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Tilda style: patterns of hares and a detailed master class
Tilda style: patterns of hares and a detailed master class

Many people think that Tilda is just a peculiar style in which various toys, pillows, carpets and even blankets are sewn. But in fact, "Tilda" is also a brand that was invented quite a long time ago by the world-famous Tony Finanger. She not only sews interior decorations herself, but also publishes many books where you can find ideas, photographs, as well as patterns of hares, dolls, pillows, etc. The books of this famous author are sold all over the world and are very popular on the Internet. Far from all of Tony Finanger's books and magazines are represented in Russia.

Patterns of hares

Tilda Hares

In addition to the famous Tild dolls, there are also a variety of animals and insects, among which hares are very popular. Patterns of Tilda hares and a detailed master class we will present in this article.

Tilda's hares may look completely different, but it will feel like they are all made in the same style. You can come up with your own outfit for the toy, sew from other fabrics, but if you use life-size Tilda hares patterns, then your toy will still resemble the original.

patternshares Tilda

Tools you will need for the job

You don't have to be a professional to sew a hare, but any sewing experience will still be useful. Not everyone succeeds in sewing the toy of their dreams the first time, it takes months and even years of training.

For work you will need:

  • Tailor's scissors. You can buy these scissors at any stationery or fabric store.
  • Chalk, soap or fabric marker. A bright fabric marker that is easy to see works best. True, it quickly disappears from the fabric. Chalk is sometimes difficult to remove and can ruin the look of a toy. Soap, on the contrary, is most often poorly visible on the fabric, which can interfere with work.
  • Needle and thread. You can choose a needle for work even the thinnest, for example, beaded. Working with her is very convenient and fast. Threads must be matched to the color of the fabric.
  • Fabrics.
  • Toy filler. It can be synthetic fluff, holofiber or even granulate (it is used to weight toys).
  • Tilda hares patterns.
  • Toy decoration accessories: satin ribbons, artificial flowers, beads, lace, etc.

Toy body

The most important and crucial stage is working with a pattern, transferring it to the fabric, as well as stitching all the details and connecting them. The first step is to see what the hares will turn out to be. Life size patterns look like this:

Hare pattern life size

This pattern will help you sew the same bunnyTilda, as in the photos above.

The first step is to print this pattern, and then cut out all the details and transfer them to the fabric. To do this, you will need a fabric marker and the fabric itself (usually flesh-colored, you can take printed material). Bunny ears are not included with this pattern, you can draw them on paper yourself or take them from this pattern:

Patterns of hares Tilda life-size

The same parts must be sewn together using a needle and thread or a sewing machine (if available). Do not forget to leave an unsewn part on each part so that you can unfold it and fill it with padding. After stuffing, it is necessary to sew up the hole with a hidden seam. Patterns of hares can be left for the next toy.

Further decoration of the toy

If you sew a bunny from ordinary flesh-colored fabric, you will need a suit or some kind of decoration with ribbons or flowers. If you sew a bunny on a special fabric "Tilda" (it is easy to purchase in specialized stores), then you can do without further decoration. If you do not know where to buy such fabric, you can go to a regular tailor shop. Take patterns of hares and attach them to various bright materials. Usually use fabric with flowers, butterflies or stripes.

If you sew a hare from flesh-colored fabric, then the toy can be decorated by tying a beautiful bow around the neck. With a lot of experience, you can also sew clothes for a toy by taking patterns of hares. It can be any dress or even a suit.

Patterns of hares tilde life-size

Tilda is a very interesting style that will help to give your home originality and comfort. Craft publications have many photographs of other Tilda hares to draw inspiration from. Bunny patterns will help you create the best and cutest toys.

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