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How to make a DIY rope basket
How to make a DIY rope basket

In any home there are many gizmos that take up space in tables, shelves, cabinets. Solving this problem is absolutely not difficult - just go to the store and purchase several containers, an organizer or baskets of various sizes and colors.

But you can buy materials and make such devices yourself, for example, do-it-yourself baskets made of rope will bring an atmosphere of coziness and comfort to your home.

Twine product

In order to master the weaving of rope baskets with your own hands, you need to practice on simple material. To do this, stock up:

  • thick cord, twine;
  • glue gun;
  • cardboard box (paper covers are ideal for offices);
  • long wooden or plastic skewers;
  • double sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • decor elements - ribbons,tape.

So, to make a basket of rope or twine with your own hands, at the beginning of work you need to build its bottom: the edges of the box of the right size are cut off from the lid of the box, leaving no more than five centimeters.

A small basket measuring 251918 cm will need about 35 m of cord 0.5 cm thick.

material for work

With the help of adhesive tape at an equal distance from each other (1.5 cm is enough), skewers are attached. Their number must be odd.

For greater reliability of fastening, first the adhesive tape must be glued to the inside of the walls, then the protective layer should be separated. Then fix all the skewers in order on a sticky surface, and glue the second layer on top.

Having finished with the preparation of the walls, proceed to the design of the bottom. It can be decorated with fabric, paper, colored cardboard.

In order to start weaving, you need to glue the end of the rope inside the base, preferably in the corner. Now very tightly, trying to leave gaps, lead the cord between the skewers. Do not tighten it - this can lead to skew, and subsequently to the destruction of the base.

In this way they move in a circle and up to the end of the sticks. If their length turned out to be unequal, then the defect is corrected with the help of wire cutters.

The top edge is glued with a cord, not weaving it in, but simply laying it on skewers from above.

The walls are ready, it remains to arrange a cardboard base. To do this, wrap the box with the same cord, tightly laying the turns and fixing them with glue.

At the endwork, all ends of the twine are cut off. Then they are treated with a fixing compound.

Rope product

Such a device is necessary in every apartment. In addition to decorating the interior, it will be an excellent helper in keeping your home tidy and clean.

To make a laundry basket with your own hands from a rope, you need to prepare:

  • clothing line;
  • knitting yarn;
  • glue gun;
  • darning needle or crochet hook.

The work starts as follows. The end of the clothesline is wrapped with yarn and tied. Now they begin to form a flat bottom, gradually winding the material and fixing it with glue. Additionally, each turn of yarn is fixed, gently pulling it with a hook.

After reaching the required diameter of the bottom, continue moving up in the same way.

At the top of the basket, you can build handles, which are also wrapped with colored threads and glued for reinforcement.

This is how you can make a simple rope basket with your own hands.

Alternatively, this method is used with some kind of base, such as a bucket. A bottom is also formed here, and then a mold is set on it and the sides of the basket are already built up along it by gluing the turns to each other.

After complete drying, the mold is removed, and the finished product is decorated and used for its intended purpose.

Crochet basket

For this occasion, take a cord that is softer than a regular clothesline. It could bepolyester material 5-7 mm thick. Crochet No. 5-6, metal is best, as plastic may not withstand such a load.

knitted basket

You also need yarn - not very thick, cotton will do.

Knitting goes from the center of the bottom in a circle. First knit three loops on the cord. Then they wrap it and form a flat spiral, gradually adding the number of loops. Work continues until the bottom of the required diameter is obtained, after which they stop making increments and knit one new column into one column of the previous row. Actions are carried out until the required height is reached. Fasten the thread and cut the cord. For reliability, you can strengthen with glue.

Basket created from plastic base

But a very beautiful and stylish container is very easy to create from a completely unexpected item. This is a regular plastic trash can.

For convenience, it must be turned over. The rope is wound from the top edge, carefully fixed with glue. Thus, laying the turns very tightly, we move to the bottom. Here the end of the cord is glued.

plastic bucket basket

The shade of the product depends only on the imagination of the master. You can choose two or more colors that match the tone of the interior of a particular room.

The main advantage of DIY rope baskets is the versatility factor. They look great in the bathroom, as linen containers, and also fit perfectly into the interior of the children's room as baskets.for toys.

It remains only to choose the right color of the material, and you get a designer container for various things.

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