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How to make a paper squirrel - 3 ways
How to make a paper squirrel - 3 ways

Squirrel is an animal loved by many children. This animal is a resident of our country, so children often make crafts of this rodent in the classroom in kindergarten and at school. How to make a squirrel out of paper is thought by many parents who want to help their child in his creative endeavors. There are many ways to create both flat and three-dimensional images of the animal.

The squirrel assembled from separate parts according to the pattern looks spectacular. It is easy to arrange it on a toilet paper sleeve by gluing the necessary parts of the body. For younger students, we suggest trying to assemble a squirrel from colored paper using the origami technique, invented by Japanese monks. Here you will need such qualities as accuracy, attentiveness and the ability to read step-by-step diagrams.

In the article, we will consider how to make a paper squirrel with your own hands in different ways. A detailed description of the work and photos will make it easier to complete the task. The main thing is to carefully follow the instructions and prepare the necessarymaterials. This is colored paper of yellow, orange or light brown colors, PVA glue, a toilet paper sleeve, scissors, a sheet of paper for drawing patterns, a simple pencil, markers for decorating small details.

Assembling the figure according to the pattern

One of the easy ways to make a paper squirrel is to assemble the animal from parts. To do this, draw the contours: head, torso and tail. In order for the figure to stand firmly in an upright position, after cutting it out with scissors, glue the template onto a thick sheet of cardboard. Make a slit at hand level with a utility knife. Cut a strip from the bottom of the figure, placing a slit near the tail.

pattern squirrel

Separately draw the hind legs. To make them symmetrical, fold a piece of paper in half and draw only one paw. Also depict the upper paws (hands). Where the dotted line is drawn on the pattern, there is a place to fold the paper in half. Then it remains to insert the paws into the slots and the figure is ready. Now you know how to make a paper squirrel according to a pattern. The craft turns out to be quite stable and holds up well in an upright position. At the end, do the coloring of the product. This can be done with gouache paints or as an application from colored paper.

Carton sleeve option

How to make a squirrel from paper and a roll left after using toilet paper can be clearly seen in the photo below. Glue a sheet of colored paper around the entire perimeter of the cardboard product. Press the top part inward with your fingers to get pointed squirrel ears. Fromcut out a fluffy tail from thick paper and glue it from below to the sleeve. To make the end of the tail curl beautifully, rub it on a round pencil several times. Stick thin stripes depicting hands on the sides.

toilet paper roll figurine

It remains to draw a muzzle with two front teeth and stick toy eyes. The figurine is stable and strong. It can be used both for children's games and for showing table theater.

Origami squirrels

Let's look at how to make a colored paper squirrel using the origami technique. To work, you need to cut a square. This can be done with a ruler and a triangle, or use A-4 double-sided colored paper and fold one of the corners to the opposite side. You will get a square, and you need to cut off the excess strip with scissors.

Fold the squirrel figurine sequentially, following the pattern in numerical order above each pattern.

Squirrel origami scheme

It is easy to use the scheme, you need to repeat the pattern of bending a square sheet of paper. The dotted line shows the fold, and the arrows show the direction of paper folding.

origami scheme - start

You need to fold the sheet very precisely, first attach the bent part to the place, and only then run your finger along the edge. To make the fold flatter, use different materials at hand, for example, draw along the fold with scissor rings or a ruler.

origami scheme - end

As you can see, there are many ways to make paper squirrel figurines.It's easy and incredibly fun. Try to make sure to create any of the proposed shapes. You can make small details different by showing imagination. Good luck and creative success!

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