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Knitting from mohair with knitting needles. Knitting needles: schemes. We knit from mohair
Knitting from mohair with knitting needles. Knitting needles: schemes. We knit from mohair

Mohair yarn is one of the lightest, but at the same time warm yarns for knitting. It is made from the wool of angora goats. The name muyhyar itself means "selected fleece" in translation, which already indicates that this material is of high quality. A special processing technology makes the yarn thin and delicate. Knitting from mohair with knitting needles brings real pleasure to needlewomen, the result of which will be light, beautiful things. Readers can learn about the properties of this thread and the features of working with it in this article. Also here are descriptions of the execution of mohair garments and photographs of finished products. Focusing on them, craftswomen will be able to knit beautiful warm outfits for themselves and their loved ones.

mohair knitting

Properties of mohair yarn

Thread made from Angora goat fur has a number of advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic. high techThe mohair production process results in a yarn of excellent quality. Natural mohair does not cause any allergic reactions. Even if a thing made from this type of thread is put on a naked body, then neither itching, nor redness, nor any other irritation of the skin will occur.
  • Comfort. Things knitted from mohair yarn retain heat well. At the same time, they do not get hot, as the canvas easily passes air.
  • Strength. Despite the fact that natural mohair thread is very thin, it is very difficult to break it. And the canvas knitted from it retains its shape and structure well throughout the entire period of wear.
  • Wear resistance. During washing and drying, it is important to follow all the rules for performing these procedures, then the product does not deform (does not stretch or fall off). Mohair lends itself well to painting with special means, with subsequent good performance properties, that is, the color during processing of the product is not washed off and does not fade.
  • Easy. Knitting from mohair with knitting needles allows you to get almost weightless things as a result. A shawl, cardigan, sweater, beret or other wardrobe items made from this type of thread are practically not felt on the body, but at the same time they warm well and create a festive and delicate look.
  • Safety. Mohair thread slowly gets wet. This property can be very useful if you get caught in the rain. A sweater or a mohair jacket will be able to save the body from hypothermia for some period of time. Yarn of this type ignites slowly, which is also another of itsdignity.

Classification of mohair yarn

knitting sweaters from mohair with knitting needles

The main types of mohair threads are divided into types depending on how old the animal is or whose wool is the source material. Kid Mohair yarn is the thinnest and most delicate yarn. The thickness of the villi is not more than 27 microns. Such a thread is made from the wool of goats, which are sheared for the first time. Air shawls, stoles, scarves, children's things are made from it. Knitting from kid mohair with knitting needles can be compared to weaving lace. Products look like thin cobwebs.

As a result of shearing animals that are between 1 and 2 years old, wool is obtained from which Goatling yarn is made. It is slightly thicker and tougher, but this does not impair its qualities and properties. It is used to make sweaters, vests, cardigans, dresses and other types of clothing.

The wool of an adult goat (from 2 years old) is processed into Goatling mohair as a result of processing. Such a thread differs from the previous ones in a higher degree of rigidity and strength. At the same time, it retains all the properties of mohair. Its thickness is 30 microns. In addition to garments, yarn is used to make blankets.

Mohair yarn composition

In order for the natural woolen fibers of the thread to keep its shape well, it is spun with the addition of a cort - a material that holds the hairs together. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that mohair is a 100% wool thread. Today's technologies make it possible to produce yarn, which contains 83% angora goat wool. If you see yarn with a larger number, know what is in front of you.forgery and knitting from mohair with knitting needles (just such a "mohair"), most likely, will not bring you any pleasure. A combination of thread with other types of yarn is allowed. In this case, goat hair makes up from 10 to 80% of their total amount, which must also be indicated on the label.

we knit from mohair

Knitting from mohair: tips

If you decide to make a product from this type of thread with your own hands, then be sure to take note of the following recommendations.

Having decided on the model of the future product, you need to choose yarn and knitting needles. When buying thread, carefully read the information on the label attached to the skeins. If the composition of the thread suits you, pay attention to the size of the needles recommended for work. The quality of the future knitted fabric depends on them. Openwork knitting from mohair is obtained by using a tool whose thickness is 2-4 times the thickness of the yarn. A warmer and denser fabric is made with a small number of knitting needles.

Before you start knitting a mohair model, practice the selected pattern. It can be difficult for beginner needlewomen to work with such a thin and soft thread at first, but after knitting a few rows of the sample, your hands will “understand” with what stretch to hold the yarn and how to tighten the loops. After that, you can proceed to the implementation of the product itself.

The next part of the article presents models of garments that can be knitted from mohair. Focusing on them, you can make your own suchbeautiful and warm things like a scarf, sweater and jacket.

How to knit a scarf?

Knitting a mohair scarf with knitting needles according to technology is no different from making it from another type of yarn. When calculating the loops, keep in mind that the thread is thin, so there will be more of them than if you knitted a product of the same size, but from a thicker yarn. If you plan to get a scarf as a result of work, which will be used specifically to warm the neck, then it is better to make it with a thread in two or even three additions with patterns from front and back loops: different types of elastic bands, pearl pattern, "checkerboard". Then the canvas will turn out to be voluminous and very warm. Light women's scarves resembling lace are knitted in one thread. They are more used as a decorative decoration of the general image. For the manufacture of such accessories, openwork knitting patterns from mohair are used. The photo shows a diagram of one of these drawings. A scarf or scarf made by him will turn out to be weightless and very delicate.

Knitting a fluffy warm sweater

knitting patterns

The model of this item of clothing, the manufacturing process of which is described below, belongs to the unisex style. It suits both men and women. Based on the calculations in this tutorial, you will end up with a size 48 sweater.

For work you will need knitting needles on fishing line No. 5 and 400 g of mohair / wool / polyamide yarn (100 m / 50 g).

Knitting sweaters from mohair or any other yarn starts from the bottom edge. To make this model, dial82 loops. Start working on creating the front detail. Perform the elastic in the way of alternating one front and one wrong loop. Knit this pattern until the strap measures 6 inches wide. Next, move on to the execution of the front surface. Knit the fabric in a straight line until the total length of the part is 57 cm. Now perform decreases to form the neckline. To do this, close the central 8 loops, and then knit each shelf separately, continuing to make a decrease in the number of loops for rounding. In every second row, from each inner edge, close 1 time for 2 loops and 3 times for 1. After that, close the loops that remain on the knitting needles. The total height of the fabric should be approximately 64 cm. Similarly, knit the back detail, but only for the neckline at a height of 64 cm, close the central 12 loops, and from each edge 1 time for 3 loops.

mohair knitting patterns

Next, we knit sleeves from mohair. On the knitting needles, cast on 32 loops and work with an elastic band 1 x 1 strip 5 cm wide. In the last row, add 24 loops at an equal distance from each other. Continue knitting the sleeve in plain stockinette stitch, inc to form the bevel. To do this, on both sides of the part, add 1 loop 13 times in each 4th row, and then 1 loop 4 times in each 2nd row. When the sleeve length reaches 44 cm, finish the work. Tie the second part in the same way.

Knitting mohair model finished. Now start assembling the product. Connect the front and back pieces together.shoulder seams. Next, pick up the loops on the knitting needles along the neckline and knit 6 cm with an elastic band, forming an edge. Sew the sleeves and stitch them into the sweater. The last seams are made along the side lines of the product. Hide the ends of the threads on the wrong side. Fluffy warm sweater is ready!

The description provided is a guide to making a classic sweater pattern. If you need a larger product, increase the number of loops initially. To reduce the pattern, respectively, reduce the number of loops in the cast-on row.

Experienced needlewomen can make a sweater not with a front stitch, but with any other desired pattern. On mohair products, patterns from plaits or braids look good. They also belong to the category of patterns suitable for women's and men's products.

Knitting sweaters from mohair with knitting needles

The next master class tells how to make a women's jacket with knitting needles for sizes 42-44. This model is knitted with a double thread (yarn consumption - 100 g / 200 m), which contains 70% mohair and 30% acrylic. In the work it is recommended to use knitting needles No. 4, 7, 9, as well as circular No. 9.

The product is made in two patterns - front surface and English elastic. How do we knit them? Schemes for the implementation of these drawings, as well as symbols are shown in the photo below. Let's look at the sequence of execution of the details of the jacket and their assembly into a whole product.

knitting from thin mohair with knitting needles

To knit the back, you need to dial 59 loops on needles No. 7. Knit them with front stitch, decreasing on the sides inevery 10th row 1 loop 3 times. As a result of this work, 53 loops will remain on the knitting needles. When piece measures 28cm inc 1 st at each edge 3 times on every 8th row. And again, 59 loops will remain on the knitting needles. At a height of 46 cm, start making armholes. To do this, close 3 loops on both sides of the product, and then in each 2nd row, 1 loop 3 times. As a result, 47 loops remain on the knitting needles. To form a neckline at 18 cm from the beginning of the armholes, close the middle 17 loops. For rounding, work additional decreases along the inner edges of the neckline 2 times 2 and 1 loop in every second row. When the height of the back piece reaches 66 cm, bevel the shoulders. To do this, on each shelf close 5 loops 2 times in each 2nd row. On this knitting finish. The total height of the product will be approximately 68 cm.

So, we are gradually mastering the simple knitting of mohair sweaters with knitting needles. Next, we proceed to the design of the right shelf of the front part. On needles No. 7, dial 4 loops and knit the front surface, while doing additions on the right side (where the fastener will be) in every second row 3 times 1 loop, 7 times 2 and 4 times 1 loop. At the same time, fit in the same way as you did on the back piece. When the height of the shelf is 42 cm, decrease to form the neck. To do this, decrease in every 4th row after the edge 9 times 1 loop. At a height of 46 cm, close 3 loops to decorate the armhole, and then in every second row - 3 times 1 loop. When the overall height of the partreaches 66 cm, make the bevel of the shoulder in the same way as the details of the back and finish knitting. Perform the left shelf symmetrically with the right one.

mohair knitting patterns

Knitting from mohair with knitting needles of a women's sweater we continue with the design of the sleeves. Now we take tool number 9 and cast on 39 loops. Knit the fabric, alternating the patterns "English elastic" (11 cm) and "front surface" with knitting needles No. 4 (3 cm). When the part reaches a height of 59 cm, stop changing patterns and tie the product only with an English rubber band. At the same time, decrease along the edges to form the sleeve sleeve in every second row 1 time 2 loops, 7 times - 1, and 1 time - 2 loops. Close the remaining 11 loops on the knitting needles. The total height of the part will be approximately 70 cm. Tie the second sleeve in the same way as the first.

The next step is to assemble the details of the jacket into a single product. Sew the sleeves and stitch them in the right places. Next, connect the details of the back and shelves along the lines of the shoulders and sides. Now start knitting a wide border. To do this, pick up 252 loops on circular needles No. 9 around the entire edge of the jacket and knit a strip 18 cm wide with an English rubber band. Next, close the loops, cut the thread.

Options for other products according to the same description

Elegant, warm, soft and very stylish jacket you will get as a result of such a fascinating type of needlework as knitting. Mohair cardigan, coat, sleeveless - these are the things that you can do, focusing on the above master class. Increase the height of the shelves and back details todesired size, and the product will be longer. These will already be blanks for an elegant cardigan or an original coat. With a sleeveless jacket it will be even easier. Instead of sleeves, neatly tie a few rows of English ribbing around the armholes and bind off the loops.

Care instructions for things knitted from mohair yarn

mohair knitting cardigan

Knitting from thin mohair with knitting needles is quite laborious, but very exciting. In order for the products made by your golden pens to serve for a long time, it is important to properly care for them. Wash them by hand in warm water (30-35 degrees) with the addition of a wool cleaner. You can use regular shampoo instead. Do not wash mohair in the machine, and even more so do not use the "Spin" function. After soap treatment, rinse the product thoroughly in several waters and wring it out lightly with your hands. Next, lay it out on a horizontal surface, straightening all the details. Under the product, place a sheet folded several times or a fluffy towel. They will absorb moisture. Dry the mohair item in a warm place. Keep out of direct sunlight. Flip your clothes over to the other side from time to time. If the product is wrinkled, wind it (when wet) on a rolling pin or towel folded into a roll, and gently roll it on the table. Then carefully spread again and leave to dry completely.


Knitting? The diagrams, descriptions, recommendations given in this article will help all needlewomen mastertechnology for making products from fine mohair yarn. We wish you successful mastery of new knowledge and skills in this craft, beautiful and original works and light eyelets!

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