Three easy options on how to sew a puffy skirt for a little princess
Three easy options on how to sew a puffy skirt for a little princess

Little girls always want to look like princesses. Therefore, many mothers want to make outfits for their babies. Even despite the fact that there is now a great abundance of different dresses in stores. Women's forums are full of questions about how to sew a fluffy skirt for my daughter. Today we will talk about these fantastically beautiful, fabulous and magnificent elements of clothing.

First appearance skirt

Such a light and airy skirt, despite all its true adult elegance and sophistication, is very easy to make. Sewing a fluffy skirt for your first outing does not require any special skills.

how to sew a fluffy skirt

To make it you will need:

  • milky satin ribbon one and a half meters long;
  • of the same tone, a cut of tulle with a width and a length of one and a half meters;
  • elastic waistline plus 2 cm.

Fold the tulle in half and cut along the fold line. The resulting parts are again added bythe length of the widest part.

At a distance equal to the width of the elastic band plus 1 cm, machine stitch with a minimum bobbin thread tension.

Now the top of the part is pulled together to form folds along the entire length, and the elastic is pulled through. The ends of the elastic are sewn together.

In the place where the elastic is fixed, sew a satin bow folded in half in the fold area.

How to sew a fluffy skirt for an angel

Girls from birth always want to be beautiful. For those mothers who want to create a new outfit for the baby in the first year of life, we can offer the following model. So how to sew a fluffy skirt for an angel?

how to sew a tulip skirt

Sewing begins with the choice of fabric. The basis of the skirt will be a knitted blue cotton fabric 20 cm long and 70 cm wide. For shuttlecocks, you will need an elastic mesh 70 cm long and one and a half meters wide. You will also need an elastic band with a width equal to the circumference of the waist plus 2 cm.

First, let's cut the fabric. Ribbons one and a half meters long and 7 cm wide are cut from the grid, so we get 10 ribbons.

Now we make the base of the skirt, for this we grind our knitted fabric into a ring.

Next we sew ruffles. Starting from the edge of the fabric of the skirt, we set up our stripes from the grid, making a line in the middle. At the same time, we constantly lay folds along the entire length. We hide the ends of the ribbons in the resulting masonry. We make the line so that the ruffles find one on top of the other. The more folds, the fuller the skirt.

Now we sew on the very topelastic band, and from the remnants of the fabric we form a decorative flower for the headband.

Skirt for a little fairy

But how to sew a fluffy skirt if there is no sewing machine at home? Very simple.

sew a fluffy skirt

First of all, we choose the fabric for the future dress. It is necessary that the edges of the fabric do not crumble, and the material itself is light and airy. Tulle is best suited for this. The model used purple, green and blue cut. The length of each of them is 1 meter with a width of 1.5 m. In general, the width should be equal to 2 skirt lengths plus 5 cm for the belt.

You will also need an elastic band for a belt with a width equal to the waist circumference, a wide satin ribbon to match the model, we have it in violet, threads and large decorative flowers for decoration.

Now you can start creating a fabulous outfit. First you need to cut the tulle into strips 10 cm wide and one meter long. So from three cuts we get 60 ribbons.

Next, cut each of the colored ribbons in half and begin to put them on an elastic band. To do this, we make a loop on the fold of the tape and tighten it already on the elastic band. Ribbons alternate in color. At the end of the work, they should all be evenly fixed on an elastic band. The base of the skirt is done.

Now fold our satin bow in half and hand sew it to the skirt. Next comes the sample. Call your little fashionista and adjust the width of the skirt, as well as specify the location of decorative flowers already on the model herself. We sew the ends of the elastic to each other, then we attach decorative flowers. Do not forgetleave one bouquet to decorate the hoop on the head. Our outfit of the spring fairy from the fairy forest is ready. Surprisingly, work on such a wonderful product took very little time. Making such a sundress skirt is much faster than deciding how to sew a tulip skirt.

In order for the work to come out neat, it is necessary to carefully fasten the ribbons on the belt.

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