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"George Danden, or Fooled Husband": summary
"George Danden, or Fooled Husband": summary

French playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, creator of classical comedy, gained popularity in the 17th century under the pseudonym Molière. He created a genre of everyday comedy, in which plebeian humor and buffoonery were combined with artistry and grace. Moliere is the founder of a special genre - comedy-ballet. Wit, brightness of the image, fantasy make Molière's plays eternal. One of them is the comedy “George Danden, or the Fooled Husband”, a summary of which is set out in this article.

History of writing

1668. Louis XIV is at the zenith of glory, he is lucky, the “sun king” is honored as a pharaoh. Lully and Molière are instructed to combine their efforts for the “Great Royal Amusement” and are given freedom in choosing topics. Molière is composing Georges Dandin, a play in three acts, and Lully is writing music for it.

The plot of the playwright takes from one of his first farces “Jealousy of Barboulier”. The author “ennobles” the heroes, and the jesterturns into an unfortunate man, and the farce - into Molière's ageless comedy "Georges Danden", which tells about a man who married an aristocrat, whose life turned into torture and a lesson to all peasants who, like Danden, would like to rise above their estate and intermarry with the nobles.

rose Georges Danden

Plot and characters

The main character - Georges Danden - a vain and rich peasant, stupid and not very attractive, wooed the daughter of a ruined family. For Danden, this marriage is an opportunity to receive a title of nobility, for the Baron de Sotanville and his wife - salvation from financial ruin. But the wedding of Georges and Angelica does not bring happiness to anyone. The noblewoman and beauty Angelica is ashamed of her simpleton husband, her parents constantly reproach him for ignorance. In addition, the young and handsome Viscount Klitandr is courting his wife. Danden, on the other hand, a self-reflective person, blames himself for everything: “You wanted it, Georges Danden.”

Besides them, the play includes:

  • Kolen is Danden's servant.
  • Claudine is Danden's beautiful wife's maid.
  • Luben is a peasant who serves Viscount Clitandre.
you wanted it Georges Dandin

Action one

The protagonist of the play stands in front of his house and explains his situation. His marriage to a noblewoman is a lesson to all peasants who want a title. How much trouble this marriage brings! Nobility is not a bad thing, but you will not end up with troubles. Better not to mess with them. And he, Danden, experienced for himself,how they act when they let a man like him into their family. The gentlemen cling only to his money, but not to him. No, take a peasant wife, an honest girl, so he married the one who looks down, is ashamed of him, as if he, with all his we alth, cannot recoup the right to be her husband.

His ranting is interrupted by the appearance of the peasant Luben, who comes out of his house. He does not recognize the owner of the property in Danden and frankly says that he gave the young mistress a note from a dandy who settled in the house opposite. The servant of Madame Claudine came out to him and said that the mistress Angelica ordered to hand it over to the owner, that she was grateful to Viscount Clitandre for love. But her husband is a fool, and we must beware that he does not find out anything. Danden, having heard this, becomes furious and dares to complain to the de Sotanvilles.

The father-in-law and the mother-in-law are mean nobles, people are not great, but arrogant. They do not have a penny for their soul, but they are very proud of the antiquity of their kind, connections and privileges. And although arrogant words do not leave their language, they did not disdain to marry their daughter to a “commoner”, who paid their debts and began to be called “Mr. de Dandinier”. That was the end of their gratitude, and they tirelessly reminded their peasant son-in-law that he was no match for them.

fooled husband

Unequal marriage

Madame de Sautanville was indignant that he did not know how to behave in polite society. Tells Georges Dandin to call her "ma'am" and not mother-in-law. The baron is a little softer in temperament than his wife, but this "vixen"spin them as he pleases. He, having listened to the arrogant speeches of his missus, also swaggers, and from now on Georges must call him “you”. Should not speak of Angelica "my wife", because she is higher than him by birth. Father-in-law and mother-in-law sing of ancestors, virtues and Angelica's strict upbringing.

The provinciality of the spouses de Sotanville betrays their exorbitant swagger and boasting of the past merits of their ancestors. Mocking and contempt are hidden behind the courtesy of Viscount Clitandre, who entered the room, when the baron is sincerely surprised that the court aristocrat has not heard the loud name of the de Sotanvilles, knows neither the titles nor the glory of their glorious family. Danden is also not comforted by the thought that his children will be given the title of nobility. Although he is an “uncouth dork”, he is not going to wear horns. He directly tells Clytandr about it.

Angelica's father turns pale with resentment and demands an explanation from him. The Viscount denies everything. Madame Sotanville, who had just assured everyone of the piety of the women of their kind, demands Angelique here and asks to explain everything. Angelica throws accusations at Clytandra, who picks up her cunning. Then the de Sotanvilles turn their indignation on their son-in-law and force them to apologize to the viscount. But you can't fool the peasant, he continues to scold Angelica, but she plays outraged innocence.

Georges Dandin or Fooled Husband

Second act

The conversation between the maid Claudine and Luben continues the play. She sincerely wonders how Danden knew everything, and asks Luben if he blabbed to anyone? He says he met someonewho saw him leave their house but promised not to tell anyone.

Danden is trying to convince his wife that the bond of marriage is sacred, and the inequality of origin is erased. Angélique cynically replies that she is not obligated to obey him just because it pleases him to marry her. She is still young and will enjoy the joy of freedom that her age en titles her to. She will be in pleasant company. And let Danden thank heaven she doesn't want to do anything worse.

Danden is watching his wife and Klitander through the keyhole and thinks that now he will not miss the opportunity to take revenge. He hopes to get evidence of his betrayal from Luben. But in vain he hopes for his help. The plan of revenge occupies him more and more, even the prospect of a deceived husband recedes into the background.

He wants to convince Angelica's parents of their daughter's duplicity. But Angelica herself calls them to witness, and this time she deftly extricates herself. Indignantly reprimands Clitandre that he is persecuting her, although he knows perfectly well how virtuous she is, grabs a stick and drives away her admirer, so much so that the blows fall on the back of the unfortunate Georges Dandin. He is furious, calling his wife a traitor to himself, but he does not dare to say it out loud and cherishes the hope of teaching Angelica a lesson.

Third act

Angelica comes to a date night with Clitandre. She says her husband snores. Claudine is right there. Lyuben looks for her and calls her by name, which is why Danden wakes up and finds that his wife is gone. Clytander sighs at the thought that she must return to hersimpleton "pretty rose". Georges Dandin, he says, is unworthy of her love. Angelica calms Clytandra and says that she cannot love such a husband. It's cheap and ridiculous to pay attention to.

Molière Georges Dandin

Georges managed to catch his wife on the street at such a late hour, and he immediately wants to call his parents. Angelica begs to forgive her, admits her guilt and promises to be the best wife in the world. But Danden "breaks away" for the arrogance of the de Sautanvilles and does not go to the world. By mocking their daughter, he aims at their pride. Such animal stubbornness can only be born in a dull heart, and at this moment all sympathy is on the side of Angelica, who just wants to live, but was sacrificed by her parents.

Angelica is furious at being humiliated by her husband in front of everyone and wants revenge. She goes into the house, locks the door and raises a fuss that her husband is drunk and also did not sleep at home. De Sotanvili come running, Danden wants to explain everything, but they do not want to listen, moreover, they force them to beg forgiveness from their daughter on their knees. Danden laments that if he “married a bad woman”, then only one thing remains - “upside down in the water.”

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