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Various crochet baskets from knitwear
Various crochet baskets from knitwear

Crochet baskets are the perfect addition to your bathroom, bedroom or hallway. They will not only bring aesthetic pleasure, but will also be used to store various things.

A needlewoman with any skill level can knit a product on her own. There are several options for shapes and a huge variety of sizes. Any decorative element made of fabric, leather, wood, metal can become an ornament.

Suitable threads for making universal baskets

To make a crochet basket, you can use a variety of yarns that will have special characteristics. The thread should be smooth, without lint - this will give the product a more attractive look. It is advisable to use yarn that will not shed during washing. Depending on the type of basket, the thickness of the thread is selected.

The best options would be:

  • Smooth grain acrylic.
  • Knitwear of any thickness.
  • Cotton and linen are relevant for making openwork baskets.
knitted yarn for making baskets

The most versatile isknitted yarn.

Scheme and description of knitting a round knitted basket

To make a round crochet basket, you will need knitted yarn, a hook, a pattern. Knitting is done in accordance with the following pattern:

  1. You need to make a loop, which is then tied with 6 single crochets. It is best if the ring is formed in accordance with the amigurumi technique.
  2. In the second row you need to increase the number of loops by 2 times. To do this, knit 2 with a crochet in each column.
  3. In the third row, you also need to make an addition, but through one loop. At the end of the row, you should get 18 single crochets.
  4. In the fourth - the addition should be made after 2 columns. In the next rows, increase the number of columns, respectively, through 3, 4, 5, 6 loops.

This forms the bottom of the basket. Next, you need to tie the walls.

  1. You should change direction. Then the transition from the bottom to the walls will be clear. Then knit without additions, but grab the first thread of the loop.
  2. The remaining rows are knitted without adding loops, 2 threads are knitted in each existing one.
start of production of a round basket

Such a crochet basket of knitted yarn can be supplemented with a lid. The element is knitted according to the same principle as the bottom. You only need to add 1-2 more rows so that the lid completely covers the container.

Knitting a rectangular or square basket

More practical is a crochet basket made of knittedyarn, which will have a rectangular shape. Even a beginner in needlework can make it. The manufacturing scheme for this option is very simple:

  1. Determine the size of the basket. Prepare thread and hook.
  2. Cast on a chain from a certain number of air loops. Knit according to the instructions in the video.
  3. To get a square basket in the future, the number of finished rows must match the number of air loops cast on at the beginning of work.
  4. You can make a rectangular shape by increasing the rows in comparison with the number of loops cast on in the chain.
  5. Continues crochet baskets forming the walls. It is necessary to tie the bottom on all sides. Then you can proceed as in the previous (with a round bottom) case.

You can knit a square basket using the description to form a round bottom. But do the additions through an equal number of loops - you need to knit 4 columns into one.

making a square basket

It is important to keep track of the number of loops that will be formed when tying the sides so as not to deform the shape of the basket. For making, you can use ordinary columns or columns with a crochet.

The way to decorate the finished product

If necessary, you need to decorate the product to give the usual forms some charm and elegance. A crocheted basket can have various functions. Therefore, it is worth considering the operational feature when choosing a decor.

  • Simple andsatin ribbon will be a universal option. You can make a bow out of the strip. It is sewn to the wall of the basket.
  • Beads and beads are an option for items that will be used to store jewelry or cosmetics.
  • If the basket becomes an interior decoration, then applique from eco-materials, embroidery from sequins will do.
  • Metal rivets, elements of leather, jeans, wood decorations can serve as decoration.
  • Lace looks very gentle and romantic, which can be used to sheathe the body of the basket.
knitted basket decoration

It is successful to combine several types of materials within one product. The most common combinations are metal with leather, beads with beads, wood with twine, ribbons with lace.

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