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"Lord of Mars": about the author and plot
"Lord of Mars": about the author and plot

Lord of Mars is one of the novels in the Barsoom series by author Edgar Rice Burroughs. On the pages of the work, the reader is waiting for danger and exciting adventures in interplanetary space, getting to know new races and searching for comrades-in-arms on the path of life's struggle.

About the author

Edgar Rice Burroughs is an American writer who worked during the "junk magazine era". The author's most famous series reveal the incredible stories of Tarzan and John Carter.

Edgar always had an attraction to writing, but he hid it behind the desire to succeed in another business (as society demanded). The crushing end of his career and farewell to the last customer gave the man the opportunity to think about something more. So a failed businessman began to write on the back of one of the accounting documents about the fate of the traveler that he somehow ended up on a completely different planet. This world was radically different from the gray city. Mars was a riot of colors, opinions and stories.

Edgar Rice Burroughs

I came up with the idea to write a story called "Princess of Mars". With no hope of understanding and further publication, Rice sentdraft version to the publisher. The first three parts of the Barsoom series were published in All Story Magazine.


The Lord of Mars is the third novel published in 1913. Ends the trilogy that began with The Princess of Mars and The Gods of Mars.

The main character named John Carter is now going to the valley called Issa. The moment of the opening of the shrine is approaching, where Faidor's Dejah Thoris and Thuvia Ptarsa ​​are locked up in custody.

Image"Lord of Mars"

Everything would be fine, but the captives were captured by Matai Sanga and Turid, who were heading to the state of Kaol - the source of ancient religions. John Carter is trying to free them and prevent the villains from committing atrocities.

Along the way, the main character reunites with his relatives and reconciles the two militant Martian races: yellow (Arctic) and red. For the traveled path and accomplished feats, John is proclaimed the Military Lord of Mars.

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