Beautiful kanzashi snowflake: how to make a beginner
Beautiful kanzashi snowflake: how to make a beginner

Preparing for the New Year holidays is always exciting: you need to buy gifts, decorate the room. A very original version is a kanzashi snowflake. It is easy to make and looks like a fabulous souvenir. Such a product can transform the interior or use as a gift, addition to it.

kanzashi snowflake

Christmas Kanzashi Snowflake

As you can see from the photos presented in the article, these products look very beautiful and impressive. For their manufacture, only satin ribbons or fabric are needed. Due to the volume of the design, the play of light and shadow in the kanzashi elements, the snowflake looks so beautiful. All parts are securely fastened, so you do not have to redo the decor every year, as is the case with paper decorations, which are torn and quickly become unusable. Another advantage of such crafts is ease of manufacture, because making them is no more difficult than paper ones. You can decorate a window, a Christmas tree, a New Year's costume, and even make a garland with decor from satin ribbons.

kanzashi snowflake

What you need

Kanzashi snowflake must be done neatly and consistently, so it's best to find everything you need in advance. Not worth while workingbe distracted by the search for missing materials. So, prepare the following:

  • Satin ribbons of different widths (from 5 mm for decorating the frame to 5 cm for making large elements).
  • Fabric of suitable quality, color and texture (nylon, organza).
  • Scissors.
  • Lighter, candle, matches.
  • Tweezers-clip (for ease of use).
  • Needle and thread.
  • Heat gun.
  • Cardboard.
  • Wire.
  • Decor (beads, beads, sequins, for example in the form of snowflakes).
  • Braid or decorative cord to make a pendant (optional).
snowflake kanzashi master class

The list is presented to the maximum. In the minimum set, you can get by with ribbons, scissors, a lighter and tweezers.

How to fold a single petal

How is a kanzashi snowflake made? The master class will teach you how to assemble simple blanks to create it.

snowflake kanzashi master class

Work as follows:

  1. Cut ribbon or other prepared fabric into squares.
  2. Finish the cuts over a candle flame or lighter.
  3. Fold the square in half and then in half again twice. You can glue the layers with a thermal gun, sew with threads or heat the joint over the lighter and squeeze it properly with tweezers so that the parts fuse.
  4. Cut the bottom corner of the resulting workpiece so that it looks like a petal that looks like a ringlet.
  5. After completing a lot of these details, you can use them to make elements of rays for snowflakes andcenterpieces from the desired number of parts.

How to make a double petal

To make beautiful kanzashi snowflakes (photo below), you will need to make double petals.

kanzashi christmas snowflake

The technology is:

  1. As with the singles, cut the ribbons into squares. It is possible to make a double element both from the same and from blanks of different sizes. In the first case, you will have to cut the bottom of the petal additionally. It is better to choose different colors and even textures. It will be more effective.
  2. Fold both squares separately to triangles.
  3. Repeat the previous step again.
  4. Lay one triangle on top of another (smaller to larger).
  5. Perform the third addition of both blanks together.
  6. Connect like a single piece with a lighter, thread, or hot melt adhesive.

Kanzashi snowflake: master class

If you have mastered the method of making simple elements (single or double), you can start creating a beautiful winter decor. To make the same beautiful kanzashi snowflakes (photo below), just combine the manufactured parts in different ways.

kanzashi snowflakes photo

To form the centers of snowflakes, you can make an element consisting of larger double petals with smaller single or the same double blanks glued into the middle. In addition, you can decorate the middle of each petal by inserting and securing a drop-shaped pearl bead. It is not difficult to create a huge number of optionsamount. It all depends on your imagination, perseverance and desire.

Snowflakes are assembled using two methods:

  1. No frame.
  2. On a wire-cardboard base.

The second method is suitable for large products with long rays.

kanzashi snowflake

Small snowflakes can be made using the first method. In the version without a frame, the kanzashi snowflake is simply assembled by gluing the elements together. First, blanks from several petals are assembled, and then large parts are assembled together.

Building a snowflake on a frame

If you decide to work with the framework, the sequence will be:

  1. When the required number of petals is ready, cut out a circle from cardboard according to the diameter of the snowflake's turnover to close the joints of the parts. The same circle, only of a larger diameter, make from fabric.
  2. Place the cardboard blank on the fabric and pull the edges of the fabric along the inner contour of the cardboard circle.
  3. Cut the blanks for the rays from the wire (3 large and the same number of small ones). The size is equal to the diameter of the snowflake (after the wire can be cut in half).
  4. Wrap the wire with corrugated paper (or replace it with a napkin). Coat with glue.
  5. Glue narrow satin ribbons of a suitable color to the wires (they will be on the back).
  6. Cut the pieces of rays into two parts.

  7. Start assembling. Collect the middle of the snowflake, for example, from 6 petals. Glue the blank to a round cardboard-fabric base.Prepared partsglue the rays to the frame wire.
  8. Glue all the rays to the circle on the back of the snowflake. You can finish this, but if you want a neater back side, make a second circle of fabric and glue it with the top layer. It is easy to attach a magnet to it. The circle can also be with a cardboard base inside.
  9. Finish the front side: decorate with beads, if desired, treat the corners of each element with glitter gel.

Thus, the kanzashi snowflake is a beautiful decoration that is easy to make and has many uses.

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