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How to make an old film effect in a few seconds?
How to make an old film effect in a few seconds?

Recently, the popularity of photo processing in the style of the 80-90s has increased. Not so long ago, in order to do this, you would need special equipment or a professional expensive editor. Many are wondering how to make the effect of an old film quickly and without additional equipment. We present the top best programs for vintage photo and video editing on different devices.

iOS Apps

The following is a list of the most popular apps for your phone to achieve the effect of the old film, based on iOS:

  1. VHS Camcorder (paid). Recently, a new application for the iOS platform has been released that allows you to create videos in retro style. Shooting date, stripes on the screen, dull and muted colors, film effect - all this can be observed in this application. As a result, the video size will be 4:3, which is why it is recommended to shoot in a horizontal position. Sound change (film hiss) is another distinctive feature of thisapplications.
  2. Camcorder (Free). This application is similar in its parameters to the previous one. But due to the fact that it is free, it has restrictions on the use of some functions. For example: you cannot remove the time and date on the video, there are no additional filters.
  3. Chromic (Free). The easiest app to use. You just need to upload a video from the gallery and apply one of the suggested filters. During processing, you can change the degree of intensity, contrast and exposure. You can use the effect of the old film and all kinds of vintage frames.
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Android apps

List of the best apps for Android:

  1. Vintage Retro Camera + VHS (paid). This program features as many as 35 effects that turn photos and videos into a vintage picture. In addition, the application can optionally change the date and time, cut the sound, add music and directly share with friends on Instagram.
  2. Afterlight (Free). The application contains many interesting features. You can, for example, use filters, of which there are 59 pieces, textures, including the effect of old film, cropping and cropping, 15 adjustment tools (contrast, exposure, sharpness, etc.). Presented on Android for free, and for iOS for a fee.
  3. Snapseed (Free). It is one of the most popular editors which is developed for Android and iOS. The possibilities of this app are endless. Filters, 29 adjustment tools, vintage textures andmuch more can be found in this program.
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Online for PC

Introducing the top 3 best online processing services:

  1. VintageJS (Free). This online application allows you to turn your photo into a retro image that looks like it was taken with a film camera in a few seconds.
  2. Wanokoto (Free). In this service, only the effect of the old film is presented, but in different versions. Different preset has different finish on photo.
  3. AnyMaking (Free). This online service contains a large number of filters, tools with which you can create a retro photo.

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