Paper sculpture - know-how in art
Paper sculpture - know-how in art

Paper sculpture is an original trend in art. Not many masters are engaged in this type of creativity today. And only a few have achieved success in this field.

3D paintings by Calvin Nicholas

The paper sculpture by this unique artist is amazing and extremely realistic. In 1981, Calvin opened his own design studio in Toronto. And three years later he made his first experience, trying to combine his love for wildlife and craving for creativity. This is how paper sculpture was born.

paper sculpture

Calvin Nicholas invented his own technique for creating three-dimensional paintings, the subject of which were portraits of animals. First, he creates a paper rigid frame of the future object. Then the sculptor attaches small details to it: feathers, hairs, scales. Each detail is given a special texture with the help of wooden and metal fixtures and tools. Nicholas achieves almost one hundred percent realism, depicting representatives of the animal world.

Paper sculpture by Piret Callesen

The whole world today knows the name of this artist. He creates sculpturesdo-it-yourself paper using a combination of cutting and folding. Real masterpieces are obtained literally from a single sheet of A4 format.

DIY paper sculptures

These are incredible plot scenes and individual vivid images. His paintings contain a deep meaning, the fragility of the material carries romanticism, emphasizes the tragedy of sculptures, shows how short-lived happiness is, how fragile human life is.

Wet paper sculptures

Spouses Allen and Patty Ekman have developed their own unique technique for creating real masterpieces from ordinary waste paper. Paper is deoxidized in a special way and turns into a homogeneous mass. A silicone mold is prepared in advance, into which the material is folded, compacted and then dried.

And here the masters begin the most difficult stage of work. Using a medical scalpel, the artists work through every smallest detail, every fold and hair, giving the sculpture amazing liveliness and truthfulness.

It takes more than a year for masters to create one masterpiece. After all, first you need to fashion a sculpture from plasticine or clay. Then a silicone mold is made from it for casting the workpiece. And this is only a preparatory stage for work.

how to make paper sculpture

Of course, the most difficult thing is to remove everything superfluous with precise movements. Even the smallest mistake in work can negate all previous work, no matter how long and painstaking it may be.

Paper sculptures at homeconditions

Looking at the work of the great masters, it seems that this is beyond the power of an ordinary person. However, you can try to do something similar. Let it turn out not so highly artistic, not so masterfully, but from the heart.

So how do you make your own paper sculpture?

  • First you need to mold the figure you want to create from plasticine.
  • The template is then covered with layers of silicone sealant. The total thickness of the mold must be at least 3 cm. The procedure is performed in two stages: the first layer must carefully fill in all the small recesses and crevices, after drying, the second layer already directly creates the thickness of the future form. Then you need to let the form dry well.
  • After all this, the workpiece is carefully cut, and the plasticine is removed.
  • Now the paper pulp is being prepared, with which the form is filled.
  • After drying, the workpiece is removed and processed with a sharp scalpel.
  • If necessary, paint or varnish is applied to the sculpture.

There are many recipes for creating paper pulp. The simplest is that the paper is thoroughly soaked and crushed, squeezed out, a little sifted wood ash or gypsum is added to it and kneaded like dough.

make a paper sculpture with your own hands

From this mass you can not only cast sculptures, but also sculpt, as masters do when working with clay and other materials.

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