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Review of the book "Carton Clock Square"
Review of the book "Carton Clock Square"

"Cardboard Clock Square" is a kind and cheerful fairy tale invented by the writer Leonid Lvovich Yakhnin. The story describes the life of the inhabitants of a magical city made of cardboard, in which craftsmanship is valued and robbers are very disliked. Beautiful illustrations by artist Viktor Chizhikov recreate the enchanting atmosphere of Cardboard City.

Who is this fairy tale for?

The fairy tale is intended mainly for preschoolers. The plot of the book is simple, but quite convincing to evoke emotions in kids. A funny story involves a child in his fairy-tale world, makes him sympathize with the characters, worry, worry and enjoy a happy ending. Thanks to high-quality illustrations, the world of Cardboard City appears to readers as real, children like to draw characters, invent new and new adventures for them.

Illustrations in a children's book

Some parents and older kids may find the plot too simple, but that's only because the bookintended for the little ones. The text in the book is printed large enough and clear, so using the "Cardboard Clock Square" is convenient to teach children to read.


Wonderful story begins with the fact that a hatmaker named Tulya built a wonderful cardboard town from colored boxes. He wanted to add little men, but the cardboard was not enough for this. The craftsman did not lose his head and sewed the inhabitants together with threads from separate cardboard pieces. The little people turned out great, but Tulya was a little clumsy and too lazy to cut off the remnants of the threads that were sticking out of the seams.

Fairy tale illustrations

The cunning robber quickly discovered this flaw and immediately figured out how to use it for his own purposes. He found a way to pull the strings and thus control the cardboard people as he pleased. Also, readers will get acquainted with a cheerful girl Vaffelka, made by a craftsman from a candy wrapper, her dog named Chocolate and many other charming characters. Kids don't need to worry about the fate of the main characters: the end of the story will be happy.

Audio fairy tale

Audio fairy tale based on the book "Cardboard Clock Square" will be of interest to those who can't read yet. If parents do not have enough time to read aloud to their kids, a wonderful audio version will come to the rescue, where Valentin Gaft reads the author's text, Klara Rumyanova voices Waffle, Anatoly Papanov voices the robber. A wonderful fairy tale comes to life in the performance of your favorite actors.

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