Coin "Victorious": description, value, photo
Coin "Victorious": description, value, photo

It can be said that we all, without exception, love banknotes and try to treat them with respect. However, there are enthusiastic people who are not only well versed in coins and banknotes, but also can profitably invest in them.

Such an interesting hobby as numismatics allows you to collect not only rare old coins, but also those that were issued relatively recently, but have a small circulation and attractive investment value. Without a doubt, the Victorious coin, which first appeared in circulation in February 2006, can be attributed to such modern collectibles.

How it was minted

Golden "victorious" 100 rubles

One of the main investment coins of the USSR was the gold chervonets, which was popularly called the "Sower". This gold coin was first minted in 1923, since then the State Bank of the USSR issued it again in 1975-1982.

When the supply of these coins began to come to an end, it was decided to mint a new investment coin. This is how the Victorious gold coin appeared, with a nominal value of 50 rubles, issued in a rather large circulation, 150,000 pieces, in the winter of 2006. The first batch of the coin was minted both at the Moscow and St. Petersburg mints.

The issued coins were in great demand among collectors, the first circulation was not enough. The Victorious coin continued to be minted almost every year, except for 2011 and 2012, when coins dedicated to the Sochi Olympics were issued. Interestingly, the obverse of the coin minted in 2013 bears the date 2012.

The total circulation of these gold banknotes turned out to be the largest among all the valuable coins of Russia.

Features of the coin

The appearance of the coin

St. George the Victorious has long been considered one of the patrons of Russia, so it is not surprising that it was his image that was decided to be placed on the reverse of the new gold coin. The author of the sketch was the People's Artist of Russia A.V. Baklanov.

The obverse of the coin depicts St. George on a horse, striking a terrible snake with a spear. On the reverse - a double-headed eagle with lowered wings, the official emblem of the Bank of Russia and the face value of the coin. It is also mandatory to indicate the designation of the metal, its sample and the content of chemically pure precious metal. For a gold investment coin, this value is not less than 7.78 grams.

In 2006 gold coin"George the Victorious" was issued in only one denomination, 50 rubles. Coins worth 100 rubles first appeared in 2012. They were made in the technology of improved quality of coinage, which experts call proof. Thanks to this technology, the coin has a brilliant mirror field and a contrasting matte image relief. This version of the coin, as well as the 50-ruble "Victorious" coin issued simultaneously in the same technique, are in great demand among collectors.

Not only gold

Silver coin "Victorious"

Due to the great popularity enjoyed by the gold coin "George the Victorious" among collectors, in 2009 it was decided to issue a silver investment coin. Its nominal value is 3 rubles. Naturally, the actual price is significantly higher.

In this version, the image of the saint on the obverse remained unchanged, while the name of the chemical element and the percentage of pure metal on the reverse changed. It must be at least 31.10 grams.

The first issue of the coin took place with a circulation of 280,000 pieces, since then the silver coin "Victorious" has been issued two more times.

Actual value

Coins "Victorious"

The real value of investment coins depends on several components and, of course, differs significantly from the actual value.

Thanks to automated minting, the cost of a coin is almost equal to the price of metal, fromwhich it is made, so you do not have to overpay for manufacturing. The fact that the "Victory Bearer" coin is minted from 999 pure gold and its rather large weight of 7.9 grams makes the acquisition of the coin financially attractive.

In addition, the cost of collectible coins increases depending on the year of issue, the older the coin, the more profitable it can be sold. Therefore, this type of investment is suitable for people who know how to wait. Buying gold coins will not bring immediate benefits, but it will help you save and increase your invested capital.

Investing in coins

Coins "Victorious" 50 and 100 rubles

The question of how to preserve and increase your capital worries everyone. If a long-term investment decision is made, precious metal coins can be a good option. Of course, world prices for precious metals are also subject to fluctuations, but not as critical as the main world currencies. In addition, there is no additional tax burden on the purchase and storage of investment coins, unlike bullion. Yes, and official registration for such a purchase is also not required.

Currently, you can buy a coin "George the Victorious" in Sberbank, in any major branch. Of course, the price of coins at numerous online auctions is a little lower, but there I offer lots from 15-25 pieces. When ordering such a wholesale batch, the bank can also reduce the cost of coins.

To buy several or even one Victorious coin in Sberbank, you only needpassport. Be sure to keep the purchase receipt, which is issued along with the purchased coins. This receipt will help with further sale of the coin.

Experienced numismatists recommend that before purchasing investment coins, carefully analyze the situation on the world market of precious metals, especially paying attention to the quotes of the London Stock Exchange. It is better to plan the purchase at a decline in the value of the metal, and sell at the peak of the price.

When planning the sale of coins, you should remember that if 3 years have not passed since the moment of their purchase, you will need to pay personal income tax on the amount and fill out an income declaration.

How to store coins properly

Gold coins in a package

Precious metal coins don't need a lot of space to store. However, professionals advise storing collectible coins not at home, but in a bank cell where constant temperature and humidity are maintained.

Gold is a very soft metal and should be handled with care. It is not for nothing that investment coins, and the Victorious coin among them, are packed in transparent plastic containers before sale. This unprepossessing packaging helps protect the coin from damage, scratches and foreign matter. Even a slight greasy spot on a coin can reduce its value, and defects and dents will make it impossible to sell the coin further.

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