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Wonderful do-it-yourself twine baskets
Wonderful do-it-yourself twine baskets

Baskets made of twine look very interesting. Making them is quite easy. For creativity, the simplest and most accessible materials are needed. The shapes and sizes of such baskets can be different - it all depends on your desire and the purpose of the product.

Jute twine is sold in home improvement stores, hardware stores, gardening stores, etc. Everything in the house is perfect for decoration - lace trimmings, satin ribbons, artificial flowers, beads, rhinestones.

Ready-made baskets will serve as a decorative element, and this is also a great themed option. For example, if you decorate it with snowflakes, and put Christmas decorations inside and add pine branches, you will get a wonderful basket for the New Year's interior. You can put a toy rabbit in the Easter product and add colored eggs.

Twine basket weaving is a simple activity that you can do at your leisure with your children.

Tools and materials needed forwork

In order to make do-it-yourself twine baskets described in this article, you need to stock up on the following materials:


material for work
  • glue - PVA, silicone, Moment Crystal, etc.;
  • cardboard;
  • CD;
  • clothespins;
  • a small seedling pot or other container;
  • wire for pen;
  • lace or sewing;
  • beads, rhinestones;
  • satin ribbons;
  • compass, scissors, ruler and pencil.

Round twine basket - master class

To create it, you need to prepare a base of thick cardboard. Using a compass, you need to draw a ring with an inner circle radius of 6 cm, and an outer circle of 16 cm. Further, the space between them is divided into segments - any width, the only condition is that there must be an odd number of them.

Cut to the inner circle, leaving space between adjacent sectors (about 2 mm).

round basket shape

Now the twine work begins. Glue it very carefully in a spiral on both sides of the bottom, carefully observing that there are no gaps between the turns. If you are not confident in your eye, it will be better to start from the edge and go to the center.

If PVA glue is used, then the finished workpiece is pressed with a press. Then each individual segment of the workpiece is bent to the middle and braided with a rope. The cardboard is gradually smeared with glue, and the coils of twinestacked tightly together with a slight thread tension.

When 0.5 cm remains to the top edge, the cardboard is pierced from opposite sides and the wire is fixed - a handle of the required height. They are braided with a rope and hide the ends inside the basket. Only after that you can continue to "weave" the base.

To decorate the edge and hide irregularities, a braid is woven from the same jute, which is glued in a circle. That's all, a wonderful basket is ready! You can put a composition of natural or artificial flowers in it.

Square basket

A small cardboard box will come in handy for this piece. If it is not there, then the blank is easy to cut out of cardboard.

The box is cut at the corners and each wall to the bottom is cut into strips 1 cm wide. There must be an odd number of them! It turns out this detail.

square basket pattern

A distance of 2–3 mm remains between adjacent strips for free passage of twine.

So, the base is ready. The end of the cord is fixed inside the basket and then, braiding each strip, the twine goes to the very top. Here it is fixed with glue.

Top hem trimmed with lace stripe. First you need to attach it to the outside, and then to the inside.

That's it, your DIY twine basket is ready! It will be a great gift for family and friends! The wrong side of the basket is pasted over at will, if the filling is dense, then this is useless.

Christmas baskets

Forany method above is taken for this purpose. A do-it-yourself twine basket is made of any size and shape - square, round, oval, rectangular - it doesn’t matter, the principle of operation is always the same.

An important condition for successful work is always an odd number of braided segments and a very dense stack of turns.

You can also sew a lining or paste over the inside with beautiful paper - after all, a basket donated for the holiday can later be used for any household needs.

Ready-made Christmas baskets are decorated with a large number of beads, rhinestones, acrylic snowflakes, etc. A sweet gift is placed inside and a present is given!

Basket woven on uniform

Any pot for flowers, seedlings is useful for this. Markings are made on the upper edge, retreating approximately 1–1.5 cm. Then a rope is wound vertically, fixed with glue along the edges of the pot.

At the end of the work, the entire winding is neatly aligned, and in one place two adjacent ropes fit into one. This is necessary to meet the condition of an odd number of "knitting needles" for winding the twine.

Wicker basket

You can start weaving directly from the intersection of the threads, but it would be better to make a flat bottom. This will give stability to the basket. So, to create the lower part, a dense cellophane sheet (for example, a file) is taken and, moving from the center, a cord is glued in a circle. The end is not cut off! After complete drying, the circle is removed from the file and fixed on the basket.

Now continueweaving sidewalls. To facilitate the work, use a crochet hook or a darning needle. The end of the thread is glued inside the product.

The upper threads and the pot are carefully cut - the base is removed. All ends are glued. To give the walls additional rigidity, they can be treated inside with a solution of PVA glue with water, simply smeared with a brush. A handle, made of wire and wrapped with twine, is attached inside the basket if desired, but you can do without it. A bow is tied from the same working cord and glued to the handle.

Almost done DIY twine basket! It remains only to decorate the edges - this can be done with a braid crocheted from the same rope.

You can add stability using the same braid, laying it along the bottom edge.

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