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Sweater knitting patterns: description, interesting ideas and recommendations
Sweater knitting patterns: description, interesting ideas and recommendations

According to the generally accepted definition, a jacket is a type of clothing for the upper body, which is fastened from bottom to top.

But today this term is used to describe a wide variety of wardrobe items: cardigans, boleros, light coats and even sweaters.

Almost everyone likes warm and comfortable things, so many craftswomen take up knitting sweaters with knitting needles. There are no difficulties with patterns, since almost any pattern is appropriate here.

Minimalism or glamour

To create a beautiful and fashionable thing, it is not at all necessary to be fluent in knitting techniques. If a girl knows how to make a front and back loop, and also has perseverance and patience, she can safely get to work.

knitting patterns for sweaters

It is interesting that products without fasteners, but with two shelves, automatically turn into cardigans. Creating such a model is an extremely simple process. It is enough to make a large rectangle with slots instead of armholes, where to sew the sleeves later. Volumetric shelves are stacked in folds and turn into a beautiful drapery, if selectedplastic yarn and large knitting needles.

Bamboo and viscose are considered good materials. If the canvas is rigid, this effect will not be achieved.

Schemes for knitting sweaters may contain several basic patterns:

  • Elementary solid patterns.
  • Openwork.
  • Braids.
  • Jacquard.
  • Complex elements ("bumps", combinations of different types of patterns).

For beginners, the best option is garter or stocking knitting, as well as patterns made up of knit and purl loops in various combinations.

At the same time, you can not be smart with a complex cut and tie all the details with rectangular ones.

Of course, the product will "sit" on the figure better if you fit the details of the front and back, as well as knit neat armholes and a neck. The pattern of knitting sweaters with knitting needles for women is also important: braids and plaits are very decorating.

Long jacket with braids

The photo at the beginning of the article shows a very successful and practical model.

Knitting patterns for sweaters for women are good because they give room for creativity. Looking at the patterns of details, you can see that they have the simplest contours of all possible: these are rectangles.

knitting pattern for women

This product can be made in two ways:

  • Knit the back and fronts separately.
  • Combine these three canvases into one.

If the second method is chosen, then the work starts from the bottom, gaining as many loops as required to make all three parts. Thenincrease the canvas, focusing on the selected knitting patterns for sweaters.

knitting patterns for women

When the product is made from the bottom line to the armhole level, the canvas is divided into separate parts. To make the sleeve look better, cut a few loops, marking the armholes.

Now the back and each shelf are knitted in turn. After all the details are ready, they are sewn over the shoulders with a knitted seam.

Sweater sleeves

The drawing shows that the designer designed the sleeve detail, narrowed down and widened at the top. This is optional but recommended.

You can shape this part into a rectangle, but be prepared for the consequences:

  • Sleeve width will be equal to the circumference of the arm at its widest point plus ten centimeters for a loose fit.
  • The cuff will be fairly loose.
  • Over time, sleeves can stretch out and become shapeless.

The pattern for knitting sweaters for women often includes ornaments for the back and shelves, and the sleeves are made with some simple pattern. In this case, it is stocking knitting. The first rows are knitted in a garter stitch to keep the cuffs from curling.

Assembling parts and knitting straps

Finished sleeves should be sewn along the edges and then attached to the main parts.

Plank can be done in several ways:

  • Simultaneously with knitting shelves.
  • At the last stage of work.

In the first case, at least ten loops are taken to the bar and knitted in each row.

When choosing the second method, loops are picked up along the edge of the finished and sewn jacket and several rows are knitted with a handkerchief pattern. Then cast off all sts of this long row.

There is another way to crochet a strap: wide crochet.

Knitters should remember that there should be buttonholes on one side of the jacket. However, if another type of fastener is selected (buttons or sew-on clips), this clarification is irrelevant.

Summer model - knitting pattern for sweaters for girls

The following photo shows a great version of a children's product. If you use cotton yarn to create such a sweater, it will be indispensable throughout all seasons.

knitting sweaters with patterns

The drawing shows the dimensions of an adult product. To turn a blouse into a nursery, you need to take measurements from the child and adjust the pattern. It is important to keep the proportions.

knitting pattern sweaters for girls

Features of the model

Many sweater knitting patterns that contain such an element as a coquette are raglan.

What you should know about these models:

  1. The neck line is the first row of the fabric. In this case, the rows will not be circular, but straight and return.
  2. At four points, loops are added. Four loops are marked with markers, and new elements are added before and after the marked ones. Thus, in each odd row, the canvas increases by eight loops.
  3. The coquette is usually knitted with a pattern that differs from the main one.The knitting patterns for sweaters attached to this article contain all the necessary ornaments. For the upper part of the product, you should choose scheme A.1. Then move on to stocking stitch.
  4. After the raglan line is equal to the distance from the neckline to the armpit, the fabrics are divided into three parts: separately two sleeves and a back with shelves. They are knitted in turn in the round.
  5. In order for the model to be flared, additions should be made at two points on the sides (in the places where the side seams are usually located). The operating procedure is shown in diagram A.2.

To complete all the canvases, knit a few centimeters in a garter pattern.

Methods for performing the plank are described above. They are quite appropriate for this model.

When finished, wash the finished product in warm (not hot) water and dry it unfolded.

In general, knitting patterns for sweaters for women are not difficult and can be done by a craftswoman with any needlework experience.

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