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What can be done from new and used cartridges
What can be done from new and used cartridges

For various reasons, cartridge cases can accumulate in the house, either spent (after firing), or new and unused. Previously, they could be massively collected in quarries. Today they are also not difficult to get, and some have had them for several years and it’s even impossible to remember where they came from, but it’s a pity to throw them away.

Cartridge case decorations

It would seem that what can be done from shells? Small dense vessels, they can only be deformed by impact. But some individuals came up with a more original solution. One Kyiv family makes jewelry, but they are different from the rest. All of them have elements from weapon cases in their design. They make cufflinks for men's shirts, rings, pendants and bracelets. In the overall composition, the sleeve can become the eye of an owl or the shell of a turtle, as well as a camera lens on a suspension. Marta Romanovskaya and her husband work with both modern and old cases. They use spent cartridges and those that have whole primers. The main place for the extraction of raw materials is landfills.

Craftsmen who work with shells to create jewelry, there arein Israel and the USA, but everyone has their own ideas, and therefore there can be no repetitions, each master has his own handwriting.

Difficult handmade

To create products from such material, a man's hand will not interfere. There are different options for what can be done from spent cartridges and new ones, but this is not paper work. Here you need to drill and file. These are not products made on the machine, but always handmade. Even if the master makes such decoration repeatedly, the warmth and energy cannot be repeated, so each product can be considered unique. Mauser cases are unique and not seen very often, so you need to think carefully about the idea to give this case a second chance at life.

Working with such small details is quite difficult, in addition to the fact that you need to make a lot of physical effort, you also need to work with a mini-drill and a lot of nozzles. Sleeves must be manually cut, and then polished almost to a mirror surface.

Deadly beauty

What can be made from shells

Virginia Vivier also realized that it is possible to make beautiful jewelry from cartridge cases, original and non-standard. But she puts into her works not only her skill and aesthetic understanding, but also something sacred. The craftswoman creates amulets and talismans that will protect their owners from harm. She also collects materials for work at landfills.

What can be made from shells

Of course, not only exquisite jewelry is made from shell casings, but also many other things. It all depends on fantasymastery and sleight of hand.

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