Where to start crocheting a dress
Where to start crocheting a dress

In fact, crocheting a dress is not at all difficult, and with proper skill it is also a fairly quick way to update your wardrobe. Let's take a closer look at this issue.

Helpful tips

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So, if you are an absolute beginner in this business and have decided to just start crocheting a dress, then there are some simple tips:

  • Buy all the amount of thread you need at once, because when you finish the work, this tone may no longer be on sale.
  • Don't aim for a complex drawing or laborious model. It is better to find knitted dresses with descriptions for children, and only then update your wardrobe.
  • Choose the correct thread thickness and keep in mind that the item may shrink a little after washing. You can increase the size of the product by steaming it thoroughly with an iron.

Preparation for work

Before you buy the threads you like, choose an interesting model, and then buy everything for it. For a lace summer dress, you will need at least 600 g of cotton threads. It can take up to 800 g for winter wool. But it all depends on the thickness of the thread itself. You will also need a hook of the appropriate number. Hook size selectedbased on the thickness of the thread, in accordance with it, the hook is assigned a specific number. If you cannot decide for yourself, the seller will advise you. Crocheting a dress is also extremely convenient because, apart from threads and a hook, nothing is needed at the initial stage. You can easily take such needlework to work or on the road. For example, you can do it even in public transport or on a bench in the park. Later, you will most likely need to buy additional buttons, buckles, zippers, or other sewing accessories.

Baby Dress

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Knitted things on babies look very touching. Please your daughter with a beautiful new thing. A white knitted dress is suitable for christening and for a grand exit. It knits very easily. The neck is knitted according to the principle of a square with the same square hole in the middle. Folding such a square in half, you get a dress yoke. It remains only to knit lace sleeves and a skirt of the desired length. You will find many patterns in knitting magazines, but you can use any other pattern. All patterns consist of simple elements: an air loop, a column and a double crochet. By learning just three simple elements, you can create amazing handmade things.

From squares

knitted dresses with description

Often a dress is knitted from separate elements - these can be squares or circles. Having imposed the required number of individual elements, you sew them together, according to the pattern. So you can and plaidtie, and a cape on the pillow. In this example, a child's dress is decorated in a similar way. The yoke is crocheted from squares, the straps are a simple knit, and a bright fabric is sewn at the bottom.

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This dress can be made in one evening and the next day you can go for a walk in it.

For yourself, your beloved

Once you start crocheting a dress, you won't be able to stop, because the choice of models is simply huge. The dress can be beachy and reminiscent of a grid, it can be lace and festive, or it can be classic and everyday. Here the choice is yours. Rather, take the hook in hand and start creating. You will not even notice how very soon you yourself will begin to invent patterns and patterns, and your work will cause a lot of compliments from colleagues and acquaintances.

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