrics will not allow the skin to breathe, and large metal elements can get very hot in the sun and cause discomfort. The slightest stains will be visible on a light-colored suit, so choose fabrics and accessories that will easily survive at least a hand wash.

oriental dance costumes

Also don't forget the shorts under the skirt. You don't want the audience to wonder if you're wearing underwear. Choose nude dance shorts or have them made from the same fabric as the bottom of the outfit.

When you make an oriental beauty costume for a girl, do not forget about convenience. The child should be comfortable if the fabric pricks and irritates the skin, this will only add stress before the performance.

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