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Role-playing games: overview, features and rules of the game
Role-playing games: overview, features and rules of the game

Practically everyone has seen or heard something about the acclaimed film "Jumanji", where a fantastic tabletop role-playing game is at the center of the action. Since then, choosing a game for spending time together with friends, people are not limited to banal checkers, cards and dominoes. And what is still known about this type of entertainment as a tabletop role-playing game, we learn from the article.

General concepts

Reading a fantastic book, we involuntarily plunge into a story invented by someone, imagine ourselves as the main character. Sometimes you really want to gain a magical gift, fight dragons, go into space and explore the galaxy. Many people have their favorite character, in the image of which he would like to visit. Tabletop role-playing games allow you to plunge into a fictional world, write your own story, create any scenario and have fun.

It all starts with the choice of the presenter,who comes up with a plot, stages, tasks and goals for a fun pastime, although you can play according to a ready-made scenario. Each participant in a fun undertaking chooses a character for himself, characterizes him, endows him with special qualities. The host announces where the events take place, who surrounds the main characters, who and with whom to fight.

However, each tabletop story-driven RPG has a set of specific rules that achieve the goal of the game. Otherwise, everyone would be a winner and it would not be interesting to play. For this purpose, they came up with various role-playing systems - rules and certain frameworks for each game, thanks to which excitement and interest remain. Game attributes (for example, bones) do not always indicate the number of moves, the dropped values ​​can be answers to the question - did the bullet hurt the hero or did he remain unharmed? Did the villain catch up with the princess or did the knight save her? In more complex games, you need to calculate moves in advance, negotiate, arrange auctions and much more.

The opinion that such entertainment is only for children is wrong. New tabletop role-playing games, the range of which is very wide today, are quite capable of occupying an adult for an evening. Consider the most popular and sought after of them.

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This tabletop role-playing game is designed for 8-12 people. Each of them draws a card on which his role is indicated. Basically, this is a doctor, a sheriff, a maniac, 2 mafiosi and civilians. According to the rules, when night falls in the fictional world, everyone falls asleep. Waking up at this timemafia, gets acquainted and chooses a victim. It happens that the healer saves the victim. The basic rule is silence!

When choosing a victim, everything happens without words and rustles, so that civilians do not immediately figure out the mafia. In the next round, the main mafia must guess the sheriff, then the sheriff tries to figure out the mafia. They take turns pointing out the suspect to the host, as a positive answer, the host nods his head. The next morning, someone dies, and the inhabitants of the city, led by the sheriff, are trying to identify the killer. Each player tries to justify himself, invents a legend for himself, then by voting they remove the person who fell under suspicion. There are times when the mafia cannot decide on the choice of the victim, then the host counts the miss and the civilians do not die that night. The main intrigue of the game - who will win the mafia or civilians?

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The rules of the tabletop RPG are very simple. There is no permanent leader. A new participant is selected for each round. The player draws a card where a word, phrase is written, or a picture is drawn. He needs to explain to the participants as clearly as possible within one minute what is written / depicted on the card, but the word itself cannot be called. You can use gestures, representations, storytelling. The player who guesses correctly receives points, and it is his turn to explain.

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"Treasure Map"

This game is rather for children, however, if you come up with an interesting plot, it can captivate adults as well. To get started you needdraw a map, in its center is a treasure and many paths that lead to it. There are various traps on the way, forcing players to step back, return to the beginning, skip a move, or, conversely, receive additional moves or move several cells forward. This idea is designed for 4 players, the number of moves is decided by dice. The one who gets to the treasure first wins. If there is no desire to fantasize, then you can buy a ready-made card and play on it.

do-it-yourself tabletop role-playing games

What am I?

This is a very fun game. Its essence is that the players cling to the head plates, where the names of animals, inanimate objects, names of celebrities can be written. The player does not see what kind of sign he has, but he sees the signs of other players. Everyone takes turns asking a question, for example: “Am I female?”. Others answer him. With such leading questions, you need to guess who the participant is in this game. You can buy a set of signs in the store, but making such a tabletop role-playing game with your own hands is not difficult. It is only required to make cards with different names on self-adhesive paper and prepare hoops for the required number of players.

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Dead season

Events develop in a post-apocalyptic environment, where the surviving people break up into companies and try to reach the final by completing the tasks of the group. It all starts with the fact that players choose their characters, join communities. However, each ofthey get their own individual task, completing which you can become a winner. Everything is secret, if someone is suspected of betrayal, he can be kicked out of the group. Thus, the player will lose.

There are zombies in the game who are trying to destroy the survivors, there are uprisings of communities, diseases, hunger, and accidents are overcome. Each group must fight together against all troubles, but also not forget about their secret missions. It is impossible to calculate the moves in advance, so you will have to solve problems as they arise. For a move, the player chooses a card where the event and options for solving it are indicated. The actions of each participant are decided by dice. The more people in the company, the faster you can overcome troubles. For a successful outcome, the colony receives points.

Don't forget that you need to spend food on each hero of the "Dead Season". If it is not enough, the character dies. For this, points are deducted from the company, and the chance to win is reduced. To complete tasks and fight crises, you have to find various items, find a common language with residents, fight zombies, and choose the outcome of an event. Usually there are several solutions, but not all of them will give a positive result. The outcome of the game is unpredictable, the whole community or an individual player can become the winner. It is possible that there will be no winner at all.

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This role-playing board game needs no introduction. Both adults and children know it. Played smallcompany of 3-4 people. Each participant receives start-up capital. The dice decide the number of steps, the players move their chips around the field, score points and redeem buildings. Then the acquired property can be sold, setting its own price. Getting to a neighbor, the player must pay a tax. It is advisable to buy as many buildings as possible. If there is a shortage of money, you can mortgage your property to the bank. If it is not redeemed in time, it goes into common use and becomes the property of another player. This is a classic game, you can buy a set for Monopoly in the store.

Now that you've checked out the list of tabletop role-playing games suggested in this article, you'll have something to surprise your friends with by organizing a fun pastime.

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