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How to crochet a circle? Crochet in a circle for beginners
How to crochet a circle? Crochet in a circle for beginners

Crochet is considered an easier type of needlework compared to knitting, as there is only one working loop, and the pattern most often consists of small details that are easy to follow. That is why beginner craftswomen who want to learn how to knit immediately take up this technique.

This article will describe in detail how to crochet a circle, because it is the easiest way to start learning from it. The form of circular knitting is easy to control, because the error in the pattern will be immediately visible.

First knitting skills

Before you start crocheting a circle, it will be useful for beginners to get acquainted with the main types of loops:

  • Aerial loop. It is performed by simply grabbing the hook of the thread and pulling it out of the previous loop. The very first loop is formed by a circular movement of the hook around the thread and tightened tightly.
  • Half-column (or single crochet). After passing the hook through the loop of the bottom row, pull up the thread, forming a loop and connect it with the previous one regular loop.
  • Single crochet. Pull the thread from the bottom up, throwing it on the hook, insert it into the loop of the bottom row and pull the thread, formingloop. There will be three loops on the hook needle: make one out of two, and then repeat the operation. This is the standard knitting of a single crochet. By the same principle, loops with two and three crochets are knitted when the pattern requires it.
how to crochet

It is these knitting techniques that help to compose the entire pattern, not only in round knitting, but also in other types of crochet work. To begin with, it is recommended to learn how to perform them on a simple mug and only then proceed to more complex patterns and patterns.

Rug from old clothes

One of the easiest ways to learn to knit in a circle is to make a round rug with your own hands. A crochet hook and a skein of thin strips cut from old knitted T-shirts can turn into a chic apartment decor in one evening without much difficulty.

First you need to learn how to knit air loops of the same size and connect them into a ring. Eight loops will be enough for an average thread thickness: thread the hook into the first air loop, pull out the thread and connect with a half-column to the leading loop. The base is ready.

Next, tie it with single crochets, placing them tightly to each other, but without deforming the circle. Then move around the circle, continuing to knit the same loops - it is with them that the entire rug of the required diameter is made. If desired, you can alternate a row of single crochet stitches with a row of single crochet stitches, then the rug will have an original pattern.

By combining multi-colored thread strips, you can create various spiral patternsor imitate a rainbow - it all depends on the materials available and the imagination of the needlewoman.

crochet round rug

For those who do not know how to make threads from old knitwear: unnecessary T-shirts, T-shirts, thin sweatshirts and pullovers are cut along the seam, and then each piece must be cut into strips, 1–1.5 cm wide, sewing them together with a needle and thread of a neutral color.

Grandma knitting style

How to crochet a circle in a more original way, tell the famous technique of "Afghan square" or "grandmother's" knitting, as they call this method of knitting in Russia. Using the classic combination of double crochets and chain stitches, you can create a cute rug, pillow case and even a shawl using regular acrylic thread and following the step by step instructions:

  1. Knit six air loops and connect them into a ring. Tie it with half-columns, they will turn out from 8 to 10, it all depends on the thickness of the thread.
  2. Create three stitches to rise to the second row and then knit three double crochets, then one air loop, three more double crochets, air, etc. until the end of the circle.
  3. Subsequent circles will be the same until the entire circle reaches the desired diameter.
how to finish crochet in the round

You can alternate different colors of threads or use only one - in any case, the product looks very advantageous in such knitting.

How to tie a napkin: a simple pattern

When the basic techniques are well mastered on thick threads,you can complicate the process and crochet a round napkin from Iris or Chamomile threads, which are quite thin (you need to choose a hook of the appropriate size).

Experienced needlewomen often create patterns in the process of knitting, but it is better for a novice craftswoman to use one of the simple patterns so as not to get confused and create a symmetrical pattern - a circle. How to crochet a napkin from simple motifs, the diagram in the photo posted in the article will tell.

crochet doily

Where to start

The beginning of crocheting in a circle looks standard: a ring of air loops, then an ascent to the second row, which consists of three ordinary loops, and then double crochets, between which an air loop is tied. There should be 11 columns in total, and the row must be completed with a half-column tied to the rise.

crochet circle for beginners

Further scrupulously follow the pattern, carefully counting the loops of the pattern. Shouldn't be a problem since it's pretty simple.

Another option

A more saturated double crochet pattern will make it possible to understand how to crochet a circle using the rising wedge technique. Starting with one loop and adding one in each subsequent row, you can create a stunningly beautiful table napkin from a simple circle (or a tablecloth if you make a large product).

crochet in a circle

It is difficult to get confused in this pattern, since it is almost the same over the entire diameter - half of the wedge, the middle of twoair loops and the second half in a mirror image. Usually there are no additional loops between the wedges, but if during knitting it is noticed that the pattern tightens the circle, then one air loop can be added between each (!) Wedge. In the last row, when the product is almost ready, do not forget to make a “dive” of three chain loops, connecting them into a ring at the edge of each wedge.

How to fasten the thread at the end?

When all the rows of the pattern are finished or the product reaches the desired size, you need to finish crocheting in a circle. How to do this carefully so that the cut thread does not stick out? Usually, for round products that are knitted according to special openwork patterns, the row ends in a hollow. It is there that you need to make an additional half-column, pulling the thread not from the previous row, but to the level below and tie the thread into a knot, cutting it to a length of 3 - 4 cm. Next, crochet it to the center of the product and try again to tie a knot with a hook. Thus, the edge will be securely fastened, you will not have to worry that the product will unravel when washed.

It is easy to crochet a circle as described in this article, do not worry if your hands do not immediately obey, pulling out loops of different lengths. In all types of needlework, many hours of practice are needed to make the products even and symmetrical. If something goes wrong, you don't need to be upset: you can dissolve what you started and try again more carefully.

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