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What can be done with sushi sticks? Crafts and household use
What can be done with sushi sticks? Crafts and household use

Sushi sticks are a versatile craft material. You can make a lot of useful things out of them. The main thing is to be careful and patient.


Before you start making crafts, make a sketch. Think about how you want it to look, draw the details and make a drawing of their fasteners.

If you want to make crafts out of sushi sticks, it's best not to attach them with ordinary glue. Yes, super glue will not help to make a good craft, since even the calmest person will not have enough patience to hold the fragments tightly for several seconds so that they stick together. As a result, there will be only soiled hands and smeared and damaged parts. Use hot glue, small nails, or a special stapler.

Sushi stick fruit saucer: what you need

If you love Asian food and collect chopsticks, this craft will cost you almost nothing (assuming you have the tools, of course). There are many options for what can be made from sushi sticks. Crafts are beautiful and original.

crafts from chopsticks for sushi

Materials and tools:

  • wood circlewith a circumference of 30 cm or more;
  • 30 sticks;
  • cloves, wood glue or hot glue;
  • measuring meter;
  • pencil;
  • hammer;
  • sandpaper.

Buy a wooden circle from a hardware store. If you live in the private sector or have friends from the countryside, ask them to cut a circle out of a thick tree branch. Sand it with sandpaper so that it is even and smooth and does not leave splinters on your hands.

Sushi Chopstick Fruit Saucer: Making Process

Now take the nails and hammer. Fasten sticks in a circle. It is better to pre-calculate the interval between them. From chopsticks for sushi, it is better to develop crafts in advance on paper.

Measure the circumference and width of the sticks, divide the first by the second. For example, if the circumference is 25 cm, and you have 30 sticks 0.5 cm wide, then the interval will be about 3 mm, that is, (25 cm - 300.5 cm): 30 cm.

To make it convenient to mark the location, use the meter that is used when sewing.

Bird feeder: tools and supplies

Crafts from chopsticks for sushi with your own hands are easy to make. Each of us in childhood made bird feeders, cutting them out of bottles or boxes of juice or milk. But what if you try to do something more difficult?

crafts from chopsticks for sushi


  • 3 soda cans or copper sheets (available at hardware store);
  • 7 sticks;
  • metal scissors;
  • pencil andruler;
  • drill and drill bits;
  • pins and carnations;
  • pliers.

Bird feeder: how to make

Use tin shears to remove the necks and bases of three cans (if you use them).

Cut along each side to make 3 flat rectangular sheets. Each should measure approximately 217 x 88mm.

You need to flatten one sheet. Drill four holes with a diameter, like a chopstick, so that you can stick them through. Cut two strips and make holes in them too.

Tightly wrap two sticks around the edges of the tin sheet. Cut off anything that sticks out if that bothers you. From chopsticks for sushi, crafts are usually obtained neat if the master has skillful hands. But if the sticks stick out crooked, it's better to cut them.

Take one of the remaining sheets and cut out two 127mm x 39mm rectangles.

Fold each rectangle twice, folding 13mm on each side to form a long, thin strip.

Drill holes through the ends of each strip the size of a stick. Insert strips at the ends in the same way as you did the roof.

Starting to create the bottom of the feeder. Take the last sheet and make an even rectangle out of it. Cut out of tin, like paper, a box with low walls. Mark the cuts on the edges. When you run scissors over them, the boots can be bent so that you get a box. Then it is better to run along the edges with hot glue or PVA, or bend them so that the birds do nothurt themselves when they feast on the treat.

Bend the corners with pliers to keep the box from opening, or staple it together. An ordinary stapler can pierce a tin can - it is thin.

Drill holes in the walls so you can push a pushpin through them.

When you made the strips for the roof framing, you should have had some tin left, use that to make attachments for another stick that the birds can land on.

Home use

Crafts from bamboo sushi sticks will decorate your home. In addition, sticks can be useful in everyday life. Neatly planed and unplaned, they will not spoil your interior.

Not enough barbecue skewers? Soak the chopsticks in water for 15 minutes and then use them to pierce meat and vegetables before placing them on the grill.

Prop the plants. It is convenient to stick them into the ground and tie trunks of small plants to them. Insert sushi sticks into the soil near the spindle seedlings to give them the support they need.

handmade crafts from chopsticks for sushi

If the hole into which the screw is screwed is too wide, sushi sticks will help out a lot. Insert it into the hole and fill the remaining space with glue. When everything is dry, cut off the excess. Now you can drill a hole in this place again.

crafts from chinese chopsticks for sushi

Sticks are convenient to use to stir the paint. Plain gouache in a smalljar or paint for walls or floors. Crafts from Chinese chopsticks for sushi is not the only option for using waste.

Clean hard to reach places? Wrap the wand in a tissue or rag and stick it where it was difficult to reach to remove dust and buildup of dirt. They also make it easy to clean bottles. Stick a wand into a sponge and you have a handy tool for cleaning hard-to-reach places.

crafts from bamboo sticks from sushi

Sushi sticks are convenient to use as plant markings. Make a flag with the name of the flower and briefly describe how to care for it. It is very comfortable. Or write it directly on a stick.

As you can see, a lot of things can be made with sushi sticks. Crafts are great, but by no means the only option.

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