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Tilda do it yourself - a detailed master class
Tilda do it yourself - a detailed master class

Tilda is not a doll's name, as some might think, but a brand created by a pretty young girl from Norway, Toni Finanger. Tilda dolls can be young ladies, any animals, birds, hearts, eggs and even flowers. Toni has created a huge magical world where all kinds of tildes live. She has written and published more than ten books in which she shares the secrets of how to sew a tilde doll with her own hands. But this was not enough for the craftswoman. Now the Tilda brand has spread to patchwork and scrapbooking. If she can create tildes, then each of us can. You just need to really want and try hard.

Tools for the job

DIY Tilda

To make any craft, you need materials, and for most gizmos, you also need tools. To sew a tilde with your own hands, you will definitely need:

1. Scissors.

2. Needles and pins.

3. Pencil, crayon or soap.

4. Thin long stick. It will come in handy for turningproduct on the front side and fill it with filler.

5. Iron.

6. Sewing machine (if available).

7. Scotch.


DIY tilde toys

The type of material depends on what kind of tilde doll you are going to make with your own hands. If this is a small animal, you will need fabrics that are suitable for her little body. Not bad animals come out of terry cloth, velvet, velor. But simple cotton and linen also look good. To create girls and ladies, you need cotton, linen or chintz fabric, which is close in color to flesh. You can take white and color it in tea. So, the materials to create a girl need the following:

1. Textile. The dimensions are the size of the doll you need. Remember that the fabric will need to be folded in half.

2. Threads for sewing. Ideal if they are matched to the tone of the fabric.

3. Threads for your lady's hairstyle. It can be wool for knitting, boucle (the girl will turn out with curls), synthetic thick threads, if you want to make the lady extravagant.

4. Filler. More often they use a synthetic winterizer or holofiber. If there is neither one nor the other, you can cut old tights into small pieces. It is better not to take cotton wool, because it is difficult to fill the body of the doll evenly with it.

5. Paper.

6. Fabrics for doll clothes.

7. All kinds of accessories. What it will be: ribbons, beads, lace, beads or something else - your imagination will tell.

Preparation for work

Sew a tilda doll with your own hands

They say it willa good result of any business, if properly prepared for it. Before proceeding directly to the creation of the tilde, you need to iron the fabric for her future body, carefully fold it in half with the front side inward and chop it with pins so that it does not fidget. The next step is to imagine what it will be, your tilde doll. Doing patterns with your own hands, if there are no ready-made ones, this is a separate creative process. You need to take a sheet of paper, you can cardboard, or you can use ordinary tracing paper. On it, draw a life-size outline of the body of the doll with a head, two arms and two legs. You can draw one arm and one leg, and then transfer them to the fabric twice. A distinctive feature of the tilde design is the seam in the middle of the face or muzzle. Therefore, the contours of the body are drawn from the side. A nose appears on the head. Some sew dolls with flat faces and sew details on the sides, but the classic tilde still has a front seam.

Handles, legs, cucumber

Tilda doll do-it-yourself patterns

Preparation is over. We begin to create a tilde doll with our own hands. The master class offered in this article tells how to make a tilde girl:

1. Carefully cut out the contours of her future body from paper.

2. We put them on the fabric.

3. We circle. Take your time to cut.

4. We sew or sew by hand along the drawn lines. Be sure to leave unsewn the bottom of the torso, arms and legs at the points of attachment to the body. You also need to take into account that there will be a seam on the face and stitch this place with special care.

5.We iron it all with an iron.

6. Now cut out, be sure to step back from the edge. In places where the lines are rounded, it is preferable to make small cuts.

7. Turn out to the front side. If the arms and legs of the tilde are too thin, it is convenient to twist them with a sushi stick. You can also attach a long dense thread to the “fingers” from the inside. In order to unscrew the handle or leg, you just need to pull this thread.


Tilda do-it-yourself master class

As a result of the work done, you should get a torso with a head, two legs and two handles. Let's start filling them out. This matter is not as simple as it might seem. If you shove the filler inaccurately, the girl's body will turn out to be bumpy. If it is not enough to put it, over time it will go astray. If you overdo it, the doll will not be able to sit, it will only lie or stand, leaning against a support. Therefore, in order for tilde toys to be created correctly with your own hands, you need to take just enough filler to make the body stable and at the same time soft enough.

Filling the arms and legs, start with the toes. For this, it is convenient to use a thin stick. We sew the places of the knees, leaving them without filler. Then at the tilde it will be possible to put the legs in any position. To make the doll sit comfortably, you can insert a little less at the place where the legs are attached to the body of the filler. Inserted? Now we assemble the whole body from parts. Some craftswomen do not sew hands to the body, but make them onbuttons.


Sew a tilde with your own hands

You can make a tilde in a hat or cap, like the gnomes. But, according to generally accepted opinion, hair is an adornment of any woman. The tilda doll, created with your own hands, is no exception. Therefore, we will make a wig for her. The length, color and texture of the hair depend only on your imagination. The threads chosen for the hair should be carefully laid out in one layer and fastened in the center with a strip of adhesive tape. Further, already in the center of the adhesive tape, the “hair” is carefully stitched twice. Remove the adhesive tape, and attach the resulting thread lining to the doll's head and carefully sew. In this case, the parting will turn out in the middle. You can do it on the right or on the left. Hair can be left straight, or you can braid it or tie ponytails. There are also craftswomen who sew hair with their tildes to the head, stitch by stitch - each thread separately.


DIY Tilda

Your doll is almost ready. It remains to make her face. How you position your eyes, how you draw or embroider your mouth, how you blush your cheeks, its character will depend. Yes, these dolls are exactly like that. Your tilde, created with your own hands, can turn out to be a naive simpleton, a kind angel, a cute coquette or a grouchy evil one. Therefore, create her face with special diligence and inspiration. The eyes of the tildes are embroidered. As a rule, neither beads, nor buttons, nor beads are attached in their place. It is very rare to make a tilde with eyelashes, but this is rather an exception. Eye color can be, as in humans, any. But more oftenmake them dark. The mouth is drawn with a pencil or embroidered with thread. Kind tildes are always smiling. It is convenient to brown cheeks with ordinary ladies' blush. That, perhaps, is all. The naked tilde lies before you in all its glory.

The main thing is that the suit fits

Sew a tilde with your own hands

There is a saying: "Meet by clothes." So your tilde, in order to please the eye, must be decently dressed. The style of her outfit is your own business. You can make a yoke out of a doll by dressing it in a short skirt and a T-shirt, and put on the legs in pumps. You can create a simple girl out of her by sewing her a dress with a small pattern, a fluffy skirt and puffed sleeves, tie it with an apron, put socks on her feet. Lots of options. Some craftswomen, when they create tilde dolls with their own hands, sew clothes on their bodies. Probably, it is convenient from some positions. But you can not sew on clothes, but put them on a tilde, like on any other doll. In addition to dresses and skirts, shoes are created for them, and sometimes hats. Shoes are often made into slippers. To do this, cut out the sole of the slipper from any dense material, measuring it with the size of the doll's foot. Two thin strips are cut from any soft material and attached to the soles. Here are your slippers. If desired, you can ennoble them with beads. In addition, tilde can be used to sew lace knickers and fishnet stockings.

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