DIY baby book
DIY baby book

Despite the fact that a variety of toys and children's books are now sold in stores, every mother wants to make a beautiful gift for her baby herself. Therefore, sites dedicated to needlework and creativity are so popular. On them you can find patterns of soft toys, photos about sewing for dolls or a video “hand made baby book”. With your own hands, using these instructions, you can create a variety of crafts. How to make a book for children?

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Here are some tips for those who first decided to make a book yourself.

  1. First of all, you need to think over the plot and decide on the number of pages, find the necessary pictures and photos.
  2. The simplest baby book is obtained from a colored strip of paper folded into an accordion. For a flip book with a cover, the creation process will take longer.
  3. Pages for a book can be made from whatman paper, cardboard for children's creativity, paperfor pastel or drawing, corrugated cardboard.
  4. Drawings and photographs are best glued with double-sided tape: glue can soften the paper and begin to bulge after drying. If you still work with glue, then you need to wipe the gluing places from its remnants and place the drawing under the press.
  5. Volumetric parts for a children's book should not be too small and poorly fastened so that the child does not accidentally tear off and eat the part they like.
  6. Safe, beautiful and educational - that's how a children's book should be. It is doubly pleasant to make such a book for a child with your own hands.

Folding book

DIY baby book

To make a flip book you will need:

  • paper for pages;
  • decorative cover paper;
  • double sided tape;
  • universal glue;
  • cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • ruler;
  • pencil;
  • string or thin string, the length of which is four times the width of the book with the cover.

Description of work

  1. First, you need to cut out two rectangles of cardboard with sides equal to the width and length of the book.
  2. Now cut out two rectangles from decorative paper for the cover with sides 2 cm larger than the length and width of the book.
  3. From decorative paper of a different color, cut out a strip to secure the ribbon 2 cm less than the width of the book, and one and a half centimeters wider than the width of the ribbon.
  4. Next, make the pages. To do this, cut out another rectangle, but from paper for pages. The width of the rectangle will be equal to the height of the page, and the length will be equal to the width of the page times the number of pages in the book plus 2 pages. We fold the resulting rectangle with an accordion.
  5. When calculating, you must remember that on the back of the accordion you also need to mark the text and pictures. Otherwise, white sheets will remain on the other side, and you will get an unfinished baby book. With your hands, you need to go through the folds several times to make the book look neat.
  6. We paste over the cardboard for the cover using double-sided tape, wrapping them with cut-out rectangles of decorative paper.
  7. Glue the first sheet of accordion to the first cover, and the last sheet to the second.
  8. Decorate the book with decorative ribbon. First, glue the ribbon onto the book with all-purpose glue. After the glue dries, glue a strip on top to secure the braid.
DIY children's book

Now you can start writing text, drawing illustrations, sticking pictures and photos according to the chosen subject. We have a beautiful baby book. With your own hands, you can not only make a book out of paper, but also sew it out of fabric, decorating it with decorative elements: lace, appliqués, buttons, embroidery.

It will be interesting to sew a themed book with removable applications that can be moved inside the book. Such removable parts can also be counting material, which is very useful for the development of fine motor skills.child. Pages are best made from materials of different textures and patterns. Thus, the child learns to distinguish colors, to determine whether a surface is smooth or rough, to develop his tactile sensations - and all this is provided by one baby book. With their own hands, a small child will be able to touch all the details, flip through the pages. If the book is torn, mom can always sew it up, and if it gets dirty, wash it.

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