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Anna Makarova - wedding photographer in St. Petersburg
Anna Makarova - wedding photographer in St. Petersburg

Anna Makarova is one of the best wedding photographers in St. Petersburg. She refers to her style as portrait photojournalism. Her photographs are very light, even airy. They convey the beauty of every single moment. Anna loves the special light in her photographs, so she often shoots at sunrise or sunset. In each work, Anna pays special attention to various details. After all, it is they who create the atmosphere that was on the day of the shooting, and which is so easy to forget over time.

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Anna won't let that happen. Her main motto in life: "Beauty in all its manifestations." She also strives for perfection in her work. In her opinion, in order to beautifully shoot a wedding, you need to love her, to be with her, so to speak, on the same wavelength. Anna has no doubt that she is made for this job, because weddings are her weakness, she loves them. Her goal is to create works that people will remember for a lifetime. Anna wants decades later for her clients to be able to open a photo album and be transported back to the most important day of their lives. So that the photographs convey the sonorous laughter of guests, the smells of flowers, emotions when pronouncing the cherished "I agree" and"agree". Anna Makarova has chosen one of the most difficult professions - working with people, but it comes to her with such ease, because she truly loves them.

Contacts of Anna Makarova

Anna Makarova has been living and working in St. Petersburg all her life. But she is always ready to go shooting in any part of our planet.

On the Internet, she has her own pages in all popular social networks: Vkontakte, Instagram, etc. Everywhere you can see her portfolio of work and employment schedule.

Wedding photographer Anna also has her own very easy to navigate website. It contains all the useful information about her.

Biography of Anna Makarova

Photographer Anna Makarova, who is only 31 years old, was born and lives in St. Petersburg. She has a son, Plato, who is now 6 years old.

Anna Makarova

In 2007 she graduated from VEIP with a degree in Clinical Psychoanalysis. Besides photography, Anna Makarova considers watercolor painting to be her favorite hobby.

Reviews about Anna Makarova

On her website, Anna Makarova has created a section where anyone can leave feedback on cooperation with her. To date, it has already saved a very large number of messages with thanks from Anna's clients. Also on the Internet forums, too, you can always find reviews about Anna Makarova.

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Many of her clients comment on how easy and relaxed it is to work with such a professionalwedding photographer. And everyone is delighted with the photo albums that Anna prepares for the newlyweds and their guests. In many comments, you can see a comparison of the resulting photos with a miracle. This is the best praise for any man's work.

Training with Anna Makarova in the studio

If you are a beginner photographer or just want to learn something new, Anna Makarova's school is what you need. Anna Makarova is a photographer who conducts many workshops on various topics. All courses, as a rule, are not long, but very fruitful and interesting. After passing them, you will never have the feeling that something was not clear or boring to you.

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In her classes, Anna Makarova will talk about shooting techniques, optics, modes, styles, focal length, etc. You can also learn how to set the correct settings for your camera depending on the shooting conditions, and perform beautiful portrait work. Anna Makarova shares her knowledge and skills in working with aperture and focal length, psychological features when working with a model, and much more. In her classes, you will learn how to properly prepare for photography, what you need to consider, what accents to place in your work.

Wedding photographer A. Makarova conducts a lot of practical training on the street and in a professional studio. She will teach you how to work with natural and artificial light.

The cost of Anna Makarova's work in St. Petersburg

Any course of study lastingtwo days will be 7,000 rubles per person.

For cooperation with Anna Makarova (individual photography), you must conclude an agreement. The cost of one hour of work will be 5000 rubles.

The cost of filming the entire wedding will approximately be from 35,000 to 65,000 rubles.

Ordering an individual photo book approximately from 10,000 to 35,000 rubles.

Anna Makarova also offers a Love Story photo shoot for 12,000 rubles.

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Pros of working with photographer Anna Makarova

  • Anna helps to think over the concept and nuances of a photo shoot, plan a route, she can get a full range of consulting services for organizing a wedding (florists, musicians, choice of a banquet hall, stylists, hairdressers and much more).
  • Anna does color retouching of all photos, and also prepares the optimal version for posting on the Internet or printing. Also offers a black and white version of the session.
  • The photographer gives a handmade photo book for each photo session.
  • Anna guarantees the reliability of working with her. She always draws up a contract for the provision of her services. He uses the best technology from Canon in his work. For a long photo shoot, it is possible to attract an assistant, in agreement with the customer.
  • Anna is very punctual and diligent. She gives the result of her work exactly in two months.
  • Anna will prepare for you a beautiful video from your wedding day with music of your choice.

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