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Fashion knitted things with your own hands
Fashion knitted things with your own hands

Knitting has not lost its relevance for many years. Moreover, every year such products are becoming increasingly popular. They are loved by men, women and even very young children. They look really chic though. However, not all knitwear is considered trendy. Therefore, in the material presented below, we will talk about how to make fashionable knitted items with your own hands.


Before you start knitting, you need to carefully consider what you want to get in the end. After all, you can truly knit whatever your heart desires. Original bags, sweaters, dresses, skirts, hats, scarves and coats - this is not a complete list of interesting things. But to accomplish many of them, the model must be measured.

For sweaters, dresses and coats, the following parameters are needed:

  • product length;
  • bust;
  • armhole level;
  • sleeve length.

For the skirt are as follows:

  • product length;
  • hip circumference.

Forhats other:

  • girth of the widest part of the head;
  • product height.

Stylish jacket

fashion knitwear

Recently, knitted items decorated with large knitting have become very popular. They are performed very simply. You just need to prepare the right yarn. You can also use old clothes. Which must first be cut and wound into a ball. Then we take large knitting needles and knit the product with a garter stitch. The jacket shown in the photo consists of the following parts:

  • one large rectangle - back;
  • two smaller rectangles - front shelves;
  • two more rectangles - sleeves.

When the rectangles of the desired size are ready, we assemble them into a single product. On the main part we make side and shoulder seams. Then we sew the sleeves and connect them with the resulting vest.

Spectacular dress

Another trendy knitted thing (the photo is presented in the article) must definitely settle in the wardrobe of every fashionista. For its implementation, it is required to prepare a sufficiently dense yarn, a hook, and circular knitting needles. After that, we collect the number of loops equal to the length of the skirt. We knit an even fabric, focusing on the splendor of this detail. Then we close the loops and sew the skirt. Using a hook, we collect new loops along the upper edge. We transfer them to the knitting needles and knit the upper part of the planned knitted thing, moving in a circle. We do not knit the armhole, but we separate the front and back. We finish each part separately. Then sew along the shoulder seams. That'sthe whole technology work.

Interesting round clutch

knitted things step by step

Another spectacular crochet item. We get the yarn of the color you like and proceed to the implementation. We make the thread a few turns around the finger. Then we tie the resulting loop with a hook, gently tighten. After that, we knit in a circle, alternating one simple column and two, knitted from one loop of the previous row. Thus, we form the part of the desired size. By analogy, we perform the second. We sew them, supplement them with a zipper or a chain and any decorative element. As a result, we manage to crochet a knitted thing that all fashionistas in the area will envy.

Fancy plaid

interesting knitted things

The next thing, which quickly became popular and in demand, can not be put on in the literal sense. But in it you can bask all winter. In addition, it will be a great gift for loved ones for the New Year. To knit a fishtail blanket, you will need a hook, circular knitting needles and yarn of your favorite color. When everything you need is at hand, we take the hook and start with the same manipulations that we studied in the previous paragraph. After that, we knit the intended product, moving in a spiral. Gradually add new loops to expand towards the top. Having reached the desired length, we knit several rows, occupying only half of the resulting circle. Separately knit the second part of the tail. We use the knitting needles and collect an arbitrary number of loops. The idea is fantasy, so the size of the lower part of the tail can be any.After that, we knit an elastic band, alternating five to eight facial and purl loops. Then we pass the thread along the upper edge of one side and gently tighten the canvas. Sew to the second piece. And we finish the execution of a spectacular knitted thing with our own hands.

Fashion bag

knitwear ideas

A huge number of fans of this product have also recently appeared. However, to bring the idea to life is much easier than it seems at first glance. The product can be knitted in two ways. The first involves a set of loops equal to the entire circle. After that, the bag is knitted in a circle. And then it is complemented by a bottom made with a hook. A simpler version of the product implies other actions. For him, you need to dial half the loops from the intended diameter of the bag. Next, knit the fabric. Which after we fold in half and connect along the side seams. Any fashionable knitted thing must be supplemented with handles. You can also knit them or use the ones left from the old bag.

Original hood scarf

knitted things for children

The idea shown in the photo appeared recently, but has already managed to disperse all over the Internet. To prepare such a gift for your daughter for the New Year or another holiday, you should purchase black, white and rich red yarn in the store. Ring spokes are also needed. After that, we collect the number of loops equal to two girths of the head, and we knit the fabric, moving in a circle. Having connected the lower part of the desired height, we divide the "pipe" in the middle and knit, moving back and forth.Having risen to the height of the cap, which we measured earlier, we add a few more rows, since the scarf-hood should be voluminous. Only then does it look spectacular. Then we close the loops and make a single seam. Then, with the help of a hook, we tie the ears. We sew additional details and put aside the hook and knitting needles. A knitted item will definitely please not only the baby, but also the schoolgirl.

Trendy gradient hat

knitted things scheme

Another fashion invention is considered to be the product shown in the photo. Not only professional needlewomen, but also beginners can repeat it at home. It is only necessary to prepare yarn in two shades. In the photo above, it is black and emerald. You also need circular knitting needles in three different sizes and a fur pom-pom. Better than black. When everything you need is at hand, let's get started. We collect on the largest knitting needles the number of loops equal to the girth of the head. We knit a double elastic band of the desired width. Further, guided by the scheme, we knit an interesting pattern with braids. After a while, you should switch to colorful yarn. To do this, we separate the black and emerald thread and wind it into a new ball. We use it to knit the middle part of the hat. Then we switch to a pure emerald color and medium knitting needles. Ten rows before the end, we change the knitting needles again. This time we use the smallest ones. Having knitted the product to the desired length, we break the thread and thread it through all the loops, carefully tighten and fasten from the wrong side. This ends not only the description of the knitted thing, but alsoall work on the idea.

In this article, we introduced the reader to the most fashionable products. As you can see, even novice masters can perform them. The main thing is to have a corresponding desire.

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