How to knit a dress with your own hands
How to knit a dress with your own hands

Many fashionistas often face the problem of choosing an unusual dress model. Walking through the shops of the city, you notice that most of the styles are of the same type. In such a

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the situation is worth thinking about creating an exclusive model with your own hands.

Some prefer to turn to the services of a seamstress, and some prefer to knit a dress with their own hands. Knitting is an extremely exciting process that improves attention and accuracy. With the help of knitting needles or a hook, you can create truly unique masterpieces that will be perfect for your figure. Knitted dresses are equally good for going to work and for a romantic date. By creating new styles, playing with the length and texture of knitting, you will get an incredible opportunity to diversify your wardrobe.

Knitting provides a huge scope for your imagination. You can knit any type of dress, inventing patterns yourself. Even if you can't think of something yourself, don't be discouraged. New models of dresses from famous designers will also inspire you to experiment with unusual yarns and hem lengths.

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Light tunic dresses are especially relevant in the spring-summer season. For several years they have not gone out of fashion. Simple but at the same timea sophisticated short openwork dress will emphasize the beauty of the legs and the slenderness of the figure. You can complement this outfit with various accessories, such as a thin strap or an unusual detachable collar, which are confidently in fashion today.

Another advantage of knitted dresses is that they look advantageous on overweight women. It is only necessary to think over the model well, which will hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its advantages.

Starting to crochet a dress, you must first choose the appropriate size of the tool, as well as the material from which it is made.

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The size of the hook depends on the thickness of the yarn that you will use in your work. To make sure your tool is comfortable, it's best to tie a small swatch first. If the hook is too thick for the selected threads, the product will turn out loose. And if you use a thin one when you are going to knit a dress with thick yarn, the fabric will turn out to be very tight, dense.

When choosing a hook, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made. Metal ones are better suited for knitting fine yarn. Warm winter dresses are preferably made with a large plastic hook.

As for the choice of yarn, everything will depend on what kind of dress you intend to make. For summer models, it is better to choose cotton, since this material "breathes" well and keeps its shape perfectly. Now bamboo yarn is very popular, but you should be careful with it - after washingproduct may stretch. If you are going to knit a dress for the winter, then it is better to use a wool mixture (a combination of wool and acrylic), pure wool or mohair. Then the thing will turn out warm. These types of dresses are best made, avoiding large openwork inserts. In the cold season, tight knitting is more suitable.

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