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Black eyes: how to make them to improve the photo or give the picture a mystical effect
Black eyes: how to make them to improve the photo or give the picture a mystical effect

The question of how to make black eyes in a photo interests people for various reasons. The first group wants to get rid of the red-eye effect. In this situation, only the pupils will have to be blackened. The second group of users wants to achieve demonic eyes that inspire fear in those who look at the photo.

how to make black eyes

First situation: remove red-eye

Usually this shade appears only on the pupil. Therefore, the task of how to make black eyes comes down to changing the color of this particular part. Therefore, in the Photoshop program, you need to open the selected photo and zoom in as close as possible to the area with which you will need to work.

Then you should take the Ellipse tool. They draw a circle on the pupil. It is necessary to capture a little more than the red circle, because a little unnecessary tint may remain around the pupil.

Now you need to choose any approach on how to make black eyes. There are several ways to get a black and white image. One of them -discoloration, located in the "Correction" menu item. Just apply it and the pupil will turn black with a white highlight.

how to make black eyes

Second situation: completely black eyes

How to make sure that there are no white areas at all? It is necessary to paint over the whites of the eyes with black, and so that the look remains alive.

Use the Lasso tool and the CTRL button to select two eyes at once. And completely - from century to century. The selected area must be copied. Then create a new layer and paste on it what is in the clipboard.

The next step in how to make black eyes is to work with the Curves tool. You need to move them so that the selected areas become completely black. If necessary, you should take a brush and touch up the parts that remain light.

In order for the transition from black eyes to eyelids to be smooth, you will have to use the Drop Shadow tool. In its window there are five sliders that need to be moved until the desired result is obtained. It remains only to merge the two layers.

To add a special mystery to the photo, you will need to use the "Brightness and Contrast" function in the "Correction" item. With its help, you need to darken the background and pale the skin. Then the photo will turn out really awesome.

how to make black eyes in a photo

Such effects can only be achieved in Photoshop?

Of course not. Simple and free analogues of this program also havetools that allow you to figure out how to make black eyes. Moreover, the techniques usually almost completely repeat those indicated for Photoshop. Sometimes tools are only found in other menu items.

For example, to remove the red-eye effect, the "Filters - Enhance - Remove red-eye" function is provided. Only to use it, you must first select the workspace, so that as little as possible of the outsider gets into it. It is advisable to take an oval selection and select only the pupils.

Similarly, eye correction is done in To save the reflection in the pupils, you will need to use the "Correction - Hue and Saturation" section. In it, you need to move the sliders as you wish to get the natural color of the pupils.

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