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The saddest book ever. Books that give you goosebumps and make you want to cry
The saddest book ever. Books that give you goosebumps and make you want to cry

Each of us sometimes has a time when we want to mourn - or even cry over some sincere and touching story. It certainly could be something just a little sentimental. But sometimes you want something that will touch the strings of the soul, cause a lively response and emotions. We bring to your attention a list of sad books that are sure to bring tears!

"Les Misérables", Hugo

There is a sight more majestic than the sea, it is the sky; there is a sight more majestic than the sky - this is the depth of the human soul.

This novel by the great Hugo critics call nothing but great. The writer talks about how people live who have been rejected by society … Among them, for example, Jean Valjean. Jean received twenty years of hard labor for stealing bread. However, he simply had no choice - his family was starving. Here is the story of little Cosette, who is brought up in a family of innkeepers who hate her. This is the tragedy of a Parisian tomboy named Gavroche.Victor Hugo shows the confrontation between the police and the criminal world of the capital of France, talks about bloody battles at the barricades, introduces the reader to the church system and its laws.

Image"Les Misérables", Hugo

It's hard to find a brighter book that reveals all the secrets of Parisian (and French) society in the early 19th century than this one.

"Life on loan", Remarque

Who wants to keep - he loses. Who is ready to let go with a smile - they try to keep him.

In the book "Life on loan" Erich Maria Remarque tells the story of people who are trying to win their lives in the war against death. Destinies ruined by the war, addiction to alcohol, racing, friendship and love … And - the visiting card of the writer - a tragic ending. Before readers is the story of misunderstanding that appears between a young woman in a hurry to live, and an adult man who, despite the difference in age, will outlive the girl. It is difficult for him to understand how a person who has death behind him thinks. She fails to understand why a person himself - intentionally - takes a mortal risk.

Image"Life on loan", Remarque

And of course, on the pages of the book you will find Parisian charm, wine and oysters, long evening promenades…

"P.S. I love you", Ahern

There are worse sins in the world than learning to be happy again.

Do you believe in love that is stronger than death? If not, then Cecilia Ahern will tell you about such a feeling. Hersad - to tears - a book about Holly Kennedy, who loses her husband at the age of thirty. After the death of a loved one, Holly closes in on herself, does not leave the house and does not communicate with anyone. Everything changes when a woman receives a package of letters - from her husband. You can only open one email per month. It turns out that, realizing the approach of death, Holly's husband makes a difficult decision: his love is so strong that even after death he will help his wife return to normal life - without pain and tears.

Image"P.S. I love you", Ahern

Each letter is a kind of instruction. Holly will have to sing karaoke, buy herself a new dress and go to the sea. But what happens when she opens the last envelope?..

"The boy in the striped pajamas", Boyne

So what's the difference between people behind the fence and the military? Bruno asked himself. And who decides who wears striped pajamas and who wears nice uniforms?

Among the books that can move to tears, and the work that John Boyne wrote - "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas". The protagonist of this story is a nine-year-old boy named Bruno. True, this book is unlikely to be suitable for young readers. It is rather for adults who know what barbed wire is. It is she who will meet the boy on the way. Behind the barbed wire, Bruno will find a friend - a boy in striped pajamas.

Image"Boy in striped pajamas", Boyne

What is this book about? Not about friendship, as it might seem at first glance. And alreadyDefinitely not about family relationships. It's not even about fascism. John Boyne will tell a terrible story that any idea, elevated to an absolute, sooner or later goes beyond the boundaries and brings not benefit, but disappointment and grief. In addition, it is always worth remembering that the fence with which a person protects himself from something also holds him - just like what remains behind it.

"A Thousand Splendid Suns", Hosseini

During the dark days… I think you are all I have in this world.

The cruel sun of Kabul. For some reason, it illuminates the paths of men and women in completely different ways. This is exactly what Khaled Hosseini talks about in one of his saddest books.

Image"A Thousand Splendid Suns", Hosseini

The writer introduces us to Mariam. Even as a child, she understood what injustice and contempt are. She is illegitimate. And unnecessary. Mother's suicide, life in her father's family, where no one needed her, unloved (and unloving) husband… The only joy of many Afghan women is their children, but Mariam doesn't have that either. Her life becomes even more complicated when Leila appears on the threshold of the house - a young girl who has lost her relatives. Leila becomes the second wife of a man who is extremely difficult to call a man. In his understanding, women are just things, they can be insulted, beaten … Leyla and Mariam themselves cannot understand who they are to each other - enemies? Sisters? Only one thing is clear - they simply cannot cope with cruelty and despotism alone. Women together will go through all suffering, will dream of happiness, the path towhich one of them will break.

"Loneliness in the Net", Vishnevsky

There are times when the pain is so strong that it is impossible to breathe.

Speaking of books that touch the heart, one cannot but mention "Loneliness in the Net" by Janusz Wisniewski. Its main characters are people who meet on the expanses of the World Wide Web. They tell each other stories from their own lives, which sometimes surpass fiction, talk about erotic fantasies, and just listen to each other. The two will have to go through many trials before they meet in Paris. True, they do not even realize that the meeting itself will become the most important test for them - and their love.

Image"Loneliness in the net", Vishnevsky

Will the heroes be able to distinguish between the virtual and real world? And if so, will the girl stay with Yakub or return to her husband?

"The Book Thief", Zusak

Like almost any despair, it all began with apparent well-being.

If I talk about this book very briefly, it is a story about a girl, words, Germans, thefts, an accordionist and a Jewish fighter. The story is told by Death. Death that has a heart. Death, which is in pain - because of its difficult work. If we talk about this - the saddest - book a little more, then we should look into the past. The year is 1939 on the calendar. Germany seems to be holding its breath. Death goes crazy with so much work. And there are even more difficulties ahead…

Image"The Book Thief", Zusak

Nine-year-old Liesel, along with her mother and younger brother, goes to Munich. The girl's father is not with them. And never will be again. Mom is now afraid of a similar fate. And for some reason it is Liesel who notices Death. So the girl appears on Heavenly Street. Whoever came up with that name has a very unusual sense of humor. This is far from paradise, although not the underworld. And now Liesel has her whole death ahead of her…

"Lord of the Flies", Golding

When you're in charge, you have to think and you have to be wise, that's the trouble.

A person is able to endlessly look at three things: fire, water and… No, not those who work. For those who are slowly but surely degrading. This book, which begins as a children's fairy tale, soon makes it clear that there is nothing fairy tale about it. At all. A group of children find themselves on a deserted island. Why did it happen? The author only hints. But that's not the point. Rather, this is a work about how a society - albeit consisting of children, is able to develop and evolve. And what will eventually come out of it. The plot of one of the saddest books begins with a plane crash.

Image"Lord of the Flies", Golding

Boys, finding themselves in a completely deserted place, are taken to organize life, learn to survive in conditions of hunger and lack of civilization. They even decide to create a government - just like adults. Together they choose a leader - a boy named Ralph. But to another boy - Jack - this is absolutely notI like it, because he wants to be the leader. Because of the rebellion, the "tribe" is splitting. And the further life of the boys is more like a catastrophe. In the reviews of "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding, readers note: the author shows, using the example of children, that the bestial nature present in a person, under certain conditions, is able to defeat other traits and characteristics of character, over education. But what happens when morality simply collapses, when the boys who find themselves on the island go beyond all the boundaries of what is permitted? And how to react to the fact that the book will not have a happy ending?..

Green Mile King

I'm tired of the darkness that surrounds me. But most of all tired of the pain. She's too much. If I could put an end to it, I would want to live on. But I can't.

Among the saddest books is a story written by Stephen King. The writer slowly tells us about the life of the overseer. A man who works in a prison for those on death row. His name is Paul Edgecomb. He is the most ordinary warden who has long been accustomed to executing people without feeling much pity for them. Everything changes when Paul meets newcomer John Coffey.

Image"Green Mile", King

John, despite his height and age, is a baby. A child faced with dirt, from which it is impossible to wash off. A child who tried to save but was accused of a terrible crime. At least that's what he claims. And so does Edgecombe. Critics and readers unanimously say: this bookcapable of revealing the essence of society. It is about the fact that we are ready to come to the aid of those around us. True, only until it begins to threaten us. Will the job be more important to both Paul and the other guards than the life of an innocent man? Stephen King will answer.

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