Grandmaster is What are they like?
Grandmaster is What are they like?

Grandmaster is a title. It is awarded to different people. Currently, the term is most commonly used only in chess or checkers. In the past, it had other meanings, which are now obsolete and practically obsolete. Among them is the head of a spiritual order, as well as the head of a craft workshop of any type of orientation. If an ordinary leader could get his position in various ways that do not involve skill in the business that he has to manage, then the grandmaster was simply obliged to be considered a real expert in his field. It was almost impossible to get the title otherwise.

grandmaster is


In this kind of mind sport there is a whole gradation of different titles. They start from level 5. This is if you do not take into account persons who do not have any title. And it ends with three grandmasters at once - ordinary, international and having the prefix "super". These are very honorary titles, which are incredibly difficult to achieve. Some people are interested in how to become a grandmaster. On the one hand, it is relatively simple - you need to constantly develop your skills, improve and, of course, regularly participate in tournaments in which such titles are awarded. But, on the otherOn the other hand, all this is very difficult, because not everyone can devote so much time and effort to the chosen occupation. Considerable attention is paid to the age of the chess player. The younger he is, the more significant this title is considered.

The youngest grandmasters in the world:

First and last name


Ranking age

Sergey Karyakin


12 years old

Bu Xiangzhi


13 years old

Ruslan Ponomarev


14 years old

Etienne Bacrot


14 years old

Peter Leko


14 years old

Judit Polgar


15 years

Bobi Fischer


15 years

Boris Spassky


18 years old

Tigran Petrosyan


23 years old

David Brontshein


26 years old

It should be noted that similar titles exist in such disciplines as go and checkers. The principle is the same, buttheir popularity is still much less.

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Within the spiritual organizations of the past, the grandmaster is the highest position with great power. Partially, its capabilities were controlled by the highest council - the chapter, but with a strong leader, this measure acted quite rarely. At a time when the orders could represent a whole state, the grand master was actually the king. But if it was part of the monarchy, it could exist both separately and be awarded to the actual ruler of the country. An interesting feature that the title of grandmaster has is that this person is obliged to behave accordingly, setting a personal example for other, younger brothers. If there was a need to perform some actions that were not very pleasant, it was the bearer of this title who was to be the first to begin to perform them. This was true in times of peace as well as in times of war.

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Another version of this title was held by people who were the heads of craftsmen's workshops in the Middle Ages. Within the framework of this concept, a grandmaster is a person who makes decisions for all employees of a certain group. They rarely did the work on their own, being more in charge of monitoring and searching for profitable orders, but it was physically impossible to get the title without having the necessary skills. That is, such a grandmaster, if you take the blacksmith shop, could independently forge an excellent blade. But they were more valued precisely for their leadership.capabilities. There are a lot of good craftsmen, but there are very few managers who really understand the issue and are able to arrange all the work so that the entire workshop receives a significant profit. Usually grandmasters received a percentage of all the work performed by subordinates, but this is not necessary. Some preferred to earn their own bread on their own, simultaneously solving the affairs of the shop.

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Based on all of the above, we can conclude that a grandmaster is a person who has achieved some outstanding performance in a particular field of activity. Very rarely this title was used in a different meaning. There is a board game with that name and a 1972 movie. It is very difficult to achieve this title. Unlike many other cases, it is necessary to really be the best in some field of activity, and this must be recognized by other masters who have already been recognized before.

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