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Knitting vests for women: creative models with photos and descriptions
Knitting vests for women: creative models with photos and descriptions

The natural desire of every woman is to always look attractive. In this, of course, the wardrobe of the fair sex plays a significant role. Buying fashionable, stylish and creative models is not necessary if you know how to use knitting needles. Knitting vests for a woman is a simple task that every beginner needlewoman can handle.

There are many models that differ from each other not only in pattern, complexity, thread composition, but also in style. Let's look at a few of them.

Simple knitted product

Deep-cut vest

Many women who have complexes about their figures are afraid to wear knitwear. Many people think that they are fat. However, this is not always the case! You just need to choose the right style of the product. Sometimes it is quite difficult to find the perfect option for yourself in stores. Knitting vests with knitting needles for women with your own hands, allows you to independently make the perfect warm thing in your wardrobe!

In fact, createsuch a thing is easy. Many are afraid of a large amount of work, but this should not be afraid. The main thing is to start the process, and then everything will go on as usual. Beginning needlewomen should choose an easy pattern. Such a model will look attractive, and it will be worn much longer than the process of its manufacture.

Vest with a deep neckline - ideal for full ladies. It visually lengthens the silhouette. The figure becomes more slender. It is also worth noting that such a model opens the neckline, which smooths out many shortcomings. In addition, eye-catching stylists recommend placing long or large jewelry, an attractive bright scarf in the place of the neckline.

Vest for everyday wear

Features of size, workmanship

The presented model will look spectacular on women who wear clothes of any size - from 44 to 56.

Knitting vests for women does not require special use of tools. You can use both circular and straight needles. The size of the tool must be selected, taking into account the thickness of the selected thread. Often such sleeveless jackets are made for the cool season, so the threads are chosen natural, warm, thick, with a high content of wool in the composition.

To make a sleeveless product, you need to prepare about 500 g of high-quality warm yarn and knitting needles No. 6. The pattern is simple. Start knitting the product with an elastic band 1 x 1. Alternately knit 1 front loop, 1 purl.

Pattern pattern may be different. Today, knittedthings with a scarf pattern. To do this, it is enough to knit both in the wrong side and in the front row only the front loops.

gentle, original vest

But the front and back surfaces are also very popular. They look impressive and attractive. Experienced needlewomen recommend that beginner knitters choose either purl stitch or garter stitch. These patterns are simple, thread tension errors are almost invisible.

The product can include knitting of braids or plaits. They are quite simple in their execution.

Back of product

Knitting vests for women consists of making shelves and backs.

Before you start knitting a model, you need to knit a sample of threads, wash it and dry it well. Then calculate the required number of loops and measure its width in order to correctly calculate how many pieces are needed for the whole canvas. This method will help you understand how many loops you will need to dial to make a shelf or back. This is a mandatory step in the implementation of any knitted item.

Cast on a certain number of stitches. For example, we consider that for the manufacture of a sleeveless jacket for size 44, it is necessary to dial 98 loops, and for 54 - 110 loops. After knitting about 12 cm with a 1 x 1 elastic pattern. At this stage, you can begin to distribute the loops. Put the braids into action.

Knitting a vest with knitting needles for women with a description allows you to quickly and efficiently make your favorite knitted item.

White, plain sleeveless

Before knitting, you must also decide on the length of the product. In our example, the product is slightly elongated. Therefore, after knitting 60 cm from the end of the elastic, it is necessary to close the middle 44 loops (for example, there were 100 loops on the knitting needles). These loops are the neck. The remaining loops are knitted separately. Remember that in every second row you need to cut 2 loops from the side of the neck. So the cutout will be smooth, rounded. Already after 3 cm, all loops must be closed.

Front product

The front of the product must be knitted in a similar way. But remember that the neckline must be V-shaped. For its manufacture, it is necessary to knit 12.5 cm of the product from the elastic band and close 10 medium loops. Both sides must be tied separately. To make a bevel, from the waist level in each 4 rows you need to decrease the loops. This is repeated 16 times. Then dec 6 times in every 6th row.

Remember to decrease in 2nd and 3rd sts before or after selvedge.

Today, many again remember knitting. Knitting vests and sleeveless jackets for women can be made using patterns and solutions from fashion magazines. Often needlewomen knit hats, socks, dresses and cardigans. Such things are not only economical to manufacture, but also unique. In addition, they are warm, because the composition of the yarn is up to you to choose.

original stylish sleeveless jacket

Vest assembly

Product assembly is an important part of manufacturing. First of all, the shoulders are sewn, then the sides. Top on the sides must be left about25 cm for the armhole. It is knitted on circular knitting needles, picking up loops along the edge of the product (about 80). After about 6 cm, knit with an elastic band 1 x 1.

The inlay for the neck must be knitted with reverse and straight loops. To do this, gain about 160 loops. After knitting about 6 cm with an elastic band.

Houndstooth vest

There are many models of knitting a vest for women. This vest is perfect for everyday wear. It not only looks attractive, but also perfectly warms in the cold season. This item is very comfortable to wear. If you complement this tank top with a white shirt and bright accessories, then this is an ideal option for an everyday work day.

Houndstooth pattern

Necessary for work

For product size 40-42, you need to prepare a thread of 2 colors. We suggest using silver and blue yarn. Each of them will need about 250 gr. You can use knitting needles No. 4, 5. Also prepare a hook. Knitting a fashionable vest for women requires a little attention, time and effort.

The product starts with knitting an elastic band 1 x 1. We knit about 10-12 cm in this way. For the manufacture of elastic, knitting needles are used a size smaller, that is, No. 4, 0 mm.

The main fabric is knitted on needles No. 4, 5 mm. The pattern is the front surface. This means that only purl stitches need to be worked from the wrong side.


The houndstooth pattern is attractive and cute. His scheme is simple. It is knitted according to the pattern with the front surface. At the same time, keep an eye onso that on the wrong side it is necessary to stretch a non-working thread. And the edge loops are knitted with two threads at once.

The density of knitting should be 10 x 10 cm 25 loops and 27 side by side.

Making the backrest

Knit the back on needles No. 4, 0 mm. 128 loops are cast on with blue threads, an elastic band is knitted and they switch to a two-color pattern. Thus, 36 cm of the fabric is knitted in length. At this stage, the formation of the armhole begins. Decrease 4 sts on each side first, after 3 and 2 sts every other row.

In this case, from the beginning of the product to its edge, you should get 61 cm, and 94 loops wide.

Before the vest

The front of the vest is knitted in the same way as the back. In this case, the neck should be V-shaped. Such a cutout is made in this way: after 31 cm from the edge, the fabric is divided in half and 2 parts are knitted separately. Reduce the loops from the wrong side, through the row.

Variety of bright sleeveless shirts

First, cut 1 loop, and then 2 each. As a result, 25 loops should remain, which then cut.

Sew the details first in the shoulders, then on the sides. After the neck and armholes can be crocheted or elasticated.


Knitting a trendy waistcoat for women is an easy way to create the perfect option for you. The main thing is to choose the right tools and yarn. And everything else is desire, good mood and love for needlework. And rest assured, you will succeed!

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