How to make a three-dimensional paper circle - several options with explanations and videos
How to make a three-dimensional paper circle - several options with explanations and videos

Volume paper circles are often used for interior decoration. How to make a festive decoration of the room with your own hands? Craftsmen use a variety of types of paper. This is a thin cigarette, from which it is easy to make honeycomb balls, and a denser colored one - for making balls made up of many circles of the same size.

You can hang ready-made crafts in the form of a garland for the New Year or to congratulate a birthday person, fix them at different levels above the window or under the ceiling. From corrugated fan circles it is interesting to make flower volumetric paper compositions. Circles are easy to make by simply folding the sheet "accordion", so even preschool children can create a beautiful voluminous flower. They can be made ribbed or the edges cut into a semicircle or sharp corners, then the circle will appear in a new look. You can diversify crafts by using different colors, varying cuts on the edges or adding contrasting cores.

In the article we will considersome of the easiest options for how to make a three-dimensional circle out of paper. A step-by-step description of the work will help to cope with the task much easier and make the craft faster and better. Carefully consider the finished result of the work of the masters in the presented photos.

Craft from many circles

From thick colored paper, cut a large number of identical circles. You can use one color of the material or make all the elements multi-colored. Then you have to fold each part in half and smooth the fold well. Leave one circle intact. On it, as on the basis, phased gluing of elements of a three-dimensional circle of paper will be carried out. How to make such a craft? Very simple! When assembling, glue is applied only to one, lower half of each circle. The upper part remains free and gives the craft volume.

paper circle

When gluing parts, the sharp corner of the semicircle should touch the center point of the base. The rest are alternately inserted inward with a shift of the same distance. The middle is decorated with a button, beads or pebbles.

Corrugated three-dimensional circles

The video below in the article shows how to make a do-it-yourself paper circle. If you want to make a flower out of the resulting product, then stick a thick circle of cardboard in the center of the fan circle and decorate it with pieces of corrugated paper as the master shows in the video.

As you can see, the work is easy to do, and besides, it can be diversified by making out the edgesaccordion-folded paper to your liking.

Balloons for a garland

Let's look at how to make a three-dimensional paper circle for a New Year's garland. It is advisable to choose thick paper as a material so that the edges of the circles do not curl and do not spoil the appearance of the craft. Draw a template on cardboard with a compass and, attaching it to paper folded several times, circle its contours with a simple pencil. This way you can cut out many identical elements at once.

volumetric circles - garland

You can make a three-dimensional circle from circles of different colors, then the garland will turn out to be colorful and brighter. Each element must be folded in half and smooth the fold of the paper with your fingers or a ruler. Then one half is smeared with a glue stick and glued to half of the second element. When many parts are glued, connect the first part with the last one, after inserting a thread or tape inside.

Production of honeycomb balls

This craft is best made from tissue paper, although some make honeycomb balls from double-sided colored paper. Our sample shows the implementation of the first option, that is, from a large number of identical thin rectangles. First you need to make a lined template on a thick sheet of cardboard with two markers of different colors, placing the lines at equal distances alternately. For convenience, both the template and the first sheet are attached to the base with masking tape, gluing it at the corners.

how to make honeycomb balls

Next, you need to connect a largethe number of rectangles, sticking sheets one on top of the other. To do this, PVA glue is smeared with thin strips, first along the red lines of the template, and on the next part, strips are drawn already along the blue markings. The more elements, the more magnificent the circle will be. Must be at least 20 pieces.

Last step of work

When all the prepared paper has found its place in the pack, draw a semicircle of a suitable size, attach it to the edge of the workpiece and circle the contours with a simple pencil. Cut out all the paper with scissors along the marked line.

honeycomb balls

It remains to draw the missing lines with glue and connect the first and last semicircles. To be able to hang honeycomb balls on a thread, before assembling, insert the loop inward and secure it with glue. Be sure to lubricate the side seam so that the ball keeps a nice round shape.

The larger the volume circle, the more you need to draw strips with glue. A small ball can be made from thicker paper, drawing in turn only the center line of the semicircle with glue, and on the next part, put 2 lines removed to the edges at an equal distance from the center.

We introduced readers to several popular options for how to make three-dimensional circles from a sheet of paper. As you can see, it's easy. The main thing is to want to create a beautiful craft on your own. Try it, you will definitely succeed!

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