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Sculpting a squirrel from plasticine
Sculpting a squirrel from plasticine

Squirrel is a participant in many fairy tales and epics. This is a small rodent that lives in trees and feeds mainly on various nuts. In this article, we will talk about how to mold a plasticine squirrel with your own hands using a minimal set of tools.

What materials should be prepared

To sculpt a squirrel, you need to prepare brown and black plasticine. You may also need a mass of white, sand or gray. In addition to plasticine, you can use stacks for modeling, textures and other improvised items. The sculpting surface must be flat.

The easiest plasticine squirrel

To mold a simple squirrel with a nut, prepare the mass for modeling brown, dark brown and black. From a brown piece, form a body, four small paws, a head in the form of an elongated drop and a long tail.

plasticine squirrel

First connect the head and torso. Then attach the front and hind legs to it. Then the tail. The seams between the parts must be carefully smoothed with your finger. Make sure the figurine doesn't fall. Then mold three small balls from black plasticine. Fix two balls in place of the eyes, and the third - onthe place of the nose. From dark brown plasticine, make a small ball and put it in the paws of the rodent. Plasticine squirrel is ready.

More complex figurines

Let's try a more complicated version. To mold a squirrel from plasticine, form a body and paws from one piece of plasticine. Then stick the tail and head. Ears make in the form of small petals and stick to the head. Smooth the seams with your finger and wipe off the prints. Then take paints (for example, gouache, acrylic) and paint the squirrel: make the belly white, then tint the paws, muzzle and tail with dark brown paint, and draw the eyes and nose with black and white.

how to mold a squirrel from plasticine

To mold a squirrel with a backpack, take green, brown, dark brown, white and black plasticine. First, mold a protein from a dark brown mass as we indicated in the first version. Finish the seams. Attach a crest at the crown. Then take brown or beige plasticine and make a thin cake out of it. Tear off two small pieces from it and carefully stick them on the stomach and muzzle of the plasticine squirrel. Finish the seams carefully.

do-it-yourself plasticine squirrel

Then take plasticine of a different color, for example green, and form two small sausages and a backpack out of it. Stick a backpack to your back, and make straps out of sausages.

For the eye, take two black balls and two smaller white balls. They need to be flattened a bit. First stick black cakes, and on top - white ones. The eyes are ready. Make one more ballspout. Eyes can be painted with gouache or acrylic paint. Well, the plasticine squirrel is ready.

What material can you still sculpt from

Plasticine is not the only material you can create with. For modeling, you can use s alt dough, velvet plastic, various types of clay, papier-mâché and cold porcelain. For children's activities, plasticine and s alt dough are best suited. For people who already have some modeling skills, polymer clay or self-hardening paste will do.

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