Knitting for children with knitting needles: the most interesting (description with photo)
Knitting for children with knitting needles: the most interesting (description with photo)

For small children, especially from 0 to 3 years old, knitting clothes is best with knitting needles. Knitted fabric is softer, more delicate. The baby in such clothes will be comfortable and cozy. Experienced knitters will tell you about this. Knitting for children with knitting needles is the most interesting activity for mothers, grandmothers, older sisters. This has been proven for centuries. This article will present models with a description of knitting for children with knitting needles.


I immediately want to focus on the yarn. What material is best for children's products? Of course, it all depends on the thing that is going to be knitted. What would you like to see more on your baby: a blouse, cardigan, jumper, dress, sundress, mittens, scarf, socks or something else?

Tips for choosing

Threads for knitting for children with knitting needles (the most interesting thing is that there are a lot of them) it would be nice to pick up in the store so that you can touch the yarn with your hands, hold, pull, set fire to the tip of the threadmatches. Natural ones will burn without residue, and non-natural ones will melt. The thinner the thread of yarn, the softer, more elastic the finished things are. It is necessary to look at the composition of the yarn.

It is better to focus on the natural composition of the yarn so that knitted clothes are breathable and the child is as comfortable as possible in it. It is worth remembering that yarn from different manufacturers with the same composition can vary significantly in touch.

Main types of yarn

There are acrylic, woolen, wool blend, cotton.

Acrylic yarn is one of the most common knitting yarns for children. The most interesting and pleasant thing is that it is inexpensive, soft, durable. But acrylic yarn can stretch after washing, pellets will form in the product. Again, acrylic is not a natural component. When you need to choose acrylic yarn, it is worth pulling the thread. If it stretches, then the product may also stretch after washing.

knitting for children with knitting needles the most interesting

You can choose mixed yarn - acrylic with wool, acrylic with cotton additive. For warm winter models, it is better to pay attention to woolen and half-woolen yarn. Now you can find soft merino yarn. It does not prick, pleasant to the touch. Cotton material is suitable for summer.

Specialized baby yarn is on sale. But preference should be given to material with a natural composition. The manufacturer cannot be completely trusted. It is more worth trusting yourself, your experience and customer reviews, experienced knitters.


Knitting for children is the most interesting hobby, and also saving the budget. A do-it-yourself thing will always be in a single copy. On the playground, on a walk in the park, when communicating with peers, your beloved baby will always stand out from the general mass of children. Because he will be wearing an exclusive stylish jumper, jumpsuit, fashionable hat, handmade scarf. No one else will have such clothes.

knitting for children with knitting patterns with a description

Basic Steps

Where to start knitting things for kids:

1. First you need to find suitable models with a description.

2. Knitting for children with knitting needles can also be started by choosing yarn and its color. This sequence does not play a big role.

Knitting for children with knitting needles, models with the description: shirtfront

Knitting for children from 0 to 3 years old with knitting needles is based on creating warm, comfortable clothes for the baby. Often such items are winter and autumn things: jumpers, cardigans, hats, mittens and so on. Here you will be offered a product that is not always found on store shelves. So that the neck is always closed, it is important to have a knitted shirt-front in the child's wardrobe. You can link this product with the following description.

knitting for children from 0 to 3 years with a description of knitting needles


1. Acrylic yarn (100% acrylic) - 100 g, approximately 266 m.

2. Needles 2 mm.


  • Cast on 92 sts + 2 hem sts on 2 mm needles.
  • Knit 40 rows in 1X1 Rib (13, 5-14cm). Then knit with patterns according to the patterns, be sure to make additions, as described below.


● In each "braid" of 9 loops, you need to make 2 loops of addition at the place where the loops intersect.

● Add 5 times in broaches on both sides of the "pigtails".

● In the diamond wedge, make 8 additions from the sides of the braids.

Main patterns:

  • Pigtail pattern, consisting of 4 facial loops.
  • Pattern "Braid", consisting of 9 front loops.
  • Rhombus of 16 loops.
  • Pearl pattern (listed below).

(1st row: knit 1, purl 1; 2nd row: purl knit, knit purl; 3rd row: knit as 1st row).

Next steps:

  1. Fold the collar elastic in half. Crochet and make buttonholes. Sew on buttons.
  2. In the 1st row, increase. On each side of 4 loops of "pigtails" - one increase from the broach.
  3. Next, knit patterns according to the patterns, not forgetting about the increase.
  4. When the "pigtail" reaches the size of three weaves, go to the pearl pattern.
  5. BUT: in a wedge with a rhombus, knit the “rhombus” to the end. And only then go to the pearl pattern.
  6. Pearl pattern knit 4 rows and close loops from the wrong side.

Knitting for children from 0 to 3 years (with a description) with knitting needles: a hat for a newborn

For a newborn baby, hats are knitted in the form of a cap, bonnet or earflaps. The hat should completely cover the child's head, ears, halfcheeks and neck.

Here will be described a hat for a newborn baby from birth to 4 months.

knitting for children from 0 to 3 years with a description of knitting hats


  1. Semi-woolen yarn (acrylic - 60, merino wool - 40% - 80 g (250 m).
  2. Spokes -3 mm.


  1. Cast on 44 sts with 3mm needles.
  2. Knit 38 rows in garter stitch.
  3. Continuing to knit in garter stitch, decrease in each 2nd row of knitting 3 loops for the first time, then 4 p. You need to do this 6 times.
  4. 3 sts remain.
  5. Close the loops.
  6. Fold the resulting fabric in half and sew the cap on the back with a seam over the edge.
  7. In the initial row, where the loops were cast on, it is necessary to throw 36 loops on the knitting needles.
  8. Knit 4 rows.
  9. Knit 1 row purl (purl st over knit stitches).
  10. Knit 4 rows in K.
  11. Finish knitting.

Making a tie cord:

  • Take a few threads for a cord 80 cm long.
  • Twist the yarn to make a nice even cord.
  • Sew the bottom of the hat.
  • Insert lace.

Cap decoration

Make 3 small pom poms. Sew 2 pom-poms on the ends of the cord and 1 on the top of the cap.

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