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Green gradient in room design
Green gradient in room design

There is a strong belief that the green color calms the human nervous system, allows you to relax and improve your mood. This fact can be confirmed by anyone who spends time in nature. Being in a park, outside the city, we feel emotional relief, we have a rest, our sleep after an evening walk becomes stronger and calmer. This is partly due to the fact that we perceive the abundance of greenery as a signal that we can relax. This article discusses the features of the green gradient.

The color of tranquility

Designing an office or a children's room in green colors will allow you not only to remain calm and peaceful, but also to fruitfully perform daily tasks. However, in order for the green color of the walls or ceiling not to become an irritant (as you know, any saturated color quickly becomes annoying, and that is why you want to start repairing again) you should use a green gradient. The shade of greenery, flowers and grass uplifts the mood and contributes to the formation of a positive mood. Also, the room is not only pleasant, but also useful to add livevegetation to purify the air we breathe. A couple of indoor plants - and you do not need humidifiers!

green gradient decor

Using transitions

The green gradient background is a great design solution for your room. Use several tones of green paint, smoothly transitioning from more saturated to lighter, as if the color is fading in the sun. Such a transition will create an atmosphere of dynamics, add more air and free space to your room.

green room

You can dilute the gradient background with small drawings, applications or even stucco. All this is sold in designer and ordinary hardware stores, it can be of a wide variety of colors, but mostly they choose those tones that will be in harmony with the color of the furniture and floor.

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