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Gangster books: list with titles, summary
Gangster books: list with titles, summary

Books about the mafia and gangsters are of constant interest to readers. The plot of this genre is necessarily associated with dangers, chases, and brutal showdowns of criminal gangs. As a rule, books about gangsters include the life story of heroes who turned from ordinary people into criminals - brutal killers, robbers. Love, friendship, betrayal, adventures, dangerous adventures that do not always end happily for all the heroes - this is not the whole list of events that saturate the plot of works of this genre. The list of books about the mafia and gangsters that are most popular with readers can be found below.

mafia and gangster books list

1. The Godfather by Mario Puzo

It is considered to be the best book about gangsters. This is the so-called classic of the genre. In the center of the plot is the family of Don Corleone, a representative of the legendary Italian mafia, who built a whole mafia clan in America. Next to Vito Corleone are his sons: the eldest is Sunny, the middle one is Fredoand the youngest is Michael. Don Corleone's strength lies in the fact that he never refuses those who ask him for help. However, in return, these people must promise their friendship, becoming debtors. It is no coincidence that he is called the godfather. He is very smart, powerful, able to appreciate friendship and family relationships. However, the author emphasizes that this person is a criminal who simply has his own code of honor and morality. Intrigue, the world of corruption, Italian passions, difficult family relationships, bloody revenge, crime - all this keeps the reader interested throughout the book.

mafia and gangster books

2. The Corleone Family by Mario Puzo, Ed Falco

In the continuation of the list of books about gangsters, this work must also be mentioned. In it are all the same heroes of The Godfather. However, the story told in this work preceded the events of the aforementioned novel.

1933 New York during the Great Depression. The struggle of the criminal families for survival, the upcoming repeal of Prohibition, the redistribution of power, the concern for his family in these military conditions - all this makes Don Corleone constantly work, wisely building strategy and tactics. His children are still schoolchildren, and the elder Sonny begins his career in a car repair shop. However, he dreams of getting into the "family business" by becoming a gangster.

All the events that will be discussed here are described in a very exciting way. The reader, having become acquainted with these works, involuntarily becomes a fan of this intriguing saga.

3. "Once Upon a Time in America" ​​by Harry Gray

This book about gangsters, according to readers, is a masterpiece. The crime drama, written by a former member of a criminal gang serving a sentence in prison, is based on real events that took place in America during the Great Depression. This is the story of the lives of guys who were born and raised in poor neighborhoods. Unemployed with no prospects in life, they win their place in the sun with the help of friendship, weapons and breaking the law, rising from the bottom to the top of the gangster hierarchy.

mafia and gangster books list

4. "Bonnie and Clyde" by Bert Hirschfeld

The list of books about the gangsters of America during the Great Depression continues this legendary story of young lovers, based on real events. Young beauty Bonnie and fashionista Clyde are desperately trying to get rich. They are very good at robbing banks. The robbery raids of this gangster couple are colored with romance, they identify themselves with the legendary Robin Hood. However, this impression passes when bloodshed and murders begin. They became the most dangerous bandits in America. Dangerous adventures, love, crime, cruelty - these are the main events that keep the reader in constant suspense.

list of gangster books

5. "Gangs of Chicago" by Herbert Osbury

This story describes the events of Prohibition's crime-ridden Chicago. The book is full of colorful details about the life of the mafia. Here the reader can learn a lot of interesting things about bootleggers, the Great Depression, brothels,corruption, gangsters, and Chicago mobsters.

6. "Cardinal" by Darren Shen

This is another gangster book with a gripping storyline. It is intended for an adult readership. There is a lot of cruelty and violence in it. The author's crime drama takes on the features of fantasy. The plot is intriguing enough to entertain the reader.

7. "Frankie Machine Winter Race" by Don Winslow

At the center of this book is the story of sixty-year-old Frank Macchiano. He leads a measured life in San Diego. A respected person, a reliable business partner, a caring and loving father, he suddenly falls into a deadly trap. It's all because of his mafia past, in which he was the merciless killer Frankie Machine. After breaking up with him, Frank vainly hoped that he had left the mafia for good.

The intriguing events described by the author in this book keep the reader's interest until the very end.

8. Gone World by Dennis Lehane

This book is the final part of the trilogy, which also includes the novels "The day will come" and "The night is my home." The plot of this trilogy is based on the history of several American families. Joe Coglin is the main character of this book. His father is Boston Police Captain Thomas Coglin, and his older brother is Patrolman Danny Coglin. Joe went his way in life from a rebel, ignoring the law, to an assistant to the leader of the mafia syndicate. More than ten years have passed, he leads a quiet peaceful life, raises his son on his own. However, the criminal past does not leave him.

best gangster books

9. "BillyBathgate by Edgar Lawrence Doctorow

The plot is based on the fascinating story of fifteen-year-old orphan Billy Bathgate. His idol was Dutch Schultz, a famous gangster. The bandit group, which he leads, keeps the entire local population in fear. This gang is particularly brutal. One day, Billy manages to gain Schultz's trust. The bandit group becomes his family. Billy is considered the godson of the mafia. Opportunities for criminal success open up before him, because the young man is a capable student, and Schultz sees his successor in him. However, gradually Billy realizes that he cannot be cruel, kill people. His love for a girl completely changes Billy's worldview.

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