Making a sculpture out of wood - from simple to complex
Making a sculpture out of wood - from simple to complex

How to transform your garden plot into something special and unique? For this, it is not enough, for example, to decorate the space with an artificial pond or a gazebo designed even according to an individual project. Author's design solutions will be required. One of the options is the installation of unusual compositions made from natural materials, made by hand. Make, for example, a sculpture out of wood. Consider a few tips for making such crafts, moving from simple solutions to more complex ones.

wood sculpture

How best to fit a wooden sculpture into the general view of the site?

Not always even the most modern composition can be successfully combined with all the elements of a street interior. It is worth remembering the basic principles before deciding on a theme and starting to make a sculpture from wood:

- use the preview "view" by installing a layout made of cardboard, as a result, you can determine the mostgood location;

- no need to strive to make the sculpture the center of the site, it is more important to catch compatibility with the surrounding landscape and create a kind of "world" around the statue;

- try to combine several elements in a single composition - trimmed trees, flower beds, flower arches, figures made of stone, wood, etc.

wood carving sculpture

Make simple compositions

Perhaps the easiest way to create decorative elements on the site is direct woodcarving. Sculptures made from monoliths (for example, by converting freshly cut hemp into fancy figures) are very easy to make. It is enough to arrange interesting faces by attaching individual parts on top of the outer coating, decorate with a “hair” of decorative elements - and the craft is ready. Fantasizing, you can change the wardrobe and hairstyles of the sculptures, thereby getting new and unusual images. Using this principle, it is easy to create a whole gallery, for example, fairy-tale characters from fairy tales or cartoons.

How to make a multilayer wood sculpture: workflow

If you have already mastered the technique of working with natural materials quite well and have sufficient experience, you can start making more complex compositions. Garden sculpture made of wood, regardless of the thematic focus and the desired appearance, in principle, is made using the same technology.

wooden garden sculpture

Let's consider all the stages of work, placing them in order of priority:

- creating an author's image, you can use ideas from the Internet;

- outline sketch on paper;

- modeling clay model;

- purchase of necessary materials;

- preliminary preparation;

- creating a shield base crafts;

- drawing a sketch on the workpiece in the desired scale;

- sawing with a jigsaw along the created contour;

- cutting from the back side of the loops for hanging (if necessary);

- gluing additional layers to obtain a monolith of the desired thickness;

- rough ("rough") processing of the form;

- fine workmanship;

- grinding;

- coating with paints, and then with varnish.

Combination of several materials

DIY wood sculpture

Even more extravagant look products, in the manufacture of which several materials of different textures are used. For example, a sculpture made of wood, made with green spaces, looks very original. It can be a form for planting flowers. By the way, such a craft can please the eye not only in the summer on the site. Move a small impromptu flower bed during the cold season, for example, to internal heated summer cottages or to a loggia in an apartment. And the flower cultures planted in it will surprise your household with festive colors for the New Year. Another option for combining materials can be the construction of various stone arches. Framing with wooden compositions and sculptures will look quite harmonious, justand elegant at the same time.

There are many options for using wood materials when decorating plots in a country house or an estate near a country house. Before starting work, think over all the details, and only after the final decision with the choice of style and forms, start creating and convening unique masterpieces!

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