Turban is the latest fashion trend
Turban is the latest fashion trend

Turban is the headdress of Muslims. Islam ascribes to its followers to cover their hair, but men and women in different parts of the world do it differently.

What is a turban

In fact, a turban or turban is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the head in a special way. The turban is common among the peoples of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, India, Asia, Russia.

turban is

It takes an average of six to eight meters of fabric to make a turban, but some types require twenty or even more meters of fabric.

Turban in ancient times

In the East, there were more than 1000 ways to tie this headdress, and by its appearance it was possible to determine the status and occupation of its owner.

Initially, the turban was a headdress for men in India and some Muslim nations. She was put on top of the skullcap. Men were forbidden to take off their hats in front of strangers.

For some segments of the population, the turban was of practical importance. In ancient times, the turban of Eastern warriors could reach up to 20 kg: they could carry small weapons and things necessary for campaigns in it.

The turban as a women's headdress

Over time, this attribute entered the women's wardrobe. Oriental womenthey decorated their headwear with precious stones, and the turban itself was made of expensive fabric.

knitted turban hat with description

Depending on the region and its climatic features, the fabric for the turban is selected. Currently, not only people who profess Islam wear a turban, but also fashionistas of absolutely any confession.

Turban is fashionable, it is convenient and practical. And for those who live in cold climates, there is a good opportunity to wear hats that look like a turban.

Chain-turban: fashion headwear

Oriental-style hats were a big success in the 80s of the last century. But, as they say, everything new is a well-forgotten old. It is not surprising that at present they have not only returned their former popularity, but also increased it.

Original accessories are very popular among movie stars and show business. To be stylish and fashionable, you can choose a model that suits you among those already offered or knit a turban yourself. And this is not at all as difficult as it might seem at first.

women's turban

If you already have knitting experience, you can knit a similar headdress in one evening. But even if this is a debut, creating a fashionable turban will not take you much time and effort. Yes, and knitting will be a way to show your creativity.

What do you need to tie a turban yourself?

So, let's look at how to knit a turban hat for a woman. You will need the following materials:

  • yarn, composed ofwhich contains wool and acrylic (or only acrylic - optional);
  • knitting needles, the format of which is indicated on the package for threads;
  • hook;
  • large eye needle;
  • threads to match the yarn;
  • scissors;
  • centimeter for taking measurements.

Knit a turban together

If you have prepared everything you need, feel free to get down to business. So, how to knit a "Turban" hat with knitting needles? Let's get acquainted with the description of the most convenient and fastest way right now!

  1. First you need to decide on the size of the product. To measure the circumference of the head, use a soft centimeter. The measurement is taken from one earlobe to the other through the highest point of the head. Divide the received data by two, remember them or write them down. Knit a 4 x 4 Rib swatch from the yarn. Rib knit as follows: knit four alternate with purl four until the end of the row. Then turn the product with the other side (towards you), and continue knitting.
  2. Steam the resulting sample. Count how many loops are located on one centimeter. Multiply the resulting figure by the data that determines half the girth of the head. Add two side loops on the hem.
  3. Cast on the required number of stitches and start knitting. The algorithm is the same as when knitting a sample. Knit a flat fabric as if you were making a scarf. Try on the product periodically. On average, its length should be about 80-100 cm.
  4. When you have knitted the desired length, connect the two ends with a hook or a needle and thread.
  5. Turnthe product so that the connecting seam is farther from you (it will run from the top of the head to the forehead). Connect the inner edges about 20 cm. You should get a hat with a rounded tail on the back side.
  6. The women's turban is almost ready. Try it on yourself. Twist the loose loop on the back side and pull it over the rim. You can wear a hat in different variations. You can turn the turban crosswise forward, you can decorate with a brooch or other accessories of your choice.
  7. how to knit a turban hat with knitting needles

This is how the knitted turban hat turned out. It will not be difficult to associate such a description with a description.

If you plan to wear a hat in winter, use a thicker yarn. For the autumn-spring period, acrylic or cotton yarn is perfect.

Many modern hats are similar to each other, but a turban hat is always a unique and inimitable thing, especially in its own design.

how to crochet a hat for a woman

It can be worn at any time of the year, even in summer, when it will protect the head from the scorching sun - this is the main function of the turban in some African regions.

You can knit a long scarf from suitable yarn and learn how to wrap it around your head in the form of a turban, with a characteristic overlap. You can tie a hair band: it is suitable for both warm seasons and cool weather.

A turban hat can also be knitted for a girl - this headdress is quite versatile and has no agerestrictions.

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